Bali Jet Ski Adventure: Feel the Adrenaline Rush and Chilly Currents

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When in Bali, a leisure walk on the beach, visiting the archaeological temples, and stunning locations, and spending a day on a cruise are on one side while indulging in various recreational activities on the other. 

Jet Ski adventure in Bali is an electrifying experience to get in touch with the coastline of this beautiful Island. 

This thrilling adventure sends chills across the body when your jet speeds at the ocean waves, leaving the waves far behind.

Whether you are experienced or naive at Jet ski adventure, it is suitable for all kinds of adventurers. Jet Ski Adventure in Bali provides a facility of professional guides to accompany you on the ride. Tourists can go on the Jet ski with a guide or if you are well experienced then the Jet is all to yourself, take turns and twists and speed above the rising waves.

For first-time jet ski adventurers, the ride begins with instructions and precautions guidelines from the professionals. As the Jet starts to take off on the ocean waters you can feel the adrenaline rush through your body. 

The crystal clear water, with huge tides, panoramic view, and sandy beach adds an element of excitement to your Jet ski ride in Bali.

Bali Tour Package includes Jet skiing along with other thrilling water adventure activities in Bali included for the tourists to experinece the enthusiasm of Bali holiday.

Best Time for Jet Skiing in Bali


The best season for the Jet Ski adventure in Bali is the dry season which is from April to October when the tides are low and at this time tourists can try their hands on Jet Ski without a guide. 

The best time for jet skiing is when the wind is calm and the tides are low to have an enjoyable and smooth Jet Ski Adventure.

Tourists can also choose to indulge in water sports adventure in Bali during the morning or at the time when the beach is less crowded as you can enjoy your ride and peace when the place is to yourself.

Top places for Jet Ski in Bali

Bali offers various locations for tourists to experience the thrilling Jet Ski in Bali. Here are a few of the popular beaches for Jet Ski adventure. 

1. Tanjong Beach


Tanjong Beach is well known for water sports activities including a Jet Ski adventure in Bali. Along with the scenic beauty this beach has calm and crystal waters that set the ideal condition for jet Ski adventure in Bali.

Various operators provides the facility of Jet Ski without the guide for the experienced riders.

2. Sanur Beach


Sanur Beach has its name in the list of beaches that offer a laid-back surrounding with stunning panoramic vistas of the everlasting Ocean. The guided tour as well as solo Jet ski adventure experience is followed by the vast coastline to explore in 15-20 minutes of adventure.

3. Nusa Dua Beach


The white sand beach with the calm and low tides offers the tourists unlimited water sports activities in Bali including Jet Ski adventure for the tourists to create an unforgettable memory of their bravery through the waves.

4. Seminyak Beach


Seminyak beach is the beach of cool cafes, vibrant nightlife and thrilling water adventure along with Jet Ski experience. Enjoy the calm waves as your Jet speeds on the ocean with your guided tours.

5. Canggu Beach


Canggu Beach is a favourite destination for ocean surfing in Bali but is also the best spot for Jet Ski adventure in Bali. The black sand beach, the rugged coastline, and the high tides adds an element of drama to your ride. 

Bali Jet Ski Price

The price of a Jet Ski adventure in Bali differs from water sport activity operator to operator. The average price range falls from 400.000 IDR to 500.000 IDR

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Facilities provided for Jet Ski in Bali

Following are the facilities provided for the tourists who book for the Jet Skiing in Bali. These are all included in the total price of Jet Ski.

  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Free locker service
  3. Professional Jet Ski Guide
  4. 15 minutes of Jet Ski
  5. Shower & Toilet Facility

Things to carry for Jet Ski Adventure in Bali


Here is a list of a few things that you should carry for Jet Ski Adventure in Bali.

  1. Extra Clothes
  2. Towel
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Camera

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where is the best place to do water activities in Bali?

Various beaches on Island where the travelers can engage in Bali Water sports adventure are Tanjong Benoa, Nusa Dua Beach, Sanur Beach, Seminyak Beach, and Canggu Beach

Which month is best to visit Bali?

The best time to visit Bali is during the dry season which is from April to October. This time of the year is ideal for travelers to indulge in various water sports activities in Bali and also explore the Island. 

How much does it cost to jet ski in Bali?

The price for Jet Ski differs from Operator to Operator and also from Beach to Beach. At the most popular beaches Jet Ski in Bali are at high prices however, at the beaches that do not attract much of a crown, Jet Ski Adventure in Bali can be performed at a lower price. The average price at which tourists can do watersport  adventure in Bali with a guide would be around 400.000 IDR and without a guide is around 500.000 IDR

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