Batuan Temple in Bali: Everything You Need to Know

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Batuan Temple, one of the popular Bali temples is also the focal landmark in the namesake village of Batuan, which is very well-known for the traditional Balinese arts and paintings. The Batuan temple is a beautiful village temple that is part of three major temples in a village called “Tri Kahyangan”. 

The whole temple is designed with beautiful Balinese architecture, split gates, stone guardians, thatched shrines, and detailed carvings. It is called “Pura Puseh Batuan” by the locals and is dedicated to the gods of the Hindu trinity. 

It is well located between south Bali and Ubud and is a popular stop on the famous temple tours in Bali. There is a grand complex of shrines and well-preserved sandstone bas motifs which are really unique. It is also featured in three areas, Nista Mandala, Madya Mandala, and Utama Mandala. Do not miss this temple while planning your Bali package! You would be missing out on the best form of divine energy present in Bali. 

The huge entry gate of the Batuan temple appears as the split gate and leads to the courtyard which is surrounded by a beautiful garden and a galaxy of statues fixed at various locations. 

Batuan Temple History 


Batuan Temple is in the historical records as far back as 1000 years, which is commendable! The Hindu and Indian influence in the region is really shown by the unique carvings on the temple. 

Also, Batuan Temple was founded in 944 Isaka and is now a part of the “Tri Kahyangan” in Bali. 

It corporates a place to worship God Brahma, a Puseh Temple to worship God Vishnu, and a Dalem Temple to worship Lord Shiva. 

But, eventually, the Batuan temple became a center from which Buddhist priests and Brahmans spread to the main court centers of South Bali. 

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How to get to Batuan Temple?


Batuan temple is easily accessible from any part of Bali according to its strategic location. Take a bemo minibus from Batubulan, or rent a scooter and car with a driver.

As it is located in the middle of Batuan village besides the main road from Denpasar to Ubud, it also has a grand complex of shrines laid out. Coming from Nusa Dua, you just need to take the way to Bali Mandara Toll Road. 

If you are coming from Seminyak, it will be a 1-hour drive by car or scooter and is 40 minutes away from Sanur, but will also depend on the road traffic.

But, it only takes 22 minutes by drive if you are coming from Ubud! 

Batuan Temple Entrance Fee

It is a popular tourist attraction, so there is no entry fee for the Batuan temple. However, many tourists give their donations to the temple for maintenance. 

There is a donation box where people can give what they want in the form of their help. But, you should always be respectful while visiting the complex, by following the dress code. Do not come bare knees or shoulders and wear a sarong. 

Batuan Temple Opening Hours


The Batuan temple is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, but it is open 24 hours every day for worship purposes. 

But, the best time to visit the Batuan temple is during the temple anniversaries. They happen twice a Gregorian year. Also, ceremonies and festivals in Bali are an integral part of the temple, which also provides a fascinating way of living the Balinese culture. 

One of the most popular festivals in Bali is the Galungan, which means “When the Dharma is winning”. It is the national festival which comes over a cycle of every 210 days, and known to be the religious belief that God descends to the earth on this day. 

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Things to See in Batuan Temple


Batuan Temple is designed with beautiful Balinese ornaments and the roof is made from fiber of chromatic black palm tree. 

While you enter the Batuan temple in Bali, the locals at Wantilan will give you a traditional Balinese costume known as “Kamben”. You must wear it in order to show respect and honor and it is free of cost. 

But, you must give some kind of donation in the box to serve your respect for the temple. This is called “Medana Punia” by the locals over there. So, when you come into the central courtyard, you will witness a long building called Bale Agung and Bale Kulkul. 

Also, there is the entrance of the high gate of Bali known as Kori Agung, which is flanked by the statues of giant sculpture guards. Next to this, there are two small doors as a place to exit and enter people to the main courtyard of the temple. Then, in the main courtyard, there are about three stories of Meru and Bale Pengiyasan as a symbol of the Besakih temple, with a building called Padmasana to worship Sang Hyang Widhi, the Balinese god. 

You will be mesmerized to see the great and unique statues based here. So, don’t miss out on exploring one of the best places to visit in Bali for that great divine energy. 

What is the significance of Batuan Temple in Bali?

Batuan temple in Bali is a significant one because of the well-preserved Balinese architecture and carvings that it holds. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and it plays an essential role in the spiritual life of the local community. Batuan Temple is also a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from around the world who come to admire its beauty and learn about Balinese culture and beliefs.

Can tourists visit the Batuan temple?

Yes, it is open every day from 9 AM to 6 PM for the tourists to explore the place. But, it is open 24 hours for worship purposes. 

But, the tourists need to respect their integrity and come in proper dress code to have an ethical relation with the Balinese temple. 

What are some notable features of the Batuan temple?

The Batuan Temple is a famous temple in Bali, Indonesia. It is known for its beautiful carvings and intricate stone work. The temple has a unique architecture that combines elements of Hinduism and Balinese culture. It is also home to many statues of gods and goddesses. The temple is a popular tourist destination and is often visited by people from all over the world.

Are there any special events or ceremonies held at the Batuan Temple?

It is also a place where special events and ceremonies are held. One of the most important ceremonies is the “Galungan” or temple anniversary celebration, which takes place every 210 days according to the Balinese calendar. 

During this ceremony, the temple is beautifully decorated, and traditional Balinese music and dance performances are held to honor the gods. Visitors are welcome to witness and participate in these ceremonies, which offer a unique glimpse into the rich spiritual and cultural traditions of Bali.

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