Beaches in Istanbul: Discover the best beaches in Istanbul 2024

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Istanbul, a big city with lots of history, also has some awesome beaches where you can take a break from busy city life. It is one of the top things to do in Istanbul. These beaches in Istanbul are by the water, like the Bosporus and the Marmara Sea, and are great for locals and visitors. One cool beach is Kilyos, on the Black Sea coast. It has soft sand and clear water, perfect for relaxation or doing fun things like windsurfing and kiteboarding. Then there are beaches along the Bosphorus like Suada and Kurucesme. They are not just for chilling out, they have cool beach clubs where you can eat yummy food, drink and dance to music. There are many famous places to visit in Istanbul around here. And if you want peace, check out the Prince’s Island. These are a bunch of Islands in the Sea of Marmara, and they have hidden private beaches in Istanbul where you can swim and picnic away from the noise. So just grab your sunscreen and towel, and you are set for a day of fun in the sun by the sea with our Turkey Tour Packages!

Top 17 beaches in Istanbul

  1. Uzunya Beach, Kilyos
  2. Burc Beach, Kilyos
  3. Golden Beach
  4. Solar Beach, Kilyos
  5. Babylon Beach Sound Garden
  6. Tirmata Beach, Kilyos 
  7. Uzunkum beach
  8. Buyukada beach
  9. Elio Sedef Beach
  10. Kumbaba Beach, Sile
  11. Caddebostan Beach, City centre
  12. Akcakese Beach, Sile
  13. Sut Koyu Beach, Burgazada
  14. Bizimkoy Fire Beach, Silivri
  15. Agva, Sile
  16. Armutlu Beach, Yalova
  17. Cilingoz Beach, Catalca

1. Uzunya Beach


One of the Popular beaches in Istanbul, Uzunya Beach makes for a perfect weekend getaway. It is located in the Demircikoy region of Kilyos which is about an hour’s drive from Istanbul. Get on one with nature at this beach in Istanbul resort with caravan camping and trekking opportunities. Take advantage of the motorbikers racing on the beach. It is a perfect photography spot in Istanbul. The small cove beach provides you with a quiet atmosphere. Enjoy the yummy food at the Uzunya Beach Restaurant which is famous for its fresh seafood.

Entry fees: 30 Lira on weekdays, 45 Lira on weekends

2. Burc Beach


Among all the private beaches in Istanbul city, Burc is the most happening one. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, this 1 km sand beach is filled with colourful beach umbrellas. Get your hands on adventure activities in Istanbul beach like kiteboarding, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, and beach volleyball. They host a kitesurfing tournament every year, an event you should not miss. The beach is owned by Bogazici University. So if you are a student you can enjoy good discounts too. 

Entry fees: 15 Lira on weekdays, 25 Lira on weekends

3. Golden Beach


This secluded beach with wooden bungalows and boutique hotels in Istanbul promises you a relaxing trip. Soak in the sun at these private beaches in Istanbul or try adventure activities like diving and surfing. Golden Beach is one of the best beaches to experience Snorkelling. Enjoy the best local food of Istanbul at the club restaurant which has a bar as well.

Entry fees: 25 Lira on weekdays, 35 Lira on weekends

4. Solar Beach


The best-known beach club on Istanbul’s Black Sea coast, Solar Beach hosts live music events every weekend throughout the summer, attracting a young, party-loving crowd. Swimming is way down on the list of attractions here, although the sea here is calmer than at many other nearby spots. There are beach volleyball courts and surfing lessons on offer, but if serious swimming is your thing, there is also an outdoor pool.

Entry fees: 25 Lira on weekdays, 40 Lira on weekends

5. Babylon Beach Sound Garden


Babylon Beach is the most intimate private beaches in Istanbul. Perfect spot for families and youngsters willing to have a sunny day at the beach. The silent beach sure makes a perfect spot to get away from the city’s commotion. There are many food carts on the beach where you can taste grilled fish hamburgers and cheese sandwiches. The evening at Babylon Beach is all about Live DJ music. 

Entry fees: 40 Lira on weekdays, 60 Lira on weekends

6. Tirmata Beach


This beach club on Istanbul’s Black Sea shore is huge: 2,500 sun loungers and a large terrace. The restaurant serves up traditional Turkish cuisine and has a regular programme of live music. No wonder it’s a popular wedding venue for fashionable Istanbulites. This is one of the few beach clubs in the area with facilities specifically for children and there is a surf school catering to all levels.

