Around 500 climbers are anticipated to climb Mount Everest in Nepal this year.

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With the climbing season kicking in, the climbers are eager to fulfill their dream of climbing the highest mountain and literally reaching the top of the world. 

Travel firms have recently confirmed that approximately 500 mountaineers are expected to scale Mount Everest. So far 100 individuals have already made their bookings. On March 15, Nepal opened its borders after three years, however Beijing still isn’t allowing foreign climbers to summit Mount Everest. 

The Department of Tourism has formed a 9 member committee that will monitor the climbers in base camp and assist them as well. Upon liaison with the weather department, the weather information will be received at least 3 days before the summit starts.

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It is believed that just like in the year 2019, there was a long line of climbers who were waiting to climb Mount Everest. The picture of traffic on Mount Everest went viral and it is believed that something like that may happen again this year. Traffic Jams on Everest can be managed if there is some kind of quota system which means only sending a particular number of climbers in one day. The Expedition Managers will have to take care of that. 178 permits have been issued by the Tourism Department to the climbers till now.

According to experts the number of climbers might break all records this season, however the weather has not been good because it has been snowing continuously and fresh snow can trigger an avalanche. 

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