The Majestic Asirgarh Fort Of Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

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India holds the biggest cultural society, hence its comprehensive religion and history make up its heritage. Apart from that, India is known for its Palaces, Forts, and War-Forts. As we are talking about the Palaces and forts, have you been to Asirgarh Fort, which was built in the 15th century and is the richest symbol of heritage in Madhya Pradesh? Let’s dive deeper to know more about the Asirgarh Fort Madhya Pradesh. 

About Asirgarh Fort Madhya Pradesh 

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The Asirgarh Fort belongs to the Indian Fortress located in the Satpura Range, approximately 20 km from the northern part of Burhanpur city in Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that the Fort was established in the 15th century. The Fort is a passage that gives access to valleys of the Narmada and Tapi rivers, one of the most important routes to the northern part of India; hence, the Asirgarh Fort was also known as ‘The Key To Deccan”. 

History Of Asirgarh Fort

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If we look into the history of Asirgarh Fort, it is believed that the Fort was built in the 15th century by the king named Asa Ahir, who was then killed by Sultan Nasir Khan of Khandesh. This Fort was said to be one of the seven unconquerable forts of India, and the Faruqis ruled over the Khandesh from the Asirgarh Fort for more than two hundred years. 

Then Nasir Khan, the descendant of Sultan Bahadur Shah, declared himself independent and refused to join the army of Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar and his son Daniyal. Akbar marched towards Burhanpur in 1599 and captured the city. Then, Akbar tricked Bahadur Shah and seized the Asirgarh Fort in 1601. 

Asirgarh Fort has seen and survived many battles. One of the battles was the Second Anglo-Maratha War of the 19th century, where the East India Company captured the pettah, or the outside part of the Fort, where they lost two members. Then, the fort garrison surrendered because of the artillery batteries erected by the attackers. 

Another battle that the Fort survived was the Third Anglo-Maratha War of 1819, where most of the Maratha Forts and War Forts were captured by Britishers; At that time, the Asirgarh Fort was under the command of Killedar Jaswant Rao Lar. In March 1819, there was a massive conflict between the British and Killedars armies. They lost the battle on the 9th of April, and the Britishers captured it and then all military operations were ceased.

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Architecture of Asirgarh Fort


Looking at the architecture of Asirgarh Fort, you will learn that it is a blend of different construction styles. Although the Fort is influenced by Indian architecture, you will also observe the Faruqi and Mughal styles of architecture, which include Islamic, Persian, and Turkish touches. In layman’s terms, the Fort combines the Hindu-Islamic style of architecture. 

You can observe three ponds used for water supply whenever you enter the Fort. You will also find a small temple named Gupteshwar Mahadev Mandir; the name suggests the temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Shiva. There is a local belief that Ashwathama, one of the epic characters of Mahabharata, visits here every morning and offers flowers to Mahadev. 

Inside the Fort, you will also find the mosque in the ruined state of the Faruqi era named Asa Ahir Masjid. Apart from the Hindu-Islamic architecture, there is also a British touch; here, you can observe some ruins and graves related to British origin. 

How To Reach Asirgarh Fort

Now, you are in awe of Asirgarh Fort and want to visit the symbol of heritage that survived many battles in Madhya Pradesh. However, the question of how to reach Asirgarh Fort arises. Then here are some ways by which you can get to your destination. 

1. By Road

Madhya Pradesh has well-connected routes, and to reach the Fort, first you have to reach Indore, and then you can take any bus or cab to Burhanpur. You can hire a cab or taxi to reach the Asirgarh Fort.

2. By Railway

The nearest railway station is Indore Junction Railway Station, and from there, you have to opt for any bus that takes you towards Burhanpur. From Burhanpur, you can opt for any cab, taxi, or auto rickshaw that will take you to the Asirgarh Fort. 

3. By Airline

You can land your flight at Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore, and from there, you can choose any app-based ride or cab according to your preference. As the Asirgarh Fort is well-known, anyone can drop you there quickly. 

