14 Editing Apps That Will Take Your Travel Photos To The Next Level

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14 Editing Apps That Will Take Your Travel Photos To The Next Level

As incredible as travelling may sound, we cannot deny that it wouldn’t be so great if you didn’t get great pictures because what is the point of witnessing so much beauty when you cannot freeze the moment and capture it forever?  

Sometimes you take good pictures, but you might feel that something needs to be added, something you cannot put your finger on.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, which in simple terms, means that your photo speaks for itself. Sometimes you take pictures and then keep them on your phone, hoping to post them soon after reaching home. Still, when you reach home, you realise that there was an element in the picture you never wanted in the first place, and now you think you have ruined your picture by not paying attention.

So when you take a picture, but it’s a little dull, it cannot convey the message that you want it to deliver, or there is a disturbing element ruining your most creative piece of art; In that case, the editing apps rescue you, which is a total life changer and brings your photos to life.

Several apps are available in the market; one promises one thing, and others promise something else, making it difficult to decide which is the perfect app to give that touch to your photos that bring out the life in them. 

So check out the list of some really cool editing apps that will take your photography and editing skills to the next level. 



Snapseed is an app from Google which also supports IOS and lets you make your picture more alive. It offers the option of colour grading and adding different effects to make your picture more professional.

Snapseed offers the same features in IOS as in Android, meaning there are no compatibility issues. 

Providing all the basic features, Snapseed still stands out among the other editing apps because of the plenty of effects that it adds to your photos.

The HDR effect lets you take vivid pictures in low lighting, which is usually challenging in a typical scenario. From black & white to giving a retro touch to your pictures, Snapseed makes it all very convenient.



VSCO is short for Visual Supply Company and is very easy to use. Unlike Snapseed, it doesn’t have a lot of features as it uses a minimalist interface, making the app easy to use and navigate.

The critical feature of this app is the number of presets and filters that it has. When applied to your photos, these preset and filters will give a cinematic feel to your photos.

It also allows you to put custom presets by adjusting the intensity of the filters, making your photos unique. 

The app offers a wide range of filters and presets and allows you to customise your photos, and  lets you explore other photographers on VSCO as well. 



Lightroom is Adobe’s software that is useful for both professionals and amateurs. It helps you edit, organise, and sort your pictures.

The best part about the Lightroom app is its organisational tools that help you to sort your pictures in an album, and you can also put keywords and metadata, making the pictures easier to locate. The Develop Module feature allows you to adjust contrast, exposure, colour, etc.

Interestingly, the app is non-destructive because the changes you have made to your masterpiece can easily be undone, and you can quickly get the original picture. 



Buffer is one of the photo editing apps for travel photographers who are on multiple social media platforms and want to upload their photos on all their social media to showcase their work to the world or at least with people they are connected with on social media.

It allows you to upload your pictures on all your social media platforms in one go without you having to open several other apps to do it. 

With Buffer, you can customise the content of your pictures and choose which hashtags to use on which social media, and post them accordingly. 

For instance, if you want two hashtags for your Twitter, three for your Instagram and one for your Facebook, you can use the Buffer app to personalise the content and caption for each social media platform.



You are no stranger to Canva because we have all used it for our projects, presentations, photo editing and innumerable purposes. It is also one of the photo editing apps for travel photographers. 

If you want images with a text overlay, Canva is the perfect tool. There is a paid version of Canva available, but it wouldn’t be a big deal if you don’t get it unless you are using it for graphic designing purposes. 



Unfold is one of the travel apps for photographers that will unfold several features for you to turn your raw picture into a masterpiece. 

It is an app designed to create stories for your Instagram feed, but it can also be used for your Snapchat. 

The app offers several features to turn your pictures into a masterpiece and gives you some creative ideas. Your stories are sure to become engaging and super cool. 

Ripped paper layers, computer crop and polaroid frames are the newly introduced filters, making this app one of the best photo editing apps for travel photographers.



The Spot is a very user-friendly editing app, making it easy to use even for beginners. Spot, as the name suggests, helps spot picturesque locations so that you don’t miss out on the gem of a place.

