Accommodation in Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep: Your Ultimate Guide to Paradise

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So what are you waiting for, Bangaram Island has something perfect for you!!

A tropical paradise known for its natural beauty and peaceful state of mind, Bangaram Island is a gem in the Lakshadweep archipelago. Approximately 459 kilometers off the coast of Kerala, in the Arabian Sea, lies a little coral island that is a part of Lakshadweep, the smallest union territory in India.

Bangaram Island, which covers only 2.3 square kilometers, is well-known for its bright coral reefs brimming with marine life, powder-soft white sand beaches, and pristine blue waters. The lagoon on the island, which covers an area of more than 125 square kilometers, is a natural playground for both nature lovers and those who enjoy water sports.

So, in this blog we will guide you with the best place to visit Lakshadweep along with the Activities and Accommodation Packages on Bangaram Island. But, you need to choose whether you want to have a budget or luxury travel plans for your next vacation.

Top 12 Accommodation in Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

  1. Bangaram Island Beach Resort
  2. Kadmat Island Beach Resort
  3. Kasims Beach Villa
  4. Palm Groove Beach Resort
  5. White Pearl Beach Resort
  6. Agatti Island Beach Resort
  7. Thinnakara Island Resort
  8. White Paradise
  9. Turtle Nest Resort
  10. Coral Paradise Beach Resort
  11. Island Holiday Home
  12. Sea Shells Beach Resort

12 Best Accommodation in Lakshadweep: Ultimate Guide to Bangaram Island Stays

1. Bangaram Island Beach Resort


A breathtaking display of dazzling coral reefs, turquoise lagoons, white beaches, and lush green coconut palms can be seen at Bangaram Island Beach Resort. The resort is situated in one of the island’s most tranquil areas. Some of the world’s top beaches for swimming are available at Bangaram Island Beach Resorts. The resort’s front features a deep blue lagoon and a nice beach. There is plenty of room for a nice swim because the lagoon is so large. The resort’s surrounding many coconut palms contribute even more charm. Their own verandas provide a peaceful sanctuary, opening directly onto the sand. The resort’s private beaches provide a tranquil and enjoyable stay, making it the ideal choice for families searching for the best hotels for families on Bangaram Island. Bangaram Island is  considered as best places to visit in India


  • With a focus on fresh seafood, the on-site restaurant delivers a fusion of Indian and foreign cuisine.
  • A variety of water sports are available to visitors, such as kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. In addition, the resort arranges fishing and dolphin-watching excursions.
  • For visitors looking to unwind and rejuvenate, there is a wellness center with massage and yoga programs.

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2. Kadmat Island Beach Resort


Kadmat is a beautiful Island, located in the Arabian Sea, as part of the Lakshadweep Islands. It is located 407 kilometers from Kochi (Cochin) in latitude 11°13′ north and longitude 72°48′ east. The 36 seaside rooms at Kadmat Island Beach Resort in Lakshadweep offer Standard/ Deluxe and Super Deluxe air-conditioned rooms. Since there are fewer people, it may seem like the quietest place in the world, where all you can hear is the sound of waves. The rooms are well decorated with amenities such as large connected bathtubs with running hot and cold water and offer magnificent views of the sea. Additionally, the resort offers standard, non-air-conditioned rooms, which are located three kilometers from the main beach.


  • A range of cuisines, including Indian, Continental, and regional specialties, are served in the on-site restaurant. 
  • A fitness center and a variety of indoor and outdoor games are available for the guests.
  • Seashells are a great way to gather and carry mementos of your vacation.

3. Kasims Beach Villa


Kasims Beach Villa, located in Agatti, provides three-star lodging with individual balconies. The three-star hotel offers views of the garden from each room, and visitors can use the restaurant and garden. The lodging offers room service and a front desk open around-the-clock for visitors. Every accommodation at the hotel has a seating area. Here you can witness most beautiful sunsets in the world. Kasims Beach Villa offers air-conditioned guest rooms with desks. The lodging offers an à la carte breakfast every day. Cycling is a popular activity in the area, and Kasims Beach Villa offers automobile and bike rentals.


