Air India All Set To Make Its In-Flight Menu More Exotic Than Ever

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While you fly high up in the sky, your only concern is to reach your destination safely, and you don’t expect the food to be worth drooling over because, let’s face it, you are thousands of feet above the ground; you accept the bare minimum if you are like most people. However, Air India doesn’t want you to settle for less and is all set to take your culinary experience up a notch. Exotic offerings such as Thai Red Curry, Seekh Kabab, Baked fillet of fish, and Chettinad Kathiroll will be served across business and economy classes. Not only that, the bar menu of international flights has been refreshed as well, and now the travelers can choose among the many fine drinks from the best vineyards around the world. Making the flying experience one of a kind, the passengers can also request Keto-friendly and Jain meals as well.

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