Bardhana: A Village With One Family And No Roads

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Bardhana Village is one of the remotest villages in India. Located at a distance of approximately one kilometer from the Medical College in Nalbari town of Assam, the village has no roads connecting it to the city. 

The most interesting part about this village is that it is home to only one family and is one of the remotest villages in India. 

The only family here is that of Bimal Deka, who lives under Ghograpur Circle of Nalbari and the family has said that they have no roads in their village, and during the rainy season, they use boats to commute, and when there is no rain, they walk to the school. 

Bimal is the head of the family who has lived here for the past 40 years. Bimal lives with his wife, Anima, and three kids, Naren, Dipali, and Seuti, who is the youngest member of the family. 

As per Bimal, there were other villagers, too, but they all left due to obvious reasons. Bimal also stated that several officers have visited the place and have made plans to make roads, but no road has been built so far.

An interesting fact about the village is that, despite the challenges, Bimal’s eldest son and daughter have completed their graduation and are pursuing higher education. 

There is a vast agricultural field, so there was a sizeable population here once, but they all migrated to other places for obvious reasons. 

The Deka family’s only income source is farming and animal rearing. 

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