Why Is This Airline Weighing its Passengers Before They Board The Flight?

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This may surprise you, but recently the national airline of New Zealand has started weighing its passengers before boarding a flight. 

The survey is being done to weigh the total weight of all the passengers, considering that everything that goes inside the aircraft is measured, and so should the passengers. 

It is part of a survey, where the airlines have decided to measure 10000 passengers till 2nd July.

The month-long survey will give the pilots a better idea of the total weight they will be carrying as they take off.

Passengers must stand on the measuring scale, and their weights will be recorded.

If you weigh more than you think you should, it may make you a little uneasy thinking about it because nobody wants their insecurities to be the talk of the town.

But don’t worry about that, your weight will not be displayed anywhere, it will be completely anonymous, and not even the flight crew will know your weight. 

Currently, the travellers who will be weighed are among those who will be travelling from Auckland to New York City. 

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