53 Seconds in the Air: The World’s Shortest Flight Route

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Did you know the world’s shortest flight operates between Westray and Papa Westray Island in Northern Scotland? Papa Westray is a Scottish Archeapilaego of the island of Orkney.

The funny part is that the flight takes just 53 seconds to complete at a distance of 2.1 km.

Yes! You read it right. It takes less than a minute to complete its flight. 

The flight is operated by a Scottish Airline called Loganair, which services between the highlands of Scotland and the island. 

Apart from that, it also connects Kirkwall, for it works as a component connecting flights between Kirkwall, which by the way, is the largest and most populated town in the islands of Orkney; connecting to the island of Westray. 

Thus the route has a triangle formation which means the flight starts from Papa Westray to Westray and then flies towards Kirkwall. The flight has been operated by Loganair since the year 1967, and they also set up the record for the world’s shortest flights in the history of aviation.

The fare of the flight from Westray To Papa Westray is approximately Rs.1387. The fare is not much, but compared to the distance covered by the flight and the duration, which is just 53 seconds, it seems like a bit pricy, but let’s look at the bigger picture, even if the flight takes less than a minute, it still needs funds for maintenance and fueling so that’s fair I guess. 

The alternative way to cover the distance between the two islands is to take a 20 minutes worth of boat ride. However, this flight could have easily been replaced with a bridge connecting the two islands, but the authorities have not taken any initiative to improve the condition, plus there is a flight that has been operating for a long time now, so that could be one of the reasons for their ignorance. 


The history of aviation dates back thousands of years after many, many years of research and experiments. From flying kites to hypersonic and supersonic flights to the discovery of hydrogen gas to the study of aerodynamics, the journey of the discovery of aeroplanes has been a long one, and with patience and perseverance, the aviation guys made it so far that travelling across the world is not a problem anymore, in fact, it is just a click away and you can book your flight tickets whenever and wherever you want. 

Since the invention of aeroplanes, travelling to cities or even countries has become easier. Who would have thought that you could cross seven oceans by flying over them for around 17-20 hours and you could be in a foreign land? The ever-changing technology made life easier, and with its inventions and innovations, every now and then we are introduced to something new and unique. It never fails to amaze us.

You can travel worldwide without worrying, except for returning to the office when the trip ends. Well, that cannot be helped, but you can take breaks every chance to make your life a little more fun. Just grab a friend and take that vacation you have been planning for a long time.

The world is one big place, but the invention of flights has made it smaller because of the ease of accessibility. If you have the right amount of money and information, travelling to a city or another country would not be a big deal, and let us suppose you are a regular traveller; in that case, it is a piece of cake for you. Isn’t that right, my friend?

Thus, without a doubt, we can say that flights have been the greatest invention in transportation. Have you ever wondered about the world’s shortest flights or its duration? 

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