Art Worth $120K Eaten By A Hungry Student At Seoul Museum

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Art Worth $120K Eaten By A Hungry Student At Seoul Museum

A very unusual event happened at the Seoul Museum, where an art worth $120,000, which by the way, was a banana stuck to the wall with the help of duct tape, was eaten by a hungry student. 

When asked why he did that, the student answered that he was hungry because he had skipped breakfast that day. 

The artwork was called The Comedian and was made by an Italian artist, Maurizio Cattelan. Deciding whether the art was the joke or the incident itself is hard. The art itself was a puzzle because it was difficult to understand what it meant. Some believe it was an attempt to question the traditional ideas of art, while others think it might be some joke, hence the name comedian. 

The incident so happened that an art student named Non-Huyn-So, who was visiting the museum, suddenly started feeling hungry, so he took the banana from the wall, ate some of it and then taped the half-eaten banana back to the wall. He filmed himself during the entire act. 

As per reports, although the art was damaged, the student will not be penalised or punished for this act. The authorities stated that they change the banana every two to three days anyway. 

When the artist was informed about the incident, he had no strong reaction and the student stated, “Damaging an artwork could also be seen as an artwork; I thought that would be interesting; isn’t it taped there to be eaten?” 

However, this wasn’t the first time the banana was eaten, it has happened before in 2019 in Miami, where the artist who took the banana said that the artwork was delicious.

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