Top 11 Airbnbs in Silvassa- Perfect Gateway to Tranquility

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Looking for a Cozy and Comfortable Stay?? Airbnbs in Silvassa offers a perfect blend of Luxury, amenities, and comfort that suits your preferences and budget. There are many places to explore in Silvassa, a unique destination known for its rich cultural heritage, Picturesque Landscapes, Adventure Activities, and Tribal Architecture. Airbnb options in Silvassa include cozy and homely apartments, Expansive villas, and serene cottages to suit the needs of travelers. There are many Places to Explore in Dadra and Nagar haveli from lush green landscapes to the local markets.

Silvassa, the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli has emerged as a popular destination for travellers seeking a unique experience.

Top 11 Airbnbs in Silvassa

  1. Flat in Daman
  2. Vrindavan Homestay
  3. Vanik Homestay
  4. Peaceland Villa
  5. Sea Bliss Villa
  6. Brick house
  7. Boutique Apartment in Silvassa
  8. Private designer en-suite villa
  9. Sarus Homestay
  10. B-Villa
  11. Heritage Villa

1. Flat in Daman (INR 5273)


This beautiful Airbnb in Silvassa is a fully furnished flat with sea-facing views and is well-decorated to create a warm and homely atmosphere. It has a spacious living space with modern architecture. This flat is on the riverfront where you can enjoy the breathtaking sea view and lighthouse views stretching over Moti Daman. This is one of the best places to unwind and relax if you plan for places to visit in Silvassa for one day.  You can start your day with the sound of waves right outside your door!

Location: This cozy Retreat is located on the edge of Moti Daman near Silvassa, overlooking the sea and the iconic lighthouse.

Amenities: You can experience the tranquillity of a sea view and enjoy the sunrise or sunset with beach access right at your doorstep. It has a fully equipped kitchen with complimentary Wi-Fi and free parking. Fury pets are welcome at this homestay.

2. Vrindavan Homestay (INR 5700)


This Luxury Airbnb in Silvassa, amidst Bordi’s natural bounty, is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy nature, serenity, and the calmness of the surroundings. This Amazing place has flawless Architecture with a beautiful view of the Mountains and Night sky. This homestay is surrounded by a lush garden with a variety of flowers and fruits serving as the best photography spots in Silvassa.

Amenities: This Airbnb in Silvassa has a beautiful living area, a big kitchen with a dining area, and a cozy family space. It also has a splendid terrace, where you can rejuvenate yourself from sunrise to sunset. Guests can enjoy the meals in the beautiful ambiance, the chirping of birds in the morning or dinner under the twinkling stars. Guests can visit the organic chickoo orchards nearby and tribal attractions like Warli paintings on prior request.

Location: The place is close to the famous Bordi Beach in Silvassa.

3. Vanik Homestay (INR5700)


Vanik Boutique Apartment, a luxurious and comfortable Airbnb in Silvassa is best for travelers seeking a serene and rejuvenating retreat. This Luxurious Scandinavian living concept apartment is a 3 BHK Apartment and can accommodate up to 8 guests displaying elegance and comfort similar to a hotel suite. 

This Airbnb in Silvassa is well-maintained, spacious, and equipped with modern facilities and a shared kitchen making it a highly recommended choice for a relaxing stay in Silvassa.There are several exquisite resorts in Silvassa, offering luxury and unforgettable retreat, but the best Airbnbs in Silvassa are also good alternatives for a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Location: Vanik Homestay is located in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Amenities: It provides all modern amenities for a comfortable and luxurious stay.

4. Peaceland Villa (INR 5400)


This spacious Airbnb exudes a delightful 90s vibe and offers comfort and stylish interiors. This villa has Beautiful and lush green surroundings where you can Swing away your worries while enjoying a tranquil atmosphere. This villa is in proximity to famous destinations like Vanganga Lake, Tribal Museum, and Dadra Waterfalls. One can experience thrilling adventure activities in Dadra and Nagar Haveli like trekking and zip lining which is easily accessible from Airbnbs in Silvassa.

Amenities: It provides all kinds of modern amenities with a Swimming pool where you can relax and rejuvenate, play board games for fun, or indulge in cricket and badminton in the outdoor area.

Location: Located in Valsad near Silvassa

5. Sea Bliss Villa (INR 7600)


This Stunning Airbnb in Silvassa has vintage vibes that capture a sense of elegance and provide a luxurious stay. You can relax in the private pool and soak in the charming village setting. Escape from the city buzz and reconnect with loved ones by enjoying the serene ambiance of the village setting. One can relax in the private pool to unwind and enjoy a memorable vacation. 

Location: Just steps away from the beach

Amenities: This 3 BHK Airbnb provides all the luxurious amenities of a private pool, a fully equipped kitchen, beach proximity, a spacious living room, and a well-equipped dining area.

