The Amazon ForestFire has broken all records and is a global concern!

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The recent amazon rainforest fire has broken all records of forest fires. The forest, which is also called the lungs of planet Earth has been burning since the past 3 weeks and it just doesn’t seem to stop.Though this time of the year witnesses wild fire, but such a massive plume has become a matter of global concern.

Amazon Rainforest Fire NASA
Image Courtesy: Mogaznews

The intensity of this fire is so high that thick smoke can easily be spotted from the space, as reported by NASA. As per the study, a hike of 83 percent has been noticed in the forest fires at Amazon as compared to 2018 for the same period.

If this wasn’t enough, Sao Paulo, the largest City of Brazil witnessed a dark day when thick smoke engulfed the entire area. The fume was so intense that it almost felt like night during a time which otherwise would have been a bright day.

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The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been aggressively blamed by the conservationists for letting farmers deforest the land for agricultural use.

What Causes Wildfire?

Amazon Forest Fire
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During the months of July and August, the area around Amazon forests becomes hot and dry and is pretty much susceptible to catching fire. Due to the thick cover of flora and lack of moisture, the fire spreads at an unstoppable rate. Considering a sensitive environment, activities like deforestation further aggravates the process, thus leading to a depletion of mass wildlife. Even the smallest cigarette butt can burn down trees that have been on Earth since thousands of years!

Why is Amazon RainForest Important?

Why amazon rainforests are important
Image Source: USA Today
  • Amazon Rainforests are the largest rainforests on earth. 7.7 billion of humans and a whole lot of wildlife is inhaling oxygen and emitting CO2 even when you’re reading this article! Amazon rainforests are responsible for generating 20 percent of the total oxygen on Earth and are thereby referred to as the lungs of the planet. So if the rainforests burn down, you better say a goodbye to, well your lungs!!
  • These rainforests largely contribute in slowing down global warming and are a savior of life on earth. So wherever you’re on the globe, this forest is ‘covering’ for your pollution deeds! As a gesture of gratitude, you might want to switch to carpooling or public transport for that matter!
Flaura and Fauna Of Amazon Rainforest
Image Source: USA Today
  • These forests are a home to a rich flora and fauna, including a variety of species that are yet to be studied. We doubt how impressive it would be if one fine day an animal you don’t even know casually leaves a burning cigarette in your backyard that burns down your entire house! Well this is exactly what is happening to the wildlife of Amazon.

  • Amazon forest houses a lot of medicinal plants which are exported worldwide to produce medicines and other lifestyle supplements. Thought you would like to know that the 100 percent natural skin cream lying in your vanity has its roots in the forests of Amazon.

More than 500 Million Bees in Brazil died in the past three months

bees died in brazil
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It is shocking to know that more than 500 million bees have died in the last three months in Amazon rainforests and Brazil. Beekeepers from different states of the country are reporting the mass deaths of bees. Researchers and people of local tribes of amazon forests have blamed the mass human activities, excessive use of pesticides and chemical substances.

Effects of deaths of bees in human life

bees are dying in brazil
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These small creatures play a crucial role in the food chain. Out of three bites we eat, one bite is pollinated by bees. They mainly pollinate fruits and vegetables like cherries, avocados etc. According to BBC, Honey bees are responsible for $30 billion a year in crops. If we lost all the bees from our planet, we will lose all the plants and food they pollinate. Without their existence, the survival for 7 billion humans will become very difficult.

Earth Alliance- An Initiative By Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has initiated a fundraiser to help the local communities affected by the Amazon Fires. The program called the Earth Alliance has pledged $5 Million to support basic resources for the communities, tree plantation and other restoration activities. The Hollywood Legend has been very active on social media to create awareness about the recent Amazon Forest Fires and has finally chaired the initiative. The collection would be donated to

  • Instituto Associacao Floresta Protegida
  • Coordination of the Indigenous
  • Organizations of the Brazilian -Amazon
  • Instituto Kabu
  • Instituto Raoni
  • Instituto Socioambiental
Increased Mining Causing Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
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So you see how the Amazon wildfires are not only a country’s concern but a global problem. Climate change is real and such incidents are a proof that something adverse is coming our way.

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