  • Air conditioner
  • Parking spaces
  • Children Friendly
  • Laundry services available
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Pets are allowed at the resort

4. Palm Groove Beach Resort


One of the greatest locations to stay on Bangaram Island is Palm Grove Beach Resort, which combines comfort and cost in the right quantity. Encircled by luxuriant palm trees, this resort offers peaceful surroundings and easy access to the shore. They provide a variety of cottages and rooms that are all intended to make your stay enjoyable. 

Particularly the beach cottages, which are only a short stroll from the shore, provide breathtaking views. Due to its affordable prices, this resort is regarded as one of the best options for families traveling to Bangaram Island. Since it’s just on the beach, you can stroll to the water with ease and take in the stunning views of the ocean. 


  • A modest health center offers yoga classes and massages, making it a peaceful oasis. 
  • On-site restaurant serves best food and cuisines
  • Guests can enjoy various sports activities at this resort.

5. White Pearl Beach Resort


Welcome to White Pearl Beach Resort, a peaceful retreat situated in the center of Agatti island, which serves as the entry point to Lakshadweep. Our resort is the ideal place for a casual vacation because it is only 25 meters from the coast and offers stunning views of the turquoise ocean from every room. This resort is among best places to stay on Bangaram Island.


  • Soap, shampoo, moisturizers available in washroom
  • A dental kit and first-aid kit is provided for safety measures
  • Air-conditioned rooms with private view of beach from each room. 
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Free Wi-Fi

6. Agatti Island Beach Resort


A breathtaking display of shimmering coral reefs, blue lagoons, white beaches, and lush green coconut palms can be found at Agatti Island Beach Resort. Here, the captivating beauty of untainted nature causes time to stand still. One of the most breathtaking tropical islands in the world, it hasn’t been overrun by tourists.

The ease with which one could hop between the two islands was one of the highlights. It’s a terrific option if you’re seeking for beachfront hotels in Bangaram Island because you can easily explore both. In addition, they provide interesting activities that teach you about the customs and culture of Lakshadweep. This resort is among the best options to take into consideration when organizing your trip to Bangaram Island. For more details, you can visit Travel tips for Agatti Island for your next trip.


  • Complimentary Newspapers in Lobby for the guest
  • Safe Deposit  at Box-Front Desk 
  • Doctor on Call available 24*7
  • Express Check-In/Check-Out
  • Backup Generator is also present 
  • Pets are not allowed to this resort

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7. Thinnakara Island Resort


One of Bangaram Island’s best hotels, Thinnakara Island Resort provides a comfortable and quiet retreat. Located on a smaller, less developed island, it offers an idyllic getaway into the natural world. The resort offers lovely views of the seaside along with basic yet cozy tented apartments that have everything you need. Its secluded setting guarantees you’ll have lots of privacy, which makes it ideal for a leisurely family holiday or a romantic getaway. The goal of Thinnakara Island Resort is to preserve the area’s natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for both explorers and nature enthusiasts. You can enjoy water sports or just relaxing on the immaculate beaches; either way, you’ll be in a tranquil setting away from the daily grind.


  • Enjoying underwater scuba diving and witnessing marine life is available.
  • Join the turtle for a swim in the the shallows.
  • Fresh fish and regional cuisine are offered at a small restaurant.

8. White Paradise


The “White Paradise,” an incredible retreat of luxury, is among Agatti Island’s top hotels. Luxurious and roomy, with private balconies and breathtaking views of the ocean, it features an outdoor swimming pool and sun terrace for the ultimate in relaxation, an on-site restaurant serving a wide range of international and local cuisine, a variety of water sports and snorkeling activities, spa and wellness facilities for pampering and rejuvenation, and personalized concierge services to meet every need of guests. All of these features are perfect for any traveler to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable vacation.


  • Beach front homestay in Agatti Island
  • Towels and bed linens are offered to the guest
  • Free Wi-Fi and Free private parking
  • It also features a terrace for beautiful view
  • Tea/coffee maker available in each rooms

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9. Turtle Nest Resort


Our resort, which is situated on one of Lakshadweep’s beautiful islands, offers stunning views of the bright coral reefs, white sand beaches, and turquoise seas. This resort is located on the only island in Lakshadweep with an airport that is only reachable by air or sea, along with the Arabian Sea. Water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, and scuba diving are some of the activities that guest can avail. Transportation and boat trips throughout the area can be scheduled.


