A Gastronomic Journey Of The Best Dishes In Kerala Cuisine

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Vanakkam! From God’s Own Country and step into the world of Kerala cuisine, which is basically like SPOTIFY of the food world as it offers a playlist of flavours which serve people of all preferences. Just like different songs on a playlist, Kerala cuisine is inspired by a plethora of cuisines like Malabari, Arabian, and French, giving you the perfect reason to get one Kerala package and head to the lush green land to check out the food in Kerala. 

Sadya, seafood, lamb, and biriyani are just a few of the main characters in the Sacred Games of food in Kerala cuisine. One thing’s for sure: just like the show, the food in this land is going to make a place in your heart. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s head to the different places in Kerala and check out the Kerala famous food. 

Kerala Cuisine: The 18 Best Dishes 

  • Puttu And Kadala Curry
  • Idiyappam With Curry
  • Appam
  • Erissery
  • Ela Sadya
  • Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu
  • Ghee Roast Dosa With Sambhar
  • Idli Sambhar
  • Kerala Prawn Curry
  • Thalassery Biriyani
  • Karimeen Pollichathu
  • Parippu Curry
  • Erachi Varutharacha Curry
  • Malabar Parota
  • Kerala Style Fish Molee

1. Puttu And Kadala Curry

Image Source : Yummytummyaarthi

Puttu! Sounds cute, right? As cute as the name is, Puttu is a cylindrical-shaped steamed rice cooked with coconuts that has a soft, crumbly texture just waiting to be taken a bite off. Apart from the cuteness, Puttu is actually one of the most famous breakfast dishes of the food in Kerala, which is usually served with Kadala curry, its partner in crime. Made with black chickpeas, the curry is as delicious as Puttu and is easily available in restaurants in Kerala

Where To Have It: Dhe Puttu, Adimali Puttukada, Shibu’s Kumbalam Puttu Kada

Average Price: INR 100

2. Idiyappam With Curry


Next up is another Kerala famous food which is actually a blend of different tastes and textures. Idiyappam, which can also be called a spin-off of appam, is cooked with rice flour, salt, and water with strands of vermicelli laced together to create a unique texture. This dish is usually best served with curry, but the versatile nature of the dish is such, that it can be paired with anything. Egg, sambhar, or something else? The choice is completely up to you. 

Where To Have It: Jasmine Bay, Sarvana Bhawan

Average Price: INR 90- 100

3. Appam

Image Source : Sailusfood

We talked about the spin-off version of an Appam, but this one is the real deal. Cooked with rice flour with a thick, crispy centre and paper-thin sides, an Appam is a favourite of many; quite literally, ask anyone, and they’ll say Appam. This dish is usually best enjoyed with a stew, which has a rollercoaster of a mix of spices which will be spicy, tangy, sweet, and whatnot, which is why it deserves its place in our list of the best Kerala cuisine

Where To Have It: Ariya Nivas, Varsha

Average Price: INR 175

4. Erissery

Image Source : Ticklingpalates

A famous dish among travellers who explore the places to visit in Kerala in March, Erissery is among some of the best Kerala famous food. A curry in nature cooked with some of the most amazing spices and ingredients, the dish is typically cooked by boiling some sweet pumpkins with salt, chillies, pepper, and turmeric and is served with a layer of rice. A blockbuster hit in the Kerala cuisine, the dish is a staple during festivals like Onam. 

Where To Have It: Mezban, Kashi

Average Price: INR 400- 450

5. Ela Sadya

Image Source : Thehindu

We talked about it in our introduction, and we’re going to talk about it more as it deserves all the attention and love that it gets from Kerala cuisine enthusiasts. Sadya is basically the ‘ THALAIVA’ of food in Kerala, whose flavours just melt in your mouth as soon as you take the first bite. The dish is served during religious ceremonies and weddings and is a blend of Kerala famous food like kichadi, pachadi, olan, sambar, payasam, and much more and is served on a banana leaf to add some more Keralite feels to it. 

Where To Have It: Hotel Bharath, Chakara

Average Price: INR 500

6. Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu

Image Source : Anishyaskitchen

Kerala cuisine is loved by non-vegetarians and one of the reasons is this dish. Originally from the Syiran Christian community but now a famous one in Kerala, the dish involves frying and grinding spices and other ingredients with mutton, tomatoes, and onions. So, the next time you’re on a Kerala tour don’t forget to try this dish. 

Where To Have It: Ali Baba and 41 dishes

Average Price: INR 500

7. Ghee Roast Dosa With Sambhar

Image Source : Foodgood

Does this one even need an explanation?! Dosa, a favourite Kerala famous food loved not just in Kerala but the entire country, is a staple in Kerala. Listed among the top 50 dishes in the world, Dosa, along with Sambhar, will release a blast of flavours as soon as you eat it. Prepared on a flat pan with a batter of rice and lentils, this dosa is a must-try when you’re exploring the offbeat places in Kerala

Where To Have It: Jasmine Bay, Aditi Restaurant

Average Price: INR 100

8. Idli Sambhar

Image Source : Indiamap

Idli Sambhar, a staple dish in the Kerala cuisine probably has more versions than a song remix, yep! That’s true, a simple dish cooked with a batter of sour curd, lentils, and rice, people usually make their own versions of this dish. But, in Kerala, you’ll get to relish the delicacy in its original form. One of those Kerala famous foods which is easily available in the entire state, right from the hotels in Kerala to the best hill stations in Kerala, Idli Sambhar is a must-try. 

