Now You Can Travel Bangkok To Beijing By Train

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Thailand is gearing up to connect Bangkok to Beijing by train, marking a significant expansion of its railway network. The State Railway of Thailand has announced trial runs scheduled for July 13 and 14, focusing on the route from Bangkok to Vientiane, Laos’ capital. This new link promises improved transportation between Thailand, Laos, and China, according to Ekarat Sriarayanphong, an official from the railway agency.

Once fully operational, travelers will be able to journey from Bangkok to Beijing with stops in Vientiane and Kunming, a city in southern China. The approximately 2,000-mile route includes mountainous terrain, making the journey take nearly a full day. In comparison, a non-stop flight takes just under five hours.

Already, there’s a high-speed train service between China and Laos, facilitating quicker transport of Thai goods to Kunming, cutting delivery times significantly compared to trucking routes.

Beyond enhancing trade, this railway expansion aims to bolster tourism and economic ties between Thailand and China, which is Thailand’s largest trading partner. China’s exports to Thailand and Thailand’s exports to China play crucial roles in their economies.

Moreover, this initiative is expected to benefit the tourism sector, allowing Chinese visitors up to 60 days in Thailand and Thai tourists 30 days in China. Looking ahead, a separate high-speed rail project linking Thailand, Laos, and China is anticipated to be completed by 2028, further boosting connectivity and economic integration in the region.

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