The Haunting Mysteries Of Baytakhol In Goa

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We all are familiar with ghost stories and some of us even experienced them in real life, but these days no one really talks about these incidents, and as a matter of fact, some people don’t even believe in ghosts and hidden mysteries. What if we tell you that ghosts do exist, but we don’t particularly experience ghosts? 

However, people did experience some unusual feelings and some of them did visualize the ghosts. There is a place called Baytakhol in Goa, where people talk about the haunted story, Baytakhol haunted place in Goa, India. Nestled among the towns of Dhavali and Bori, Baytakhol haunted place in Goa, people who cross this place have experienced the presence of something.

These all may scare you, and some of them even haunt you when you are planning a trip to Goa.  But if you are interested in discovering mysteries and want to experience a thrill then you must try out some of the most haunted places in Goa for that chill down the spine.

People might think Goa is all about beaches, forts, temples, churches, party life, waterfalls, islands and so on. But this sunshine state has a dark side, hard to believe, isn’t it? But there are so many secrets kept hidden, and if you are courteous enough to discover them then you must make sure to take a look at the most haunted places in Goa. 

When you search for the most haunted places in Goa, Baytakhol haunted place in Goa appears at the top of the list, as per the haunted stories of Baytakhol in Goa, people here still narrate spooky tales, which will frighten you.

The Baytakhol haunted story in Goa is steeped in mystery and fear, with several reports of occurrences and mysteries. For years, people have whispered about uncommon sightings and unexplainable sensations that occur on this street, particularly in the late hours of the nighttime. One of the most common things everyone says is a mysterious woman’s sudden appearance. 

Just as people whispered the Baytakhol haunted story in Goa, visitors have experienced seeing a woman in the middle of the road, dressed in traditional clothes. As vehicles approach, she comes off and disappears in the air, leaving drivers terrified and often frightening them. Some even claim to hear her mournful cries echoing throughout the night, a sound that stays long after the journey has ended. People still whisper haunted stories of Baytakhol in Goa. Apart from Baytakhol in Goa, there are some other best places to visit in Goa.

Haunted History Of Baytakhol In Goa

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There are so many haunted roads in our country and this Baytakhol road spread is certainly one of them. The haunted history of Baytakhol is considered the most haunted road in Goa. The road of Bayatkhol is between Dhavali and Bori and it is not an ordinary road to travel through, especially after the sunset. This road has a very long haunted history of Baytakhol, haunting human beings for a long period and even now. 

Destructive incidents like screams from the darkness, cars getting out of hand all of sudden, the unexpected crossing of magical creatures in front of vehicles, a sudden crossing of the mystical girl in front of the cars, and blood-chilling laughs of paranormal creatures usually take place in this Baytakhol in Goa after sunset, people here gossip about Baytakhol haunted story. 

According to some locals Baytakhol haunted story in Goa, it’s far believed that there is a ghost of a female on Baytakhol road, who died in a road accident here earlier. This paranormal lady plays delusion games right here with the drivers after sundown, which leads to many accidents and injuries. If you’re travelling by this road after sunset, you may really find someone’s spooky existence that is trying to distract you in many ways. Locals still murmur haunted stories of Baytakhol in Goa. 

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Other Haunted Places In Goa

1. Three Kings Church


Three Kings Church is a prominent church located atop the Cuelim hill in South Goa, India. The church is enclosed by lush greenery and gives panoramic viewpoints of the encircling landscape which includes the Arabian Sea. But do you know it is one of the top haunted places in Goa? Hard to believe isn’t it, but people here indeed believe that the spirits of the kings still roam here and it’s advised to avoid visiting the church during the late hours.

Haunted Story

Here is a popular haunted story of Goa that gossips about the 3 Portuguese kings who once ruled the land. Greedy for power, certainly one of them poisoned and killed the other kings. This made people very aggressive as they turned in opposition to the king. Disappointed by his deeds, the king committed suicide by consuming poison. 

2. D’Mello House 

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D’Mello House in Santimol is one of the most haunted places in Goa. The story talks of brothers who once lived in this house. While arguing over the traditional belongings, one of them killed the other one. Ever since the house is whispered to be cursed, and no family will ever be able to come to a harmonious division of the property. Also, people have noticed listening to screaming sounds at night time from the haunted house. The sounds are frequently related to the spirit of the dead brother.

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3. Calvim Bridge Aldona

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In February 2012, a sad tragedy occurred which killed seven people including four students. The students were expected to pass over the bridge and board the Corona-Calvin ferry to attain their island houses. Even today, if you travel here in the late hours then you may actually hear ghostly vibes of the students haunting this place. If you feel excited then do visit this bridge, this place is one of the spooky places in Goa.

4. Borim Bridge 


Borim Bridge built in the Portuguese Era, the Borim Bridge joined is another most haunted location in Goa. The Haunted Story of the Bridge is when three friends convey their affair with the spirit of a mad woman. According to those three, they once noticed a woman walking on the bridge. When they came closer, she jumped into the Zuari River. 

But they neither heard sound nor saw any waves in the water. Confused, they returned to their car and drove back home. On reaching home, the one in the lower back seat claimed that the spirit of the woman was sitting with him inside the car. Ever since the bridge is taken into consideration to be haunted by the spirit of the mad lady, this is also one of the most talked about hidden locations in Goa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Baytakhol haunted story?

Baytakhol: Stretch of road known for a high number of accidents. It’s far believed that there is a ghost of a young lady on Baytakhol road, who died in a road accident here earlier.

Where is Baytakhol located?

Bayatkhol is between Dhavali and Bori and it is not an ordinary road to travel.

Is it safe to travel on the Baytakhol road?

As per the records, it is safe to travel in the daytime and it is also advised not to travel on the Baytakhol road after sunset.

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