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Travelling on some of the highest roads and passes is a dream come true for many; Well, I, too, had the same dream, but who knew that destiny had some other plans for me? And this is my story about the same. 

Well, just like any other traveller, I too had planned to finally check Ladakh off my bucket list and started to make plans about the same, too, with all the excitement and adventure building up in my mind, I contacted one of my friends, who was in Jakarta at the moment to share the excitement. It is she who recommended to me that we both should meet up in Bali and explore a new destination together. Well, I guess it was in my stars to travel to Bali as I found WanderOn while searching for Bali tour packages on the first go on the Internet. 


Shourya, the destination expert from WanderOn, understood my requirements for the trip and created what I believe to be the best itinerary for 8 nights and 9 Days for my Bali sojourn. After getting my itinerary, it was time to start the journey of a lifetime with one of my best friends Sthiti Sengupta.

An 8 Nights and 9 Days Sojourn In Bali’s Mystical Beauty

Day-1 Arriving In Bali and Witnessing The Sunset At Ulluwatu Temple

The amazing journey started with our arrival at the Bali airport, where we were welcomed by our driver or, should I say, companion Gudse who was the sweetest person I’ve ever met. He drove us to our hotel, the Rama Beach Resort, where we checked in and freshened up to continue our journey to Uluwatu Temple. The temple left me in awe as it was one of the prettiest architectural marvels I had ever seen in my life.

Day-2 Excursion To Nusa Penida

On day 2, we had to rise early, and with our breakfast packed with us, Gudse took us to the harbor, from where we hopped on a speed boat for a ride to Nusa Penida Island. The views from the Nusa Penida are just jaw-dropping, which for sure will leave a lasting impression on your heart. We went to three beaches at the Nusa Penida; Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Kelingking Beach, which is also known as the little finger. 


Day-3 Benoa Water Sports

We were eagerly waiting for day 3 as we finally could take part in the adventure activities about which we were hearing for days. At the Benoa Water Sports, we took part in many adventurous activities like Banana Boat, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, and Flying Fish, which gave me an adrenaline rush.


Day-4 Tanah Lot Temple Tour

After a tiring third day in Bali, we had a lazy morning where we woke up late and had breakfast in bed. To rejuvenate ourselves and get rid of the tiredness we went to one of the amazing massage parlors which were right beside our hotel. After the massage, we left for the Tanah Lot temple, and after reaching the temple I was just left mesmerised by the jaw-dropping views of the ocean behind the sunset. 


Day-5 Exploring the Ocean along with the Dolphins 

Day 5 had an early start as we woke up at around 1:30 in the morning since we had to leave for the Lovena Beach harbour for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We got on a boat that took us right to the middle of the ocean, where we saw the main attraction, the white dolphins swimming right beside our boat.

Day 6 Handara Golf Gate 

On day 6 we were taken to the Handara Golf Gate or what people call the Gates To Heaven. Well, the absolute beauty at the gates makes it look like something which came out straight out from heaven. After getting our pictures clicked for Instagram, we next went to a place that is absolutely famous in Bali, the Jatiluwih Rice Field, where we walked in the fields which felt like another world. 


Day-7 Kinta Mani Volacano with Tirta Empul Temple

Well, I had heard a lot about the Kinta Mani Volcano, I had read about it on the Internet, and on day seven, I finally got to see this natural marvel. After admiring the beauty of the volcano, we sat down to have lunch near it.  


After the delectable cuisine, we went to the famous Tirta Empul Temple, which is a sacred place with holy water, which is said to have been created by the God Indra. 

Day 8 Bali Swing and Patra Bali Resort

On day eight we checked out from our villa and went to the most Instagrammed place in Bali, the Bali Swing. After spending some time at the Bali Swing, we went to the Patra Bali Resort and checked in there. The resort was just moments away from the airport, and we could see planes landing from our villa all day.  Our evening mostly went into packing, and it was in the late evening that we went down the beach, which was just 500 meters from the resort for a leisurely stroll, before retiring for our last sleep in Bali. 


