10 AWE(ful)SOME Excuses To Give Your Boss To Get a Day Off To Make It a Long Weekend

Most of the times, reasons are not the solutions to get a day off at work. Depending on how badly you need a leave, excuses can get anywhere from decent to goddamn ugly. But with the intense amount of pressure one faces at office, taking a day off to travel is pretty much justified. Unfortunately, that’s not a valid reason for most workplaces till now. Then how do we make that happen?

When we enquired our travelers about the excuses they make to their bosses to get a day off, some were outright convincing while few left us wondering if their bosses actually believed them or are they in for some major trouble!

The end game is that if you got some acting skills up your sleeve and the ability to lie through your teeth, we’re sure you can nail the following excuses pretty easily!

Dental Appointment

A dental problem is something every individual identifies with. Whether it’s a wisdom tooth that’s here to say hello or the painful root canal, a dental drama will safely earn you a day off from work!

Man having toothache

Family Illness

While how nosy relatives might be in our everyday lives, they do help us with this one age-old golden excuse to fetch a day’s leave! Tell your boss that ‘someone’ close in your family is SERIOUSLY ill and you have to be with them in these testing times. On a side note, we pray God to forgive your sins!

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Delivery of a Major Purchase

The day one buys their first car or purchase their new house is surely a milestone in life! Go tell this to your boss ASAP and we are sure he/she will happily grant your share of leave. But before that, brace yourself for a string of factual queries that your boss is sure to throw at you!

delvery of a major purchase spartan meme

Personal Emergency

This 2-word excuse exists with a success rate of 100 percent! But there’s a catch-You’ll definitely need an advance level of acting & dialogue delivery skills.
Channelize your inner actor and go tell your boss that you have a PERSONAL EMERGENCY. Period. The key is to convince them that the reason is so personal that if they even try to enquire more, they’re most likely to invade your privacy!

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Broken Bones

We all have played this game in school and you know it rarely backfires! Call up your boss and tell them you slipped in the bathroom while getting ready for work! Take a Friday off and show up on Monday , of course wrapped in some plasters & bandages. (Along with a leave, you also get complimentary sympathies!)

Broken Bone meme

Attend a Funeral

This is and will be the UGLIEST EXCUSE to make for a leave. But the fact is- it works every time (unless you decide to attend a funeral for the same person twice). With a deep sense of remorse in your voice, make that unfortunate call to your boss and we believe that you won’t get a refusal. And this time make sure you don’t update your social media with your whereabouts lest your boss might arrange a funeral for your job!

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Allergy Affair

Got shell fish allergy? Hog on those prawns just the day prior to your desired leave. Prone to irritation due to dog hair? Go rub your face in your dog and show up with a nice red itchy appearance the next day! The plan is to let your boss tell you how pathetic you look and that you need to take a day off immediately! Along with your leave, you also earn brownie points for showing up to work even in that pitiful state!


Dilemma of Diarrhea

I’ve got an upset Stomach!’ The one phrase for which you boss will not enquire the details even if you try to list it point by point! We know this right no one really wants to know why & how badly your stomach is ‘upset’. Make use of this excuse & enjoy your day off!

man having stomach ache meme

Pink Eye

We feel this is an underrated excuse for missing a day at work. If you tell your boss that you got a severe eye flu, chances are that he/she wouldn’t want you around them until your ‘issues’ are over. If you are convincing enough, this excuse can earn you more than one leaves for sure! Better buy a pair of black sunglasses & prep yourself to play the character!

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Called Off Engagement

Now, this is strictly a one-time excuse and your ace card to get that day off! It is for those who’re in desperate need of a leave and can really live up to this whole bizarre story! Tell your boss your long time due engagement has just been called off and that how badly you need a bereavement day! Such a tragedy is sure to hit the emotional chord in your boss and well you get what you want!

called off engagement meme

Now that your armor is ready, go attack those leaves like a boss! Let us know in the comments which all excuses have you tried, how many of them were successful and how many of them backfired! We’re waiting for your crazy stories!

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