Explore Mumbai Aksa Beach: Where The Nonchalant Meets Ardent

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‘Tujhe Aksa Beach ghuma du aa chalti kya?’ Well, Salman Khan is yet to be found with his girlfriend at Aksa Beach but let us find out what else we have at Aksa Beach. Aksa Beach in Mumbai is the most commercial beach than other in Madh Island. Aksa Beach has the longest coastline in the city. 

Madh Island land is a tropical paradise with various beaches and coastlines that are largely unexplored and underrated. No doubt that the vibe you get at Marine Drive is unmatchable to anything in the world, but have you visited Aksa Beach in Malad and experienced the nonchalant waves of the majestic sunset? 

Things To Do At Aksa Beach


1. Exploring The Site Of Sunset

Visiting the coastlines and beaches of western India is all about nonchalant waves, majestic sunsets, warm sand, and romance in the air. Well, a drop in the entire bucket is Aksa Beach in Malad. 

It has a beautiful sunset point making it one of the best things to do at Aksa beach. However, it has become a little commercial, but you will still find the serenity here. You can come by 06:00 pm to Mumbai Aksa Beach and view the enchanting sun setting on the horizon.

2. Try Street Food

You can bring your snacks to Mumbai Aksa Beach, but if you don’t, you could still drool over some masala Maggie or a plate of chicken momos while watching the magnificent Arabian Sea at Aksa Beach. 

During monsoon season roasted corn with a dash of salt and lime rubbed on it will convey you to a different realm. Other delicacies include vada pav, bhaji pav, lime juice, ice candy, etc.

3. Playing Arena For Kids

There are different rides for kids you can try at Aksa Beach in Mumbai. These rides include different kinds of swings, these are purely for kids to enjoy.

How To Reach Aksa Beach Mumbai

Visiting Aksa Beach is one of the the top things to do in Mumbai, however how to reach Aksa Beach Mumbai? It would be a question but worry not, Aksa Beach is accessible via public and private vehicles.

Via Rail

The nearest railway station to reach Aska Beach is Malad Railway Station (Western Line). You can book a cab, take a rickshaw, or get a bus to reach. Aksa Beach is around 8.8 km from Malad Railway Station.

If you are coming via the metro then the nearest metro station is Valnai-Meeth Chowky Metro Station which is 7.6 km from Aksa Beach in Malad. 

Via Jetty

If you are near Versova and want to save time you can get a ferry from Versova Jetty that will leave you to Madh Island. 

Best Time To Visit Aksa Beach

The best time to visit Aksa Beach is from October to March, during this time the climate of Mumbai is comparatively less humid. If we talk about the day then you should visit Mumbai Aksa Beach during the early morning or late evening when the sun is not harsh and a little bearable. 

Aksa Beach Mumbai Timings

Being one of the best picnic spots in Mumbai, there are no Aksa Beach Mumbai Timings, you can literally go anytime you are comfortable with. However, it is advisable to visit the Aksa Beach in Malad during the daylight as the streets become dark at night.

Hotels Near Aksa Beach


Nestled in one of the posh locations of Mumbai you could find many hotels near Aksa Beach. However, if you are planning to stay in a hotel near Aksa Beach, it is advisable to pre-book the hotel to avoid last-minute hassle and save from breaking the bank. 

Following are some of the curated hotels near Aksa Beach

  1. The Resort
  2. The Retreat Hotel And Convention Center
  3. Moon Lite Residency
  4. The Aksa Hotel
  5. The Classique Club
  6. Hotel Aksa Inn
  7. Mantra Residency
  8. Villa By The Sea
  9. Beach House Madh
  10. Bird’s Nest Villa
  11. Green Star Lodging
  12. Bougainvilla

Restaurants Near Aksa Beach

There are many restaurants near Aksa Beach that you can munch on. However, it is advisable to have a local delicacy instead

Following are some of the curated restaurants near Aksa Beach

  1. Dariya Kinara Family Restaurant
  2. Baywatch
  3. Tapan Jambing
  4. Pool Side
  5. Ruskon Restaurant
  6. Sea Food Corner
  7. Bollywood Stars

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Places To Visit Near Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach in Mumbai is one of the famous tourist spots in Mumbai. There are many places to visit near Aksa Beach, most of them are beaches and coastlines. So let’s not waste any more time and dive directly into some of the places to visit near Aksa Beach

1. Madh Beach


Madh Beach commonly known as Silver Beach, also if you want an entire beach to yourself then Madh Beach is the one you should visit. It is located at a distance of 3.7 km. 

You won’t see any vendors including any eateries or any toys. There is just you, warm sand, cold sea, and a beautiful sky. The backdrop of Silver Beach is of Palm Trees that stretch till Versova Beach.

2. Dana Pani Beach


Well, years ago there was a restaurant named Dana Pani in this vicinity that was so famous that the beach was named after this restaurant. However, today Dana Pani Restaurant is closed, but you can still see and visit Dana Pani Beach, which located at a distance of 1.6 km from Aksa Beach.

Trees surround Dana Pani Beach, and on the backdrop it also has Koliwada (A colony where Koli people live). However, it would have been a 10 on 10 if it was a little clean.

3. Erangal Beach

Mumbai Live

Erangal Beach is around 2.6 km from Aksa Beach in Mumbai which is another noncommercial beach near Aksa Beach. You won’t find any water sports at Erangal beach. Come here solo with a book or your friend for a perfect weekend getaway. 

4. St. Bonaventure Church


Just beside Erangal Beach is a 450-year-old church which is estimated to have been built in the year 1575 by the Portuguese. The name is derived from an Italian priest Bonaventure who used to teach Spanish to his parrot. 

Today this church is maintained by the locals and is opposite Erangal Beach. It was looked at by the Portuguese until the Maratha invasion. The Madh Island Church was restored in the year 1976.

5. Madh Island Fort


Madh Island Fort is around 4.8 km from Aksa Beach in Mumbai. Madh Island Fort famously known as Versova Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1729 to keep an eye on the Maratha Invasion. The fort is currently inaccessible and comes under the administration of the Indian Naval and Air Force. 

6. Hazrat Sayed Qadri Baghdadi Darga


Hazrat Sayed Qadri Baghdadi Darga is around 6 km from Aksa Beach in Malad and is located amidst the sea, you will have to take a ferry ride that will take you to the island where Darga is located. It is one of the oldest monuments in Madh Island.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aksa Beach famous for?

Aksa Beach is known for its longest coastline in Mumbai. Many serials and movies have been shot here at Aksa Beach.

Which is better Juhu Beach or Aksa Beach?

Aksa Beach is better than Juhu Beach if you are looking for less crowd. 

Which is the nearest station to Aksa Beach?

Malad Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Aksa Beach

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