Where To Have It: Dreamers Kitchen, Shobhana 

Average Price: INR 70-100

9. Kerala Prawn Curry

Image Source : Whiskaffair

Kerala aaye aur seafood nahi try kiya toh kya Kerala aaye?! Seafood in Kerala is like the movie ‘ Jawan’, and Prawn Curry is SRK of it. Sprinkled with spices and tangy ingredients, Kerala Prawn Curry is just out of this world. Trying this dish is one of the best things to do in Kerala

Where To Have It: Fort House Restaurant

Average Price: INR 700-900

10. Thalassery Biriyani

Image Source : Thetakeiteasychef

Kerala cuisine has Biriyani?! Yes! And it has its own twist of flavours and cooking style. Considered as the most luxurious and exotic food in Kerala, Biriyani here is usually served with Chicken 65 or Chilli Chicken, making your experience of Kerala cuisine even better. 

Where To Have It: Fusion Bay

Average Price: INR 350

11. Karimeen Pollichathu

Image Source : Kitchencorner-tryit

Cooked with Pearl Spot Fish, Karimeen Pollichathu is originally a Syrian Christian dish which has made its place in Kerala cuisine. Prepared by marinating the fish in a mixture of lemon juice, red chillies, and other ingredients, the dish is then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. The process might sound a bit tiring, but the result? AMAZING! 

Where To Have It: Adam’s Teashop

Average Price: INR 600

12. Parippu Curry

Image Source : Cookeatworld

The name literally translates to Dal Curry and might sound boring, but guess what! It is considered one of the best dishes in Kerala. Made with small gram dal and a spoonful of ghee, the curry will leave your taste buds wanting more and more. Here’s a Kerala travel tip for you when it comes to this curry: don’t think of it as the ordinary dal that you’ll have at home because this one’s not even close to it. 

Where To Have It: Sarvana Bhavan

Average Price: INR 100

13. Erachi Varutharacha Curry

Image Source : Archanaskitchen

Kerala cuisine has Biriyani?! Yes! And it has its own twist of flavours and cooking style. Considered as the most luxurious and exotic food in Kerala, Biriyani here is usually served with Chicken 65 or Chilli Chicken, making your experience of Kerala cuisine even better. 

Where To Have It: Fusion Bay

Average Price: INR 350

14. Malabar Parota

Image Source : Whiskaffair

Punjabi food is what comes to mind when you think of Parantha, but Parota is a dish of another level in Kerala. Possessing a crispy, crumbly texture, each bite will leave a mix of flavours in your mouth. When you’re trying this dish, pair it with some gravy side or some chicken. 

Where To Have It: Arippa, Paragon Restaurant

Average Price: INR 40 onwards

15. Kerala Style Fish Molee

Image Source : Whiskaffair

Another extravagant seafood dish, Fish Molee is loved by locals and tourists alike, the dish is considered to be a unique one as it takes, fine dining to the next level. The main flavours in this dish are coconut and kokum and we all know that when these two get fused together, they just create magic. 

Where To Have It: Harbor Restaurant

Average Price: INR 100 onwards

Best Desserts Of Kerala Cuisine

Time to add some sweetness to our gastronomic tour of Kerala’s famous food with the best desserts that are an absolute must when exploring God’s Own Country.

16. Ada Pradhaman

Image Source : Kitachencorner-tryit

As sweet as the name sounds, Ada Pradhaman is a favourite of many. The dish contains pieces of rice batter mixed with sweet coconut milk. After the savoury food that you had, this one’s the best way to finish off your meal. 

Where To Have It: God’s Own Country Restaurant

Average Price: INR 100 onwards

17. Chatti Pathiri

Image Source : Archanaskitchen

Kerala’s own version of pastry, Chatti Pathiri is a variation of the world-famous Payasam and has a texture which is similar to the Italian favourite Lasagna. What separates it? Instead of cheese sheets, sheets made up of a mix of flour, eggs, and oil are used. To add a cherry on top of the cake, assorted dry fruits like raisins, almonds, and cashews are used to season it. 

Where To Have It: Sarvana Bhawan

Average Price: INR 200 onwards

18. Palada Payasam

Image Source : Zeezest

Last but not least is the dish that made its mark not just in Kerala but the entire world. Palada Payasam, cooked with rice ada, milk, sugar, and ghee is usually served during occasions like Onam, but there’s no written rule that you can have it just there, try it out after dinner and let it amaze you.

Where To Have It: Sarvana Bhawan

Average Price: INR 100 onwards


This is it! We’ve explored the best dishes of Kerala cuisine, and we’re sure that these will make you go ‘ Yeh Dil Mange More’. Kerala dishes are just absolutely delightful which will make your Kerala tour a blend of sweet, savoury, and spices. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, and head to Kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the traditional food of Kerala?

The traditional food of Kerala includes dishes like Puttu, Idli, Dosa, Sambar, and Sadya, and also has seafood specialities like Prawn Curry, Meen Curry, and more.

2. Which fish is famous in Kerala?

The Pearl Spot fish is the most famous fish in Kerala which is used as the main ingredient in a variety of dishes of Kerala cuisine. 

3. What are some of the most popular snacks from Kerala?

Some of the most popular snacks from Kerala are Banana chips, Uniyappam, Parippu Vada, and Kerala Sadya.

4. How costly is food in Kerala?

The cost of food in Kerala can vary on the place where you’re eating it, from street stalls to fine dining restaurants, the cost varies. However, the average cost revolves around INR 100-200.

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