Day-9 Bidding Adieu To Bali

For the last time in Bali, we woke up to a mesmerizing sunrise and had a lavish breakfast. 

After having some of the best eight days in Bali we went checked out from our hotel and went to the airport to board our flight back to India, ending our trip with memories which we’ll surely cherish for a lifetime. 

Bali’s Unique Tapestry: Witnessing Things Which Can Only Be Found In This Magical Island

Bali truly is an island of unparalleled and unique experiences which are difficult to find anywhere else. 

The Bali Swing is something that stood out for me in the entire trip, the swing is something which you just won’t be able to get anywhere else. If anyone asks me what’s the best way to cherish the Balinese landscape? I’ll just tell them to hop on the Bali swing and gaze at the landscape from an angle like never before. 


This is not just it, when you start swinging, you’ll notice that it is just water flowing below you which just takes your experience to the next level. At the swing, they give you a plethora of options of dresses to choose from to get your pictures clicked professionally, and for me, it was the color ‘white’ which caught my eye. 


Talking about unique things which can be found only in Bali, Kopi Luwak is one of them. On one of the days of the journey, we were taken to a coffee plantation where we had the world’s most expensive coffee Kopi Luwak. The preparation of the coffee is why it is so expensive, the coffee is prepared from the partially digested coffee beans which are eaten and then excreted by civet cats. As filthy or dirty as the method sounds, the coffee was just top-notch and one of the best coffees I had ever had. 


Next on this list would be the apparel shop that I saw visited in Kelingking Beach. The shop was run by a Balinese woman who was selling knick-knacks like hats, bags, and jewelry which you won’t find anywhere else in the entire country. Yes, the entire country, it was as surprising as it sounds.

Getting Closer To The Verdant Serenity In Bali: A Nature Lover’s Heaven

While Bali is perfect for unique adventures and experiencing peace and serenity at the same time. It is also a perfect haven for those who love to spend time in nature and want to explore what it has to offer.


The first thing which knocked me out of my feet was the abundance of trees in the country. The entire country is just filled with lush greenery galore. Well, not just any tree, the streets have Banana and Coconut trees on both sides of the roads. Also, the abundance of Banana trees is the reason why Banana fritters are the most common and the most loved in the country.


Besides the trees, another reason why Bali is so clean is that there are washroom facilities at every corner of the road, and the people too of the country are so disciplined when it comes to the cleanliness of their country. Would love to see something like this being followed in India too. 

Eternal Imprints: A Moment Of The Journey Which Is Engraved in My Heart

There was a myriad of moments that made the entire sojourn so special, however, there was one which just overtook the others and became my favourite which I’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

One instance was that on a particular day when we were exploring the village of Ubud, we meandered through the winding, bustling streets, absorbing the rich culture and marvelling at the unique Balinese architecture; we crossed paths with a native gentleman.


After exchanging pleasantries, he did something which left us in awe; he invited us to his home. While we were hesitant, he allured us into it by saying that this is the Balinese way of sharing and we started following him to his home.

His home was a traditional Balinese house, a serene haven amidst the bustling village. As we stepped into the courtyard, we were greeted by a stunning display of native flora reflecting the village’s lush landscapes. The open pavilions and the intricately carved stone temples added to the mystique of the place.


The man gave us a comprehensive tour, explaining the significance of each structure and its relevance in Balinese culture. His equally welcoming family members joined us. They shared stories of their traditions, village, festivals, and daily life. They served us traditional Balinese tea, fragrant and soothing, along with a platter of exotic fruits from their backyard.

After spending a couple of hours in the man’s house, we bid adieu to them with our hearts filled with profound respect and admiration for the Balinese people and their caring attitude. It was a day I would forever cherish, a testament to the extraordinary hospitality of Bali that went beyond mere sightseeing and delved deep into the heart of its culture and people.

