Adalaj Stepwell: A Marvel of Architecture and History

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Adalaj Stepwell also known as Rudabai Stepwell is a stepwell located in the town of Adalaj, Gujarat near Gandhinagar city. 

The stepwell was built by Queen Rudadevi in memory of King Rana Veer Singh. Adalaj Stepwell is an architectural wonder. Every carving and infrastructure holds deep cultural, and historical, significance.

The History of Adalaj Stepwell 


The construction of the stepwell involved three people — King Rana Veer Singh, his wife Queen Rudadevi, and the Muslim ruler Mohammed Begda. The construction of Adalaj Stepwell was started by a Hindu King Rana Veer Singh of the Vaghela dynasty, during the 15th century. King Rana Veer Singh who ruled Dandai Desh, commenced the construction of Adalaj Stepwell as a token of duty to provide water for regular use,( as people used to wait for rain to use water for their regular needs) and also as a respite to

local villagers and travelers from the heat. During this period, a Muslim ruler Mohammed Begda of Junagadh attacked King Rana Veer Singh and took over the kingdom. Queen Rudadevi wished to perform Sati and, at the same time wanted to complete the stepwell construction in memory of King Rana Veer Singh. At this moment, Mohammed Begda proposed marriage to the widowed queen. 

Seizing the opportunity, Rudadevi agreed to his proposal only on a single condition. Mohammed Begda has to complete the construction of Adalaj Stepwell. Bedga agreed as he was stunned by the beauty of Rudadevi and completed Adalaj Stepwell in record time. 

Rudadevi wanted to visit Adalaj Stepwell one last time before her marriage. She walked down the steps of Adalaj Stepwell and even before anybody could notice, Rudadevi jumped into the water of Adalaj Stepwell and sacrificed her life. 

The stepwell thus got the name of Rudadevi as Rudabai Vav or Adalaj ni Vav. 

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The Marvellous Architecture of Adalaj Stepwell


Adalaj Stepwell architecture’ is one of a kind, built in Solanki architectural style. It is 5 stories deep with incredible carvings. The ceiling is in an octagonal structure. The floors are spacious to accommodate larger group prayer offerings and are dug deep to access groundwater. 

The carvings at various levels symbolize Hindu and Jain gods. The upper floors are carved with elephants in different designs. The walls are carved with women performing daily chores like adorning themselves, churning buttermilk, and scenes of dance performances. 

Also, there is a depiction of a pot, considering it as water of life called” Ami Khumbor”. And the navagraha representing 9 planets is depicted. It was believed that these depictions attracted people during important rituals and ceremonies.

Extra Trivia

  • As per the old scriptures of Swaminarayan, Queen RubaDevi, before her sacrifice requested religious saints to take a bath in the stepwell so that it purifies her soul.
  • 6 tombs can be seen near the Adalaj Ni Vav Ahmedabad. Begda tested the masons who built the Vav if they could build another similar one. When they agreed, Bedga sentenced them to death as he didn’t want the replica of Adalaj Ni Vav Ahmedabad.

Sabarmati Ashram, which was the home of Mahatma Gandhi is located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad. This museum will awaken the sense of independence and Bapuji’s principles and values. 

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Nearby Places to Visit Near Adalaj Stepwell 

Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad is surrounded by attractions like 

Trimandir, Adalaj:


This temple is about 4 kms from Adalaj Ni Vav Ahmedabad. The temple complex covers an area of 40,175 sq ft and is surrounded by greenery and a beautiful fountain at the center. The temple has the idols of Gods of Jainism, Shaivism, and Vaishnavism.

Indroda Nature Park:

Source: Gujarat Tourism

Spread over an area of 400 hectares, Indroda Park is regarded as India’s Jurrasic Park as it is one of the only two dinosaur museums in the country. The park is located on either bank of the Sabarmati River. 

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Narendra Modi Stadium:


Narendra Modi Stadium is the Largest Cricket Stadium in the world. The new Narendra Modi Stadium broke the record by surpassing Melbourne Cricket Ground which can accommodate 90,000 spectators and is just 12kms away from the Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad.

Sabarmati Ashram:


Sabarmati Ashram, which was the home of Mahatma Gandhi is located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad. This museum will awaken the sense of independence and Bapuji’s principles and values. 

Sarita Udyan:

Source: Thrillophilia

Within just 12Kms from Adalaj Ni Vav Ahmedabad, Saritha Udyan is the oldest and the largest garden in Gandhinagar is worth a visit for beautiful birds like peacocks and colorful flowers

Adalaj Ni Vav Gandhinagar: Tourist Information

Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad Entry Fee – None 

Adalaj Stepwell timings – 6 am to 6 pm (open all days of the week) The best time to visit Adalaj Stepwell – October to March 

How to reach Adalaj Stepwell? 

Adalaj Stepwell is easily accessible by road. 

  • Buses are available at regular hours from the city to Stepwell. 
  • The railway network is excellent connecting Ahmedabad to various cities in Gujarat. 

Airways: Sardar Vallabhai Patel is the main airport to access Ahmedabad

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the story behind Adalaj Stepwell?

A brief history of Adalaj Stepwell is that it was built by Queen Rudadevi in memory of King Ran Veer Singh, the Vaghela dynasty of Dandai Des. 

What is Adalaj famous for?

Adalaj is famous for the Adalaj Stepwell with stunning Indian stepwell architecture. 

Is Adalaj Stepwell worth visiting?

Adalaj ni vav also known as Adalaj Stepwell is worth a visit for its one-of-a-kind architecture and historical significance.

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