Aberdeen Falls In Kitulgala: A Serene Retreat In Sri Lanka!

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Srilanka is an Island nation where the simple things become exceptional with its natural beauty. One thinks that reckons the best in the Srilanka Tour Package is its lush landscapes and the best waterfalls with the free-flowing rivers. One such waterfall that must not be missed during your visit is the Aberdeen Falls In Kitulgala.

This waterfall is not only famous for being one of the best places to visit in Srilanka but also the petrichor smell and the water flow hooks anyone to stay close to nature for a long. It is recommended to visit this place in monsoon, the other best part is the migratory birds hovering near the surroundings of the Aberdeen. Check, what else you can do from trekking, the best time to visit, places to visit nearby and also the location of the Aberdeen waterfalls.

About Aberdeen Falls In Kitulgala

Aberdeen Falls in Kitulgala is nestled in the lush green landscapes of Sri Lanka. This is considered to be the revered natural beauty and is accessible via a short trek from the Ginigathena in Sri Lanka. This place stands tall amidst the green verdant forest and the terrain cliffs that offer a serene retreat for the visitors.

This place rejuvenates at its best in the monsoon season which is from October to March when the falls gain their maximum potential to make it visually spectacular for the tourists.

You can enjoy photography, sightseeing, birdwatching and also a simple nature stroll that includes swimming in the crystal-clear water pools.

How To Get To Aberdeen Falls

Aberdeen Falls

To reach the Aberdeen Falls in Kitulgala, Srilanka you need to begin your journey from Colombo the capital city and from there on you need to get on to A& highway towards the Nuwara Eliya. From here you need to continue until you reach the desired destination of Aberdeen Falls which is located in the village named Ginigathena which is around 20 kilometres the Kitulgala town.

This journey will strongly bind to your heart as the whole route has a scenic drive with Sri Lanka’s central highlands, passing the lush tea plantations and also the rural plantation landscapes. Once you reach the Aberdeen falls you need to trek for a short distance to reach the prime location amidst the dense forests and the rocky terrains.

Throughout the route, you will be aided by fellow tourists or the locals to assist you with the route and you can also listen to the waterfalls sound which is more than soothing to your soul. You also need to keep a check on the weather forecast to avoid unnecessary risk of slippery terrains and heavy flow.

Things To Do At Aberdeen Falls

Here are the best things to do at Aberdeen Falls:

1. Sightseeing And Photography


The best part about being at Aberdeen Falls is to enjoy the local sightseeing and capture nature when it is at its best. You can enjoy the waterfalls backdrop amidst the drizzles and the rocky cliffs making a presence to be an earthly heaven. You can also take the help of local photographers who will give you hardcopies within 10 minutes.

2. Nature Stroll And Hiking

A simple stroll close to nature can help you rejuvenate and feel refreshed, especially a walk at the Aberdeen waterfalls to help you explore the surroundings along with the challenging hikes that are worth enjoying the panoramic views of the rocky cliffs.

3. Swimming At Aberdeen Falls

Swimming At Aberdeen Falls

You can enjoy the refreshing dips in the natural plunge pool created by the waterfall of Aberdeen, which is crystal clear making your swim session a relaxing experience.

4. Picnic in Aberdeen Falls

One of the activities you can enjoy the best at Aberdeen Falls is family-friendly picnicking. This is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Srilanka.

5. Birdwatching At Aberdeen Falls

Birdwatching At Aberdeen Falls

Birdwatching is at its best in the Kitulgala, mainly the surroundings of the Aberdeen waterfalls helping the visitors to enjoy the sightings of the kingfishers, orioles, and flycatchers which are a visual feast to watch. 

Best Time To Visit Aberdeen Falls

The best time to visit Aberdeen Falls in Kitulgala is during the monsoon season in the months of October to March, which creates a sense of peace with the timely rains. The decent smell of petrichor all along the lush forests in the Srilankan forest lets you bind into nature with heart-filled memories and the sighting of the waterfall will be at its great potential to make you feel the flow in your heart.

However, it is advised to keep a check on the weather forecast and carry the safety essentials to keep monitored with the rains and be safe at all times. Avoid trekking if the weather is torrential and normal rains are the best times to enjoy photography, swim in the pools, and also for regular hiking.

Places To Visit Near Aberdeen Falls

Here are the best places to visit near Aberdeen Falls:

1. Belilina Cave

Belilina Cave
Image source : Tripadvisor

Belilina Cave in Srilanka is an ancient one located in the vicinity of the Kitugala which is famous for its archaeological discoveries and as a hub for the bat population.

2. Kitulgala Adventure Sports

Kitulgala Adventure Sports is Srilanka’s adventure capital and offers the best thrilling activities to enjoy such as rafting, trekking, and the waterfall abseiling. 

3. Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

Adam's Peak (Sri Pada)

This is a sacred pilgrim site and has a tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Adam’s Peak is located in the proximity of the Kitulgala and offers the best sunrise views. Try to trek this in the early morning to enjoy the sunrise views amidst the natural breeze.

Best Stays Near Aberdeen Falls Srilanka

Here are the best stays near Aberdeen Falls Srilanka:

1. The Plantation Hotel, Kitulgala

The Plantation Hotel, Kitulgala
Image Source : Tripadvisor

This is a boutique hotel nestled near the tea plantations of the Kitulgala that offers cosy rooms and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains amidst the waterfall.

2. Borderlands Camp, Kitulgala

Borderlands Camp is ideal for adventure enthusiasts, here you can enjoy the eco-friendly camping tents with the bonfire accompanying in the night. These tents are located to witness the rocky terrains in the heights along with the natural strong breeze to stay close to nature.

3. Plantation Villa, Kalutara

Located within driving distance from Kitulgala, this eco-retreat offers luxurious villas amidst lush greenery and organic gardens of the Srilanka.

Major Attractions In Kitulgala

Here are a few major attractions in Kitulgala

1. White-Water Rafting

This is an adrenaline-pumping activity in Kitulgala where you can enjoy the river rafting activity in the Kelani River.

2. Movie Locations

Kitulgala is famous for its natural beauty that serves as the movie location backdrop. The famous movie “The Bridge On The River Kwai” was shot here you can explore all the locations once you visit this place. 

Is swimming allowed at Aberdeen Falls?

Yes! Swimming is allowed in the plunge pool of the Aberdeen waterfall, but keep a check on weather conditions for your safety.

Are there any hiking trails near Aberdeen Falls?

Yes, there are hiking trails near Aberdeen Falls that wind through the lush forests and rocky terrain, offering serene views and the best options to explore the natural surroundings.

What is the best time of year to visit Aberdeen Falls?

The best time of year to visit Aberdeen Falls is during the rainy season from October to March when the waterfall is at its fullest and most impressive.

How far is Aberdeen Falls from the nearest town or city?

Aberdeen Falls is approximately 20 kilometres from Kitulgala town, the nearest town in Sri Lanka.

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