A Day Trip In Agatti Island

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It is a pristine paradise that offers an unforgettable day trip experience. Known for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lush greenery, Agatti Island is a haven for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This blog will provide a comprehensive guide to making the most out of a day trip to Agatti Island, covering everything from how to get there to the best activities to indulge in.

For the Agatti Island Day Trip

  • By Air:

The easiest way to get there is by plane since Agatti Aerodrome is the only airport in Lakshadweep and it links well with Kochi, Kerala. Alliance Air runs flights between Kochi and Agatti, making it a breeze for a one-day trip. The flight lasts about 1.5 hours and treats you to amazing views of the Arabian Sea and the coral atolls below. If you’re thinking about a short visit, exploring the beaches is a must. It’s a fantastic way to spend an Agatti Island Day Trip without breaking the bank.

  •  By Sea:

For those who prefer taking it easy, hopping on a passenger ship from Kochi to Agatti Island in Place to visit Lakshadweep offers a laid-back journey. Expect to spend about 14-20 hours onboard, depending on the ship and weather. But don’t rush it—the trip is a chance to soak in the vastness of the sea and maybe catch sight of some sea creatures along the way. Agatti Island Day Trip promises beautiful beaches and plenty to see. If you’re coming from Havelock for a quick visit, you’ll have time to enjoy the island’s charms. Though it might cost a bit more, the experience is worth it.

Entry Permits


But before diving in, make sure to sort out your permits in advance. You can get them either through travel agencies or straight from the local authorities. Having these permits ready ahead of time avoids any last-minute headaches. Once that’s sorted, you’re all set to enjoy Agatti Island Day Trip island’s  beauty without any worries

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What to Pack


Packing for an Agatti Island Day Trip requires careful consideration due to the island’s tropical climate and the variety of activities available. Here’s a checklist of essential items:

  • Light, Comfortable Clothing: Cotton or linen fabrics are ideal to keep cool in the tropical heat. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Swimwear: Essential for snorkelling, swimming, or simply lounging by the beach.
  • Sunscreen: A high SPF sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from the intense sun.
  • Snorkelling Gear: While gear is often available for rent, bringing your own ensures a better fit and hygiene.
  • Waterproof Camera/GoPro: To capture the stunning underwater world and the island’s scenic beauty.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Beach Towel and Mat: For relaxing on the sand.
  • First Aid Kit: Basic medical supplies for minor injuries or ailments.

Itinerary for a Day Trip

1. Morning

  • Arrival and Breakfast:

Tourists eagerly land on the island’s shores. Rushing to their chosen spot to stay or a comfy café, they’re greeted with open arms. A tasty breakfast spread, mixing local flavours with familiar ones, awaits them. In the calm atmosphere, they enjoy their meal, getting all set for a day full of exploring and fun on Agatti’s stunning beaches.

  •  Exploring the Island:

Walking or biking through the island’s streets unveils its natural beauty. Lined with palm trees, sandy paths guide you to beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. Agatti’s simplicity and beauty make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a short yet memorable getaway.

2. Late Morning

  • Snorkeling at Agatti Lagoon:

The Agatti Island Day Trip snorkelling emerges as a top activity. Heading to Agatti Lagoon, they find a haven for underwater exploration. With crystal-clear, shallow waters, it’s perfect for everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned snorkeler. Among vibrant coral reefs, you’ll spot a colourful array of fish and fascinating sea creatures. Exploring Agatti Island’s beaches in a day reveals nature’s wonders, offering a truly mesmerizing experience. From considering the cost to finding the best way to spend a day here, Agatti’s charm is simply irresistible.

  •  Visit to the Marine Research Center:

The Marine Research Center isn’t just a boring lab it’s where you can learn cool stuff about fish and corals. They even do fun tours and talks, Agatti’s beaches are like paradise, perfect for chilling out and enjoying nature. If you’re up for a short adventure, Agatti Island is the place to be for a day of learning and beach fun.

3. Afternoon

  • Lunch at a Beachside Restaurant:

After a morning of exploration, hunger calls for a beachside lunch. Here, diners are treated to an array of mouthwatering dishes featuring the freshest catch of the sea. Grilled fish, juicy prawns, and succulent lobsters steal the show, while vegetarians indulge in local specialities bursting with flavour. Amidst the lively ambience of fellow travellers, every bite tells a story of the island’s rich maritime heritage. Amidst the excitement of an Agatti Island Day Trip adventure, this culinary experience stands out as a true highlight.

  • Relaxation on the Beach:

Visitors love to chill out on its beautiful beaches. They spread their towels, enjoy a good read, or just soak up the sun. The gentle breeze from the sea and the calming sound of waves make it the perfect spot to unwind. It’s a must-do on the Agatti Island Day Trip, giving people a chance to relax in stunning scenery.

4. Late Afternoon

  • Boat Ride to Kalpitti Island:

This tiny, nearby isle, just a short boat ride away, holds untouched beauty waiting to be explored. The journey itself is like something out of a dream, treating travellers to breathtaking views of the bright blue sea and neighbouring islands. Once you arrive, it’s like stepping into paradise you can swim in the crystal-clear water, wander through untouched landscapes, or simply relax and soak in the peace. It’s the perfect way to spend Agatti Island Day Trip, with its beautiful beaches and natural charm.

  •  Sunset Viewing:

Arriving just in time, they head to the west coast for the best view. As the sun sinks below the horizon, the sky lights up with breathtaking colours, as a painting comes to life. The scene is so mesmerising, that it’s best enjoyed quietly or with some gentle music in the background. It’s a moment that captures the true magic of Agatti Island’s beauty.