Home Away From Home: A Day In Bali Which Reminded Me Of India

While the entire trip was going absolutely brilliantly, deep down I started feeling a little homesick too, and that was the day when we visited the Tirta Empul Temple which reminded me of home. 

A strange familiarity struck me as I entered the Tirta Empul Temple’s holy grounds in Bali, bringing back memories of India. Similar to what happens at the Ganges, pilgrims came to the temple, known for its holy spring waters, seeking purification.


I watched the worshippers immersing themselves in the temple’s cleansing pools, their faces reflecting serene devotion. 

This sight instantly traversed me back to the ghats of the Ganges, where hundreds and thousands of devotees perform similar rites of purification, their hopes and prayers converging with the river’s sacred flow. 


The echoes of chanting and the aroma of incense in the air took my nostalgia to another level, replicating the spiritual ambiance of the Ganges during sunrise aarti. The visit to the Tirta Empul Temple reminded me of the spiritual essence of India and made me realize how similar both the religions are. 

The Highs And Lows Of Our Sojourn In Bali

Well, the entire trip to Bali was full of highs mostly. The entire atmosphere of the country just elevates your mood and makes you want to stay in the country forever. It is actually difficult for me to put up a list of all the highs, but to mention one of the highs, it was our driver Gudse who stood out during our experience. Gudse was not just our driver during our journey, he was our companion. He was just smiling, and full of energy the entire time, and he actually did play a significant role in taking our journey to the next level. I from the bottom of my heart, would actually like to show gratitude to Gudse. 

The interaction with the locals was another high of the trip. The Balinese people are just amazing, they were the most humble and the most calm people I had ever met in my life. Besides being humble they are honest too, one incident happened where I had paid extra money unintentionally to the shopkeeper in one of the shops, and it was him that made me realise that I had given extra money and he returned it there and then, giving Balinese people a special place in my heart. 


Now coming to the lows, it was just the lack of vegetarian food in the country which I would point out as lows. Though the entire cuisine and all the restaurants in which we had food was top-notch, as a vegetarian I had a difficult time finding vegetarian food. But, the best part is that at the restaurants in Bali, you can actually guide the restaurant or request them to convert a non-vegetarian dish into its vegetarian counterpart. 


Tips For Travellers Planning A Trip To Bali

The first tip would be obvious to go to Bali the moment you can get an opportunity to, as the country is a must-visit at least once in a lifetime. It’ll change you as a person, as after Bali you’ll be struck with a dash of calmness.

The next tip would be to carry an International debit or credit card and to carry at least 90,000 to 1,00,000 Indian Rupees in cash, as once you start exploring the country and its shopping scenes you’ll be left in awe and in a mood of wanting more and more. I had made the mistake of carrying just 66,000 rupees and me being an avid shopper obviously felt that the amount of money which I was carrying was a bit too small, which is why carrying the above-mentioned amount of money is something which I would recommend to everyone else.

Besides the shopping you’ll also be spending money on food, though with our package we had got 2 meals which were paid for already, the food scene of thee country made us try other delicacies too. Even on the Bali swing we had paid 75 USD (for two people) for the dresses in which we got our photos clicked. Plus if you’re someone who wants to get some professional pictures clicked from the photographer there, it’ll cost you anywhere between 20,000 IDR to 35,000 IDR. 

While talking about money let’s also not forget the Visa on arrival which costs roughly around 34 USD.

Another tip would be to wear appropriate clothing while travelling to the temples. One should wear clothes that are below the knee length and above the shoulder length.

Would You Recommend Bali To Others

Yes, yes, a 100 hundred percent yes!! One should visit Bali atleast once in their lifetime. The country is the perfect getaway from the daily hustle and bustle of life in India. Travellers will be left in awe by the abundance of nature in Bali. The hospitality of the Balinese people is an addition to the awesomeness which you’ll be witnessing in the country. I’ll end by just saying that one should travel to Bali the moment they get a chance to. 


1 Word To Describe The Experience In Bali 


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