Airport Near Bir Billing Expanding to Promote Tourism in Himachal

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Bir Billing has recently gained International recognition as one of the best paragliding sites in the world. Due to this, the Kangra airport is supposed to undergo a major expansion to boost and promote tourism in the area. 

Currently, the airport is very small, however with the expansion plans, the airport will be of international standards and would be able to handle large aircraft. The expansion is funded by the state government and is being done to attract more tourists to the Kangra district and surrounding areas. 

The expansion plan will make the airport equipped with the latest technology and it would attract tourists from all over the country because of the ease of accessibility. 

The expansion is expected to be completed within the next few years and it would be monitored closely by the state government to ensure that it is done on time. Apart from that, the government also has development plans for infrastructure to make the area easily accessible to tourists, eventually leading to more tourists every year. 

The Chief Minister has announced that soon, there will be a carnival in Bir to promote the growth in tourism.

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