Al Fanar Restaurant: A Serene Journey Into Emirati Cuisine!

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Experience the authentic taste of Emirati Cuisine at Al Fanar Restaurant in Dubai. With its sterling styling, exceptional services can surely make way for food options in Dubai Trip Packages. In particular, Al Fanar restaurant offers a flavoured journey with its special items like grilled meats, seafood and various other unique dishes sensing a special story behind every cuisine.

Resting in our budget range and easily accessible to private and public transport for its prime location at Dubai Festival City Mall, eating food at Al Fanar restaurant turns out to be one of the best things to do in Dubai the next time you visit. So, let’s explore the timings of Al Fanar, its special items, reservation policy and also the best time to visit Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai.

About Al Fanar Restaurant And Cafe

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Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe was established by Hashem Al Marzouqi way back in 2011. This place transports diners to Dubai in the 1960s, offering an authentic Emirati culinary experience. With traditionally styled interiors and budget-friendly culinary options, Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe is ranked one of Dubai’s finest eatery places.

Not only does it have an exquisite menu, but the services are also at a high-ranked level, which is the reason why most of the locals and foreigners opt to visit this place. The other added advantage of Al Fanar Restaurant is its in the close vicinity of the Dubai Creek, and Dubai Museum where you can enjoy the cultural and historical experience after your good meal. Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe operate on a daily basis by offering quality breakfast, lunch and supper by bidding a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of the Emiratis.

You can grab added discounts on reserving prior to the events. The signature dishes of Al Fanar Restaurant like Balaleet, Vermicelli Desert, and Mojboos showcase the relativity of its efforts in upholding the traditional flavours without compromising on quality.

Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai Location


Al Fanar Restaurant And Cafe In Dubai is strategically located in Dubai Festival City Mall, ground floor, Near P.F. Chang’s Restaurant, Canal Walk. This mall is ranked to be the premier shopping and leisure destination with its wide range of shopping options available for its visitors on a budget. Al Fanar Restaurant location is easily accessible providing an ease in convenience to reach via public and private transport.

How To Reach Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai


You can easily reach Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai as it rests in the heart of Dubai. The most convenient way of reaching is using a private taxi or personal car heading to the Sheikh Zayed Road(E11) towards the Garhoud Bridge.

If you are on a budget you can take the metro to the Green Line to Creekstation followed by a short walk. The other is the RTA Bus and RTA Water Taxi directly near the Dubai Festival City Mall Stop, from there you can hardly take a brisk walk in a couple of minutes to reach Al Fanar Dubai.

Al Fanar Restaurant Menu

Here are some of the offerings of Al Fanar Restaurant menu:

Breakfast Menu Of Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai

  1. Khabisah: This mild sweet taste has roasted flour, cardamom and saffron addition for a healthy and unique taste. 
  2.  Balaleet: This is one of the lip-smacking foods of Dubai flavoured with saffron, cardamom, and rose water and topped with egg omelette.

Main Course Menu Of Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai

  1. Machboos: This is a rich fragrant rice cooked in a blend of spices, chicken, lamb and also shrimp.
  2. Harees: This cuisine is rich in creamy texture with the additions of wheat and slow-cooked meat.
  3. Thareed: This is an authentic traditional Emirati-styled stew with the addition of fresh meat and vegetables.

Apart from this, you can also access custom seafood options, and dessert and beverage options at Al Fanar Restaurant Dubai.

Famous Dishes At Al Fanar Restaurant

Here are the most opted famous dishes at Al Fanar Restaurant:

1. Samak Mashwi


Samak Mashwi features an authentic cooking style with fresh marinated fish grilled to perfection. This dish has an addition of a blend of spices to embrace the natural flavours of the main course menu.

2. Jasheed Cuisine

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Jasheed dish is one opted to be one of the famous dishes at Al Fanar restaurant for its flaked fish mixed with spices and flavoured rice.

3. Luquaimat Dish

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Luquaimat includes sweet dumplings that are more crispy outside and more soft inside. This is drizzled in date syrup which is considered to have more protein and is a popular dessert in Emirati cuisine.

Al Fanar Restaurant Prices

Al Fanar Restaurant prices vary along with the food items you choose. Its budget range made it to the top of one of the finest restaurants in Dubai. The breakfast can be around a budget of $10-$15. The main course can range around $12-$25 and finish off with desserts at around $5-$15 each. Seasonal and special foods can be at a higher price than regular foods.

Al Fanar Restaurant Timings

Al Fanar Restaurant is open throughout the week, opening in the morning session for breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to Midnight. The time can be extended a half-hour further on the weekends.

Al Fanar Restaurant Reservation Process

Al Fanar Restaurant’s reservation process gives its visitors the convenience of booking through call, message or official mail. You need to mention the time, guest count and the special requests prior to serving you better and the cancellations are to be done at least 4 hours prior to your booking time

Best Time To Visit Al Fanar Restaurant

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The best time to visit Al Fanar restaurant is in the early lunch hours, that is from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM where you have a quieter atmosphere and potentially shorter wait times. Avoid peak times and weekends to enjoy the bustling ambience of the Al Fanar Dubai. Reserve a table before ensuring the place is available for you at your desired time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are places to visit near Al Fanar Restaurant?

Near Al Fanar Restaurant in Dubai, you can explore attractions such as Dubai Marina, JBR Beach, The Walk at JBR, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Marina Mall, and The Palm Jumeirah.

Where is Al Fanar Restaurant located?

Al Fanar Restaurant is located in various locations, primarily in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Who is the owner of Al Fanar restaurant?

Hashem Al Marzouqi is the owner of Al Fanar Restaurant In Dubai.

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