500 Days In a Cave With No Human Contact

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Taking adventure to an all-new level, Spanish athlete Beatriz Flamini just came out of a 230 ft deep cave where she has spent 500 days without human contact. The lady entered the cave on November 21, 2021, when the world was still fighting the pandemic. According to sources, it was a closely monitored experiment by scientists in which Beatriz was volunteering. After coming out of the cave, Beatriz said that she didn’t know anything about the world and she was still stuck in the year 2021. Inside the cave, she received 60 books and 1000 liters of water. The scientists were closely monitoring her, but nobody made any contact with her. She also told the news that the most challenging part was when there was an invasion of flies in the cave. She also lost track of two months. The support team of Flamini is of the opinion that she might have broken a Guinness record. However, the Guinness World Record has not confirmed it yet.

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