  • You can also take guided tours and explore the islands’ scenic beauty.
  • One can enjoy activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking here.
  • You can enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing, and exploring the island’s scenic beauty.
  • Visitors can rent boats and fishing equipment from local fishermen.
  • Guests can also learn about the islands’ unique traditions, arts, and crafts, and taste local cuisine at the man restaurants and cafes.

10. Coral Paradise Beach Resort


Coral Paradise Beach Resort is considered as one of Bangaram Island’s best hotels, particularly for families, as it provides excellent diving opportunities and access to neighboring vibrant coral reefs. The resort offers pleasant accommodations in the form of beach huts and bungalows decorated in the regional manner. 


  • Water sports facilities available on-site
  • Family rooms with smoking free zone available
  • Balcony with sea view 
  • Suitable for families with children

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11. Island Holiday Home


A breathtaking display of shimmering coral reefs, azure lagoons, white beaches, and lush green coconut trees can be found at Island Holiday Homes. Here, the captivating beauty of untainted nature causes time to stand still. One of the most breathtaking tropical islands in the world, it hasn’t been overrun by tourists. 

The deep blue of the Arabian Sea, the multihued shallow, placid lagoon with its plethora of life forms, the long white beaches, the emerald, green idyllic palm-clad islands of Agatti, the diamond surf formed by waves striking the reef, and all of these sights are visual feasts that will last a lifetime.


  • The Guest House is located 3.5 km from the Airport and 600 mtr from North Lagoon beach. 
  • Guest can do various activities like swimming, rowing, diving in deep sea or shallow lagoon
  • One can view the underwater world in a glass bottomed boat.

12. Sea Shells Beach Resort


A tribute to the elegance of quiet. Here, the only delightful diversions you’ll find in the perpetually resonant silence are the gentle thrashing of the waves on the sandy shoreline and the whistling wind among the swinging palm leaves. Ocean Shells. An exceptionally large canvas of nature, where you can look up at an intriguing dawn and turn around to witness the mournful splendor of the setting sun.


  • Complimentary newspapers available at Lobby
  • Airport Transportation is available
  • Air conditioning rooms with attached bathrooms are available

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Conclusion: Your Perfect Stay at Bangaram Island

As we’ve seen, lodging in Lakshadweep, especially on Bangaram Island, provides a wide range of choices to meet the needs of each visitor. There are many of options to choose from, ranging from eco-friendly lodging on Bangaram Island to luxurious lodging in Lakshadweep. Accommodations with spas on Bangaram Island provide the ideal getaway for people looking to unwind. So pack your bags and prepare for an extraordinary journey to Bangaram Island. Your perfect stay in this Lakshadweep paradise awaits!

So, Have a Happy and Safe Travelling at Bangaram Island.

Are there budget-friendly hotels in Bangaram Island?

While Bangaram Island Resort is known for its luxury accommodations, while there are many more.

Are there affordable stays near Bangaram beaches?

Yes, there are relatively affordable stays near Bangaram beaches. Poonam Cottage: This budget-friendly guesthouse is located right on the beach and offers stunning views of the sea. The rooms are simple but comfortable and come with basic amenities.

Are there family-friendly hotels in Bangaram Island?

Yes, there are many family-friendly hotels in Bangaram Island. Among them, Bangaram Island Resort, Coral Paradise Resort, are considered best for family. 

What are the options for solo travelers on Bangaram Island?

There are many options for solo travellers. The islands have a negligible crime rate, and the people are so wonderful!. Since almost everything is arranged by agencies, you will have nothing to worry about, and can safely explore the islands alone. The only ask is to respect the local culture and customs.

Which are the best beachfront hotels on Bangaram Island?

Bangaram Island Resort, Kadmat Island Beach Resort, Thinnakara Tent House, etc are considered as best for beachfront hotels in Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep. 

Are there hotels near Bangaram Island diving spots?

Yes, several accommodations in Bangaram Island cater specifically to diving enthusiasts. Top-rated hotels at Bangaram Island are Bangaram Island Resort, Coral Paradise Resort,etc. Are praised for their exceptional diving spots in Lakshadweep.

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