Alimatha Island Travel Guide: Unlock The Paradise

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The Maldives is known for its exquisite vacation destinations and has multiple islands. If you are looking for an Alimatha Island travel guide to uncover paradise well, you are in the right place, with one of our best Maldives Travel Packages. Alimatha Island in Maldives is one of the most stunning islands where you can have an amazing experience of your life. 

The passion for travelling has been evolving among plenty of travellers and everybody grabs incredible experiences in locations that can be Instagram-worthy nowadays. This spot is the entire thing you envision about an island and so much in addition. It is stunning and also an excellent hot spot for adventurers. No doubt, Maldives Alimatha Island is an incredible place for a weekend escape from the hustle-bustle of the Maldives city. 

When it pertains to a heavenly vacation, the Maldives is a fantasy vacation spot that fascinates with its Fresh seashores, crystal-clear waters, and luxurious hotels. Alimatha Island in Maldives is a must-visit place on any Maldives tour, replenishing a collection of water sports in Maldives that will make your heart skip a beat with its stunning adventures.

With an extensive range of Maldives programs available, you may intend your fabulous journey tailored to your priorities. Maldives is a perfect example of the word luxury and the Maldives Alimatha island is a well-known island all over the world for its lavishness. 

Maldives expedition applications propose a seamless mode to uncover this tropical paradise. 

Maldives Alimatha Island is a haven for seashore lovers and travel seekers. This hidden gem is one of the top sites to visit in Maldives, boasting fresh white-sand seashores and crystal-clear waters. 

Alimatha Island in Maldives is a must-visit place on any Maldives tour, replenishing a collection of water sports activities in the Maldives that will make your heart skip with its stunning adventures.

The Maldives’ spell-binding underwater global Alimatha Island presents outstanding aquatic declarations. This spot is perfect for a listing of the best places to visit in Maldives and promises a magnificent journey into the Indian Ocean.

Alimatha Island Travel Guide: Top 5 Things To Do

1. Visit The Ayurvedic Rubdown Centres


This is a famous attribute of this region as they have earned magnificent massage centres which now not only are soothing but also delightful, and great for your skin as they utilize ayurvedic goods which embellish the texture of your skin. 

These ayurvedic massages are very famous among travellers and these massages ease all your pressure and keep your body delighted. Massages relieve anxiety and you can actually enjoy your holiday.

2. Go For Windsurfing


People further revel in windsurfing here as the climate is tremendous and the expanse of water is infinite. You can also go for solar bathing and relieve the tension at the seashore here.

Adventure junkies treasure such activities and never let go, and make the maximum out of these actions. Water being the main lure here, tourists basically love the seashore and take incredible pride in only sunbathing and simply retaining a sit-back time with their companions and circle of relatives.

3. Enjoy Canoeing


Out of all the water activities on this island, canoeing is a famous alternative people select right here. Water sports activities are very prominent and people seem to enjoy such activities that are provided on this island. Tourists who relish an amazing adventure certainly take advantage of these sports activities.

4. Indulge In Diving


With one of the utmost well-known diving channels being located here, diving is a popular entertainment on this island. Myaru Kandu is a top diving spot that has a sharp reef and divers love this location. Diving is becoming a popular activity and this place is known for divers beginners and professionals.

5. Enjoy Hiking


There aren’t great pact hiking trails in this vicinity however there are a few small trails that you could dive into in case you need to. There are many locations one can uncover on this island and the weather is also cosy enough to be able to journey long sweeps.

Alimatha Island Travel Guide: Top 3 Luxurious Stays

1. Alimatha Aquatic Resort


This is one of the best resorts and is located down in Felidhe Atoll. It is just simply forty miles away from the north airport. This location is simply 1 km away from the white seashores and lagoons. 

This Alimatha Island resort has many precise forms of rooms that you can enjoy, ranging from bungalows to air-conditioned rooms and villas. They further have numerous room centres. Water sports activities and many recreational sports can also be done right here like scuba diving, canoeing, beach volleyball and more.

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2. VOI Alimatha Island Resort


VOI Alimatha Island Resort takes about 90 minutes by speed boat from Ibrahim Nasir Airport and 20 minutes by seaplane. They are very near to the beach and are peaceful and convenient for the travellers to travel around. This resort doesn’t provide Televisions, instead, they provide amazing sports so that you can spend some quality time with your companions or family members and make every moment count.

3. Bravo Club Village


This location has extraordinary lodging resources and gives an admiringly preferred and comfortable residence. This Alimatha Island Resort have supercarriers and outstanding local and international cuisines. One can dwell here and retain the time of his or her life during their vacation on Alimatha Island in Maldives.

Alimatha Island Travel Guide: Things To Avoid In Island Vacation

  • Never sunbathe topless as public nudity is restricted inside Maldives. Even before carrying a bikini, first, check with the lodge where you are staying.
  • You shouldn’t purchase turtle shells and black corals from the island as those are protected species inside the Maldives.
  • Don’t consume narcotic products or liquor in Maldives as its import and intake are strictly prohibited. Resorts and safari boats are the only allowed holders here and they’re only allowed to import alcohol into the island. However, you can perhaps consume alcoholic drinks at tourist motels.
  • Do not own or consume narcotic drugs in Maldives because there are brutal consequences for drug trafficking and possession, including life imprisonment.
  • Do not litter the streets.
  • Do not contact or pick out corals while diving or snorkelling on Alimathaa Island. Be respectful of its sensitive, local surroundings.
  • Don’t dispose of plastic baggage in the sea as it may be very risky.
  • When it comes to expressing physical exposition or affection, the island nation is very conventional. So don’t hug or kiss when you are in a public area.

What is the description of Alimatha?

The word Alimatha originally meant “woman’s face.” The island, seen from above, today has a shape resembling that of a heart and possesses a beach of fine white sand that goes into the waters of the Maldives.

How far is the male from Alimatha Island?

Aimatha is 65 km away from Male, it can be reached by a 20-minute seaplane flight or an hour-and-a-half boat ride on a fast boat. The capital is Felidhoo and with its 1500 inhabitants, it is the least populated atoll of all the Maldives.

How do I get to Alimatha?

Tourists usually take a boat ride of 90 minutes to reach the island or book a seaplane trip that carries them to the destination within 20 minutes.

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