People take pictures and post them on the app, and since Spot has a map as well, it becomes convenient for you to locate where the pictures are taken, and you can reach the same place and create your masterpiece. 

Photo Pills


Photo Pills is a unique app that allows you to do time-lapse, astrophotography and landscape photography.

It works more like an instructor and can be used for calculating the depth of the field to taking pictures of the stars.

The most exciting part about this app is that it allows you to track the moon and stars. For example, if you want to check where the moon will be today, even during the daytime, you must take out your phone and open the Photo Pills App. You can also track the Milky Way even during the daylight hours, and later, you can go to the exact spot where it might occur and then capture it. 

Touch Re-Touch


Remember that time when you went out with your friends to your favourite restaurant and took a picture of the food and then kept your phone aside so the food didn’t get cold and later on when you saw the picture, you noticed that there was a stain on the plate at the edge which if you had noticed before, you would have wiped off before taking the picture.

Well, when that happens, it actually sucks because such a perfect picture has been ruined with a small stain.

To fix this, Touch Re-Touch is your safest bet because it removes unwanted blemishes or elements and creates stunning visuals. It makes your picture perfect by removing anything trying to dim its charm. 

NightCap Camera


Technology is ever-changing, and today we have reached a point where almost everything is possible, even taking clear pictures in the dark.

A few years back, taking a picture without visibility meant that the photo would be entirely black. In fact, taking a picture at night has been challenging for a long time. Night Cap Camera editing app has made night photography easy with just a tap of a button.

It allows long exposure shots and also a movement of celestial bodies. The time-lapse feature allows you to take multiple pictures only to convert them into videos.

It is a must-have app for anyone willing to improve their night photography skills. 

Insta Size


Instasize is the jack of all trades, as it is one place where you can create one-of-a-kind stories that will make your portfolio rock. 

The app has about 130 different filters and is one of the comprehensive travel apps for photographers, for they can make custom layouts and are perfect for the white border trend on Instagram. You can flex your unique style with the static image feature.

The video editing feature of the app lets you make your perfect reels and edit them, taking your creativity to another level.

Cannon Connect


Cannon Connect is the like a God’s gift to people who have got no chill, and as soon as the picture has been taken, they need it right at that moment so they can upload it on their social media. Cannon Connect allows you to transfer the images from your cannon directly, and you wouldn’t need an intermediary device to transfer the pictures, which is the best part of this app.

You can transfer pictures from the camera directly to your mobile phone’s memory roll. 



Just like its name, Later lets you do things you plan to do later. It is not a photo editing app but a photo scheduling app.

When you have clicked your raw picture and turned it into a masterpiece with your editing skills, it’s time to post on social media platforms. Right?

Later allows you to schedule your next post. It also sends notifications as reminders to post your picture and saves a lot of your time that you could use for other productive activities.

The exciting part about this app is that it has a helpful blog that gives insights into how you can make your pictures more attractive and tips and strategies you can use for marketing. 



Planoly is another planning tool, hence the name Planoly. You can arrange and rearrange the photos before you can publish them. 

You can also see the preview of your photos of how they will look once uploaded or once it goes live, so that is one feature you will love very much. 

If you are very much into aesthetics, then this app is what you are looking for because you can create cohesive combinations and arrange your pictures in a manner that will be soothing to the eyes. 

With the help of this app, your Instagram feed will stand out, making others wonder how you can have such a unique and stylish feed and what it is they are doing wrong or not doing at all. 

You are sure to make others jealous if you start using the app. 


To summarise, you can turn your RAW pictures into a story by adding the perfect filters and presets. With the help of editing apps, you can adjust the contrast and saturation your photo needs to look more alive. These apps have been life-changing for both professionals and amateurs. For professional photographers, it becomes easy to edit their pictures. For amateurs, it is one remarkable feature that allows them to know more about editing pictures and bringing them to life. 

These apps may be less valuable for others, but you know how a photographer like you needs several travel apps to turn your photos into something more remarkable. There are tons of other travel apps for photographers, but only a few of them can reach the point of being the best editing app. 

As a photographer, you know the importance of getting a good click and then an even better app to make your picture speak for itself, to make it more alive than it was in reality. Often finding these apps is a task, so just cling to this list, and you are good to go. 

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