Best Time To Visit In Asirgarh Fort

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Although the Fort is open every day and anyone can visit here in a day, still the best time to visit Asirgarh Fort is suggested to be from September till March since the weather is a bit cool and comfortable and September is another best time to visit in Asirgarh Fort since the monsoon is over you can get the best view of Fort in lush greenery. Avoid visiting the Fort in heavy monsoons as it may lead to uncertain incidents, and take extra precautions if you visit in summer. 

Places To Visit Near Asirgarh Fort

Now that you know how to reach the Fort and the best time to visit, you will also find nearby attractions where you can visit. So here are some places that you can visit in Burhanpur and Indore.

1. Dargah-E-Hakimi, Burhanpur


If you are looking for another heritage place in Burhanpur after the majestic Fort, Dargah-E-Hakimi is one of the best places to visit near Asirgarh Fort. Locals believe that it is the holiest place in Burhanpur for Dawoodi Bohra Muslims in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from that, this Dargah is known for its Islamic architectural style and is made up of pure white marble. Since the vicinity of Dargah is well-maintained, people call it “Chota Amreeka.” 

2. Janapav Hills. Indore

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Since the Fort is near Burhanpur and Burhanpur is approximately 27 km from Indore, you can also visit some of Indore’s extraordinary places. If you are a nature enthusiast, then you will fall in love with the Janapav Hills, which are said to be the highest peak of the Vindhyachal Range. The hill is located at about 854m above sea level, and Janapav Hills is the best place for trekking, hiking, and other adventures. 

Restaurants Near Asirgarh Fort

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Why keep our stomach growling while exploring the Fort and other places nearby? Here are some of the restaurants where you can feed your empty stomach. 

1. Heena Restaurant, Burhanpur

If you are looking for some spicy and different dishes like Mughlai cuisine, then Heena Restaurant is one of the best restaurants near Asirgarh Fort, known for its Mughlai dishes too, at an affordable price. You can easily access Heena Restaurant as it is just opposite the Burhanpur Bus Stand. 

2. Panchvati Restaurant, Burhanpur

If you are looking for some North Indian delicacies, then you can visit the Panchavati Restaurant of Burhanpur, known for its North Indian dishes, which are also affordable. The Panchvati Restaurant is located near Shirpur Road in Burhanpur City and is easily accessible. 

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Hotels Near Asirgarh Fort

As the Fort is located in the Burhanpur region, it is best to stay in hotels in Burhanpur, so here are some places where you can rest. 

1. Hotel Ambar & Holiday Resort, Burhanpur

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If you are looking for a cosy place to chill and rest, then Hotel Ambar & Holiday Resort is one of the best hotels near Asirgarh Fort. This place is known for its good ambience and premium rooms at a reasonable price, and they offer a wide range of amenities. 

2. MPT Tapti Retreat, Burhanpur

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After Hotel Ambar, the MPT Tapti Retreat Hotel is another place to stay. This hotel is known for its clean, comfortable, and spacious rooms. They provide many amenities such as breakfast, free internet, parking, and more. 


The Asirgarh Fort is a majestic manor that stands still even after witnessing the significant battles of the older period, and today, it stands as one of the most historic places in India. Whether you are a history enthusiast or want to travel to unique places in India, do not forget to visit the Asirgarh Fort to witness the past of ancient India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Asirgarh Fort famous for?

The Asirgarh Fort is known for its Indo-Islamic style of architecture and it is a fort that connects the valley of Tapi and Narmada River and opens a passage to the Northern part of India.

Is Ashwathama in Asirgarh Fort?

It is a local belief that every morning Ashwathama the epic character of Mahabharata visits the Mahadev Temple of Asirgarh Fort to offer flowers and worship Lord Shiva.

Who made the Asirgarh fort?

The Asirgarh Fort was built in the 15th century by the King Asa Ahir.

When did Akbar capture the Asirgarh fort?

The Asirgarh Fort was captured by Akbar in 1601. 

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