Entry fees: 25 Lira on weekdays, 40 Lira on weekends

7. Uzunkum Beach


If you are looking for beaches in Istanbul for swimming, then head to Uzunkum Beach. The beach club is situated in the Sile district and is very safe and clean. It offers everything from showering to sunbathing, so you must visit it during your holiday in Istanbul. The beach hosts a club called Aqua Beach Club offering clubs and lounges wherein you can enjoy beach parties and more.

Entry fees: No Charges

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8. Buyukada Beach


Buyukada is considered one of the largest Islands in Istanbul. The tourists of Buyukada Beach will enjoy a few facilities such as some wonderful restaurants in Istanbul and small eateries. Though the beach has been restricted for tourists for some time due to its rocky nature, however, once it opens, people can go there to take a quick dip in the cool water. There are a few picnic spots alongside the beach.

Entry fees: 3-5 Liras

9. Elio Sedef Beach


Sedef Adasi is the most famous beaches in Istanbul of the Princes’ Islands since it’s not included on the route of the main ferries from the city centre. Take a smaller boat from the Bostanci ferry terminal on the Asian side of the city, then head for Elio, a small beach club that hosts live DJs and has a restaurant serving delicious Turkish and international dishes.

Entry fees: No Charges

10. Kumbaba Beach


A long stretch of sandy beaches in Istanbul, in the popular Black Sea resort town of Sile, Kumbaba was popular as far back as the Byzantine era, when bathers came to ease their rheumatism in its reputedly healing waters. These days its main attraction is its campsite, where you can pitch your tent or park up your caravan just metres from the water, which is the cleanest you’ll find around Istanbul.

Entry fees: No Charges

11. Caddebostan Beach


This beach is situated on the Asian side of the Kadikoy district. There are changing cabins and a tea stall that’s it. But you can take your recommendation from the local old men who come here for early morning swims in all seasons. The water is cleaner than you might think and it’s a good way to start your day.

Entry fees: No Charges

12. Akcakese Beach


It is one of the unspoilt beaches in Istanbul on the black sea. Facilities are basic but it draws wild, in contrast to the brash beach clubs on other parts of the coast. There are camping spots available and some basic Airbnbs in Istanbul, in the nearby village.

Entry fees: No Charges

13. Sut Koyu Beach, Burgazada


There are no facilities on these small pebble beaches in Istanbul on one of the less-visited Princes’ Islands. But that means that you’re more likely to Avoid the crowds if you come in July and August. It’s unknown even to most Istanbulites, and to reach it you’ll need a map and some decent shoes.

Entry fees: No Charges

14. Bizimkoy Fire Beach


Situated on the southwestern side of Istanbul, Bizimkoy has the youngest vibe, with a bar, regular live events and a friendly atmosphere. The beach itself is lovely and generally, the waters are calm at the Sea of Marmara. Arrive early to get a spot right at the waterside. 

Entry fees: 15 Lira on weekdays, 25 Lira on weekends

15. Agva, Sile


One Of the wildest coastal scenery in Turkey can be found around the village of Agva which is a couple of hour’s drive from central Istanbul. This is the point where two rivers flow to the Black Sea and there are a lot of lovely wooden guest houses in Istanbul and restaurants are built along the banks. Expect to discover hidden bays, ancient ruins and caves in the area.

Entry fees: No Charges

16. Armutlu Beach, Yalova


If you are willing to travel a bit further out of Istanbul for a day trip in Istanbul, you can visit Yalova Province on the sea of Marmara. This region has become popular with tourists and second-home buyers from the gulf in recent years due to its climate and healing of hot Springs.

Entry fees: No Charges

17. Cilingoz Beach, Catalca


This beach is a nature park on the sea, where you can hike through the protected forest before hitting the sand and the waves. It’s a paradise for wildlife, bird spotters, and anglers who can fish in Cilingoz Creek. 

Entry fees: No Charges

What are the most popular beaches in Istanbul?

Some of the well-known beaches in Istanbul are Kilyos Beach, Burc Beach, and Suma Beach. 

What activities can I enjoy at Istanbul beaches?

Swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, parasailing and jet skiing are some of the popular activities to enjoy. 

Are there family-friendly beaches in Istanbul?

Yes, there are family-friendly beaches in Istanbul like Kilyos Beach and Suma Beach. 

What are the best beaches for surfing in Istanbul?

Beaches in Istanbul are known for their calm waters however you can try your luck at Kilyos Beach for surfing. 

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