5. Evening

  • Dinner and Cultural Show:

Wrap up your adventure with a tasty dinner either at your hotel or a nearby restaurant, enjoying the yummy traditional Lakshadweep dishes, a real treat for your taste buds. Things to do in Lakshadweep where you can watch traditional dancing and listen to music, giving you a peek into the islanders’ rich culture. This quick getaway gives you a perfect taste of Agatti Island, mixing yummy food and cool cultural experiences. It’s the best way to spend a day there.

Activities and Attractions

  • Scuba Diving: Dive deeper into the underwater world and explore the rich marine biodiversity.
  • Kayaking: Paddle through the calm waters and explore the coastline at your own pace.
  • Sailing: Experience the thrill of sailing in the pristine waters around the island.
  • Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity on Agatti Island. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, you can join a fishing expedition organised by local operators. The waters around the island are teeming with fish, making for an exciting and rewarding experience.
  • Bird Watching: Agatti Island is home to a variety of bird species, making it a paradise for bird watchers. The island’s lush vegetation and coastal environment attract both resident and migratory birds. Keep your binoculars handy and enjoy spotting these feathered beauties in their natural habitat.

Local Markets and Souvenirs


Before leaving, don’t forget to visit the local markets where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts made by the islanders. Items like coir products, shell jewellery, and traditional textiles make for unique and memorable keepsakes of your trip.

Tips for a Memorable Trip

  • Plan Ahead: Make all necessary arrangements, including permits, accommodation, and activities, well in advance.
  • Respect the Environment: Agatti Island is an ecologically sensitive area. Avoid littering, and be mindful of the coral reefs and marine life.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry plenty of water, especially if you’re engaging in outdoor activities.
  • Be Culturally Sensitive: Respect the local customs and traditions. Dress modestly and be courteous to the islanders.
  • Safety First: Follow safety guidelines for water sports and other activities. Always listen to the instructions provided by guides and instructors.

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Exploration of Agatti Island

1. Historical Background


The one-day adventure on Lakshadweep’s Agatti Island reveals its rich culture, shaped by seafaring traditions and old trade routes. Exploring Agatti Island’s beaches in a day offers a glimpse into its profound ties to the Indian Ocean world. It’s a must-see spot for a short trip, where visitors can soak in the island’s history and culture. If you’re wondering what to explore on Agatti Island, learning its backstory adds layers to your experience, places to visit Agatti Island in Lakshadweep.

2. Flora and Fauna


There’s lush greenery with tall coconut trees and loads of colourful plants, making the island feel like paradise on Earth. In the crystal-clear waters around the island, there’s a whole world of sea creatures to discover fish of all shapes and sizes, adorable sea turtles, and huge rays gliding gracefully. The coral reefs are like a magical underwater garden, but they need to be protected. Exploring the island in just one day lets you soak up its beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife. Prices for the trip can vary, but it’s totally worth it for such an incredible experience.

3. Local Culture and Traditions

Image Source : RitiRiwaz

Stepping into a world where local traditions mix with influences from all over the Indian Ocean. The people there are famous for being really friendly, making you feel right at home as soon as you arrive. If you’re only there for a day, you can still experience a lot trying out local food, watching traditional dances, and listening to music during special events. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the island’s history and culture, all while enjoying the beautiful beaches and delicious food.

4. Cuisine


Food lovers are in for a treat with a mix of South Indian and Kerala flavours. Enjoying dishes made with coconut, rice, and loads of fresh seafood, just like the locals do. Don’t miss out on the fish curry, rice, and yummy coconut sweets all bursting with flavours from spices and ingredients sourced locally. While exploring Agatti’s stunning beaches and attractions, diving into its tasty cuisine adds an extra layer of enjoyment. It’s simply the perfect way to spend a day soaking up the island’s culture and delicious food.

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Agatti Island Day Trip Possible?

Yes, a day trip to Agatti Island is possible, but it requires careful planning due to the island’s remote location and the need for entry permits. Ensure you have all necessary permits and transportation arrangements well in advance.

How to Reach Agatti Island for a Day?

The quickest way to reach Agatti Island for a day trip is by flying from Kochi (Cochin) to Agatti Aerodrome. The flight takes approximately 1.5 hours. Alternatively, you can travel by passenger ship from Kochi, but this is a much longer journey, typically taking 14-20 hours.

Cost of Agatti Island Day Trip?

The cost of a day trip to Agatti Island can vary depending on several factors such as transportation, activities, and dining preferences. On average, you can expect to spend around INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 per person, including airfare, permits, meals, and activities.

Things to Do in Agatti Island on a Day Trip?

On a day trip to Agatti Island, you can indulge in activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, and exploring the island on foot or by bicycle. Don’t miss visiting the Marine Research Center, enjoying a boat ride to Kalpitti Island, and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

Scuba Diving on Agatti Island Day Trip?

Scuba diving is one of the highlights of a day trip to Agatti Island. The island’s clear waters and vibrant coral reefs provide excellent conditions for diving. Several local operators offer guided diving excursions, ensuring you have a safe and memorable underwater experience.

Best Beaches for Agatti Island Day Trip?

Agatti Island’s western beaches, notably Agatti Beach and Sunset Beach, offer pristine sands, turquoise waters, and stunning sunset vistas. Perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports, they ensure an unforgettable day trip experience.

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