Why Corporate Outings are Important for Motivating Employees?

We’ve all been slaying ourselves in our 9-5 schedule. It’d be false if I would say none of us wishes to escape this mundane regime. Far from the computer screens and screams of the boss, enjoying 2 pegs in the vicinity of mountains, beaches or maybe a resort on the outskirts of a town, is a dream for every person working in the corporate. Team outings bring to an employee a new zeal. He/ She works with more dedication once back from this little office break.

Ideas of Corporate Outings

Remember how we enjoyed going for a picnic while we were in school? How carefree we would become? These Corporate Outdoor activities are no different! They bring for employees heaps of happiness and freshen their minds. Need to know more about why these office outings are necessary? Go on and read further!

Discovering hidden talents

Discovering hidden talents
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You’ll sing, you’ll dance, you’ll play different games and who knows someone from your team ace one of these activities? People usually have another face which they deliberately keep away from the office environment. But these kinds of outings might reveal their other side. The team leader could just be exposed to an accountant being good at acting and a sales manager is the next voice of India. Hence, these corporate meets could be full of surprises and unheard talents. This would be an opportunity for the team leaders to use these skill sets in the right place at the right time.

A good ice-breaker

A good ice breaker
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There are times when we encircle ourselves with a limited amount of people and restrict ourselves to them throughout our working term. We feel uncomfortable if we try to fit in with colleagues other than the ones we are already friends with. These corporate outings can act as an ice breaker and one must chance upon spending time with others too. This way, they would know more about people they’ve been keeping themselves away from. Once you are back, the office would feel entirely different. The surroundings would be more friendly and positive than before.

An added piece of motivation for employees

An added piece of motivation for employees
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After slogging themselves for hours there comes a time when the employees get frustrated due to work pressure and as a result, lose their motivation. Short outings or a day full of co-curricular activities might just cheer them up and make them smile ear to ear. This would act as a break and their mind would get time to relax. Post this tiny break, they’ll be back with double energy and enthusiasm. This would make them work towards their as well as the company’s goals with sheer dedication.

Builds trust

Builds Trust
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As you get to know people outside the four walls of the office, you get a chance to create healthy bonds. Spending time with them tells you more about them as a person and not an employee. This, in turn, develops a strong sense of understanding which is the building block of trust between you and people around. You become more confident about your team members. An organization expects its employees to trust each other like no one else. Therefore these outdoor activities help to generate faith amongst every member of the team. After all, a team that plays together, stays together!

Valuing the Real Gems


When corporate outings take place, the employees feel valued. They’d know their bosses are caring enough to keep their mental health as their priority. These activities might act as an escape from the monotonous office hours where employees feel calm and relaxed. No reports to be submitted, no calls to be attended, no tasks to be completed and instead spending time in an entirely serene environment is the only job you have! Activities like these tend to make employees feel special. At the end of the day, one needs a mentally and physically fit employee in their organization, hence, corporate outings make sure that an employee is de-stressed. This way,  employees are rightly taken care of.

Unity in Diversity


Corporate outings are the best way to make your employees realize the importance of discipline. Activities like treks are the real game-changer. Some of the employees might be highly active, hence would take the lead. But what about the ones who are low on stamina? Here comes the unity among the team. The ones with the higher pace would slow down so that others could match them up while the latter would try their best to appreciate the formers’ efforts. Now this calls for a win-win situation as no one suffers and instead everyone reaches the designated heights.

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Learning these lessons on team unity would help employees in their work environment. They would know that together they are stronger which in turn would lead to the fulfilment of company targets.

After a hard week, employees deserve some spice in their life so that they do not become lethargic which later would affect their performance. Companies, therefore, must understand the importance of corporate outings so that the employees bond well and are back to the office with a bang. Weekend getaways, sports matches, games and competitions ultimately add up to their efficiency. They smoothen out unnecessary tensions and channels into your employees’ sparks of happiness.

So, next time, if you feel you and your team are being overburdened with work, suggest the idea of corporate outings to your boss. We assure you, it’d be the best thing ever!

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Blog By : Nidhi Khurana

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