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6. Brick house (INR 11390)


This Airbnb in Silvassa is a slice of paradise. This unique accommodation in Silvassa provides a rustic yet artistic setting for a tranquil retreat. This Villa is beautifully landscaped, where the guests can enjoy a serene stay away from the huss and buss of city life. The farm stay offers a great blend of art, nature, and relaxation, making Silvassa an ideal destination for those who are searching for a unique stay. It offers a tranquil escape for 4 to 6 guests and provides a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat.

Location: Silvassa

Amenities: This unique farm stay boasts 4-6 bedrooms, a dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen.

7. Boutique Apartment in Silvassa (INR 4400)


The Boutique Apartment is a luxurious and sophisticated Airbnb situated in the heart of Silvassa, the capital city of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. This best Airbnb in Silvassa is located in a peaceful residential area, catering to travelers seeking a tranquil retreat. The luxurious apartment is well-maintained and is close to various tourist attractions, such as the Vanganga Lake Garden, Dadra Waterfalls, and the Tribal Museum, making it convenient for guests to explore the destinations. 

Location: Silvassa

Amenities: The Boutique Apartment is well-equipped with a wide range of modern amenities/. It offers a shared kitchen, a private dining area, and free Wi-Fi access ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay for the guests.

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8. Private designer en-suite villa (INR 4800)


This Contemporary and stylish Airbnb in Silvassa is a self-service studio bungalow with all the modern amenities in a tranquil environment. This Villa provides guests with a comfortable and elegant living space. Guests have convenient access to their kitchenette for cooking their favorite meals. The villa is located amidst a fruit orchard in Dahanu, providing a tranquil environment for guests to unwind and relax. This unique and well-designed accommodation Airbnb in Silvassa is an attractive choice for travelers. 

Location: Dahanu near Silvassa

Amenities: It provides all the modern amenities for a comfortable and luxurious stay. This Luxurious retreat features one bedroom, a spacious living room, and a convenient kitchenette for a tranquil and rejuvenating stay.

9. Sarus Homestay (INR 1500)


This top Airbnb in Silvassa provides cosy accommodation in the beautiful surroundings of Silvassa, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli. This budget-friendly accommodation option ensures a comfortable stay for Guests. This homestay has access to tourist attractions, so one can easily visit and enjoy all the adventures.

Location: Silvassa

Amenities: This Airbnb in Silvassa has one bedroom, a spacious living room, and a well-equipped kitchen.

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10. B-Villa (INR 6500)


This Expansive Airbnb in Silvassa is close to the beach, providing easy access to the tranquil shores, surrounded by lush farmlands, offering a stunning picturesque setting for the farm stay experience There are beautiful Beaches in Silvassa where you can relax and unwind, enjoy sun, sand and sea. The Spacious B-Villa can host up to 6 guests with a modern and minimal aesthetic that ensures a relaxing and soothing stay for guests.

Amenities: It provides all the modern comforts, a fully equipped kitchen, and a cozy dining area. 

11. Heritage Villa (INR 8000)


The Heritage Villa in Silvassa is in a serene location, a charming and unique accommodation for guests. It provides a tranquil retreat for travelers interested in experiencing the rich heritage and culture of the region. The local architectural-styled Villa has spacious rooms, beautiful decor, and amenities that ensure a comfortable stay. Guests can relax in the lush garden and immerse themselves in the beauty of Silvassa.

Amenities: It provides all the modern amenities for a luxurious and comfortable stay. It is also one of the pet-friendly villas in Silvassa.

Location: Located along the river in Silvassa

Airbnbs in Silvassa offers a luxurious and tranquil retreat for travellers seeking a unique and relaxing experience in the coastal area of Gujarat. The amenities, outdoor spaces, and exceptional hospitality make Airbnb a popular retreat option for those seeking a peaceful stay in Silvassa.

Are there any unique Airbnb stays in Silvassa?

Yes, there are unique Airbnb stays in Silvassa like Heritage Villa and Vanik Homestay offering spaces that are more than just a place to sleep, with comfortable amenities.

Can I book an Airbnb in Silvassa with views?

Yes, you can book an Airbnb in Silvassa with views, you can book an apartment with Lighthouse View stretching over Moti Daman, providing a unique and scenic experience for guests looking for beautiful views during their stay.

What is the average price range for an Airbnb in Silvassa?

Based on the search results, the average price range for Airbnb accommodations in Silvassa appears to be between ₹1000 to ₹30000 per night, with options from budget-friendly apartments to luxury resorts.

What types of Airbnb accommodations are available in Silvassa?

Silvassa has a diverse selection of Airbnb accommodations from furnished monthly rentals to vacation homes and resorts.

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