A Village in North Europe Gives Out Cash Prizes For Being Lazy

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You love to sleep, right? You would give anything to stay asleep the whole day, but sadly, your responsibilities wake you up. 

Well, there is good news for all sleepy sleepersons, for there is a festival that celebrates laziness, and wait, it doesn’t end here; they even give financial incentives for that. Can it get better than this? 

Known as the Festival of Laziness, this event takes place in North Europe in the Montenegrin Village of Brenza. Those who win the competition in the event get a cash prize of €1,000, which is INR 90000. 

The rules are simple: the participants have to lie on a mattress in a horizontal position and are allowed very limited physical activity. Whoever manages to stay there for as long as possible gets the honour of being the laziest citizen and earns the cash prize. 

The festival has become a tradition and is a good initiative to let the people know that they can also celebrate being lazy and that taking a break from their monotonous daily hustle is okay. It also serves as a reminder that in a world where everyone is hustling and competing in the race called life, there exists a niche that celebrates the art of being lazy. 

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