Bali Indoor Skydive: Fly in the face of gravity

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As a Child watching all the superhero movies, you would have imagined flying like your favorite superhero character does. What if we tell you that vacationing in Bali will provide you with an opportunity to fly and spread your wings? 

But there is the trick. You won’t be spreading your wings in an open sky? 

If you wish to experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving but can’t due to the fear then Bali offers you an amazing chance to experience the same thrill but with no fear of heights and under the guidance of a professional expert. 

Bali Indoor Skydive is one of the things to do in Bali that lets tourists experience the thrill of skydiving in a controlled and restricted space. 

Bali wind tunnel is a new and exciting sport and is the first of a kind in Bali. Indoor Skydiving in Bali is an exhilarating experience that lets the adventurer experience the free fall under controlled circumstances. Let’s embark on a journey to a thrilling adventure with Bali Tour Packages.

Indoor Skydiving in Bali takes place in a vertical wind tunnel, where the participant has to wear specialised gear and is lifted upwards by powerful fans that blow the wind at the speed of 270 km/hr and create an upward flow.

Bali Indoor Skydiving is performed in the same manner as outdoor skydiving but with less risk involved. The participant is attached to a harness and then jumbo from a vertical tunnel that resembles the aeroplane jump. As you fall, air will rush around you to simulate flight and make it feel like you are flying.

Indoor skydiving in Bali provides a safe, comfortable, and accessible thrilling adventure to give a chance to the tourists to experience freefall as the astronauts do. 

Indoor Skydiving in Bali is a safe, fun activity for all ages. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for ways to spend time with friends and family with fun involved, indoor skydiving is a perfect way to take a break from the beaches and indulge in some indoor fun.

Safety is of utmost importance in Indoor Skydiving and it is 100% taken care of. Instructors are well aware of the risk involved and they are well trained to face any kind of situation. 

When on a vacation grab a unique experience in Bali for the fun-filled and adrenaline-fueled experience of Bali Indoor Skydiving. 

How the Wind Tunnel functions


The wind tunnel is a simulator for free fall. The air is blown upstream at a speed of 270 km/hr. The speed is enough to get your feet off the ground and pressure you to fly and experience free fall. 

Indoor skydiving gives the experience of the free fall that the astronauts feel when they jump with a parachute. 

Reasons to go for Bali Indoor Skydiving

  1. Bali indoor skydiving does not require any specialized training and physical sessions as compared to outdoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving in Bali is accessible for the age group above 4 and does not require any fitness certificate. It is more of a fun-filled and family activity. 
  2. Indoor skydiving in Indonesia provides a safe environment for experiencing free fall in an enclosed environment. The activity is performed under the supervision of professional experts.
  3. Indoor Skydiving in Bali can be performed all around the year and is not at all dependent on the weather conditions.
  4. Not all the destinations have this facility and let’s face it, if you can never imagine doing outdoor skydiving you can at least have an artificial experience of how the sensation of flying and free fall. 

Where to experience indoor skydiving in Bali


The best place to skydive in Bali at the trans studio. This indoor theme park is situated in Denpasar City and is located at a 20-minute drive from Kutu Bali Beach.

There are various packages available for tourists who wish to engage in various indoor adventure activities in Bali and can be combined with Bali Indoor Skydive. The Bali Indoor Skydive price is around 3, 751 Rupess and includes a trained and certified instructor and permission to take pictures and videos.

Timings: 12:00 Noon to 9 PM

Days: All days in a week

Points to remember before Indoor Skydiving in Bali

  1. Ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing before performing the activity. Try not to wear tight-fitting clothes as this might restrain your movement.
  2. Follow the instructions of the instructor and all the guidelines.
  3. Document your memories as this is a one-of-a-kind experience. 
  4. Do not panic, remain calm, it might be your first time but the activity is worth performing.
  5. Do not consume alcohol before undertaking Indoor Bali skydiving.

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Is it safe to skydive in Bali?

Indoor Bali skydive is 100% safe and secure. The professional instructor looks after you while you are having a Bali Indoor Skydive. Before heading for your indoor Skydive in Bali, the instructor will give you all the details required and all the special safety gear required for your flight.

Is there any age limit for Skydiving in Bali?

Indoor skydiving in Bali is accessible for all the age groups above 3 years. 

What is the weight limit for Skydiving in Bali?

The weight limit for indoor Skydiving in Bali is under 115 kg. Above this weight limit, tourists cannot perform the adventure. 

How many types of skydiving can we enjoy in Bali?

Tourists can enjoy two types of skydiving activities in Bali. One is outdoor skydiving and the other is indoor skydiving. Indoor Skydiving activity is performed in an enclosed environment in a vertical wind tunnel.

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