20 best Homestays in Chandigarh: your pocket-friendly guide.

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Introduction: Unveiling Chandigarh’s Concealed Jewels

Chandigarh is a place where architecture took a new avatar where innovation in buildings and creativity thrive, and much more, Amidst the busy streets and modern buildings of this lively city, there are some homestays where you really should look out to relax if you are here to explore this “ city beautiful”. These best homestays in Chandigarh provide accommodations that are a blend of luxury, personalized hospitality, and an authentic experience of local life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of homestays in Chandigarh, revealing the finest accommodations and sharing insider tips for an unforgettable stay in the City Beautiful.

Understanding Homestays: Embracing Genuine Welcoming

Before delving into this topic, let’s discuss what makes homestays truly unique. Unlike traditional hotels and resorts in Chandigarh, homestays offer a glimpse into the local way of life, by this travelers and local residents get to know what the tourists think about their culture and way of living which gives an insight related to personalized attention. It goes beyond mere accommodation; it’s an impeccable experience where guests can form genuine connections with their hosts and fellow travelers.

Exploring the Finest Homestays in Chandigarh

1. Staywell360, Homestay in Chandigarh

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One of the best Homestays in Chandigarh, Staywell360 located 5.4 km from Rock Garden, 5.9 km from Sukhna Lake, and 15 km from Mohali Cricket Stadium, offers a luxurious and comfortable stay in the heart of Chandīgarh, This unique location makes a very comfortable place for travelers to explore the best places to visit in Chandigarh. With amenities such as free WiFi and on-site parking, Staywell360 offers a modern and convenient experience for families and anyone looking for a peaceful retreat. With a commitment to providing the best hospitality to travelers, Staywell 360 aims to deliver the best services.

2. Hotel Royal Palace, Attawa, Chandigarh


As the name says “Royal”, Royal Palace aims to provide the best Homestays in Chandigarh, with top-notch facilities. If you have any plans but are a little tight on budget and affording a decent hotel finds you not so budget friendly and you want both a convenient and luxurious place to live,than  Hotel Royal Palace in Attawa is a perfect choice. 

This homestay offers easy access to popular attractions such as Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake. You should choose this homestay not only because it is near to Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake but also because this is designed for working class and traveling class people with its complimentary private parking, 24-hour front desk, and family-friendly accommodations. You can expect a seamless and enjoyable experience during your stay at Hotel Royal Palace.

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3. Hotel White Tree, Chandigarh


Hotel WhiteTree with a constructive name in an architectural city, will never fail you to feel relaxed in the comfortable and convenient rooms offered by them for your stay in Chandigarh, Being a convenient homestays in Chandigarh, the homestay is located in an ideal base for exploring the city’s landmarks, including Sukhna Lake and Mohali Cricket Stadium. This homestay provides you -conditioned rooms, complimentary WiFi, and free private parking to make your stay enjoyable and hassle-free, so whether you’re traveling for business or leisure. This place has almost everything to provide from basic amenities to basic luxuries. 

4. Hotel Ess Pee 91, Chandigarh


Well whenever you make a plan to enjoy a beautiful place with your friends, One thing y’all decide is, where to stay. A place that should have basic amenities and most importantly which is convenient to relax If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat in Chandigarh, Hotel Ess Pee 91 is an excellent Homestays in Chandigarh to fulfill all your needs. Its convenient location makes it easy to explore popular nearby attractions such as ChhattBir Zoo and Pinjore Garden. The homestay provides you with comfortable seating areas, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs for your comfort and convenience. Do not worry, you convenience will have a great experience living here, The staff is dedicated to providing attentive service, and the amenities ensure a memorable stay for travelers.

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5. Hotel Jeet Lodge

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If you’re looking for a relaxing and comfortable stay in Chandigarh, Hotel Jeet Lodge has got you covered. In this Homestay in Chandigarh, you can enjoy the beautifully air-conditioned rooms with balconies and explore the nearby attractions such as Mohali Cricket Stadium and ChhattBir Zoo. This place is the best for your friends to get hands-on to some amazing attractions and have fun in their presence, also with its thoughtful amenities and convenient location, you can rest assured that Hotel Jeet Lodge will provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all guests.

6. Harish Guest House

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Looking for a comfortable and convenient stay in Chandigarh? Well, it seems like your search is over right here.  These homestays in Chandigarh provide you with cooling air-conditioned accommodations and a relaxing terrace, providing travelers with a peaceful time to spend. After exploring nearby attractions like Sukhna Lake and ChhattBir Zoo, Travelers can finally find peace at home with a tight budget at Harish Guest House. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, this homestay will cater to all your needs.

7. Best Homestay, Centrally Located, Chandigarh, 160018

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This Centrally located Homestay will make your visit simple in Chandigarh, due to its location it is convenient to visit almost every attraction in Chandigarh, so if you are looking for a wonderful place to stay that’s perfect for exploring the city’s attractions? Well, do not look any further because here your search ends for sure, This luxurious homestays in Chandigarh offers guests a prime location near the Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake, as well as complimentary WiFi, parking, and 24-hour front desk service to ensure their stay is comfortable and hassle-free. Book your stay here and experience all that this amazing destination has to offer!

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8. Hotel The Tulip, Chandigarh

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As odorous as the name, The Homestays in Chandigarh has always been a huge help for those who came to Chandigarh on a tight budget but with excitement in their minds, The Tulip always kept their expectations high, With the aim to provide exceptional hospitality, the Tulip homestay offers comfortable and well-appointed rooms that include flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms. Whether you are exploring ChhattBir Zoo or Pinjore Garden, their cozy and convenient place provides a peaceful haven for you to relax. The team and the staff are so well trained that their attentive service and modern amenities ensure travelers an unforgettable stay. 

9. Hotel Shelton, Chandigarh

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Hotel Sheldon is Located at Sector 32c, Chandigarh. Hotel Shelton surrounded by a lush green garden is an excellent option for you. The hotel provides air-conditioned rooms, complimentary WiFi, and free parking, ensuring that your stay is comfortable and convenient. Guests can visit the nearby Mohali Cricket Stadium and Sukhna Lake to enjoy the local attractions. Exploration brings tiredness and that is when you are reminded of relax and peace where you will find this place as the best option. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure purposes, Hotel Shelton offers an excellent opportunity to feel refreshed.

10. Chandigarh Homestay Haven


If you are talking about some homestays near the iconic landmark such as Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake, and offer comfortable accommodations with modern amenities, or searching for relaxation with adventure with warm hospitality and personalized services, Well you are at the right place, Experience the essence of Chandigarh at Chandigarh Homestay Haven, nestled in a serene neighborhood. Whatever was just mentioned get ready to see it in action, being one of the best homestays in Chandigarh. Homestay Haven won’t fail to provide you with a relaxing retreat.

11. Cosy Comfort Homestay


Cozyness and comfort are what all we find in a homestay after a long journey at some new place where we explore and have fun, well this is what this Homestays in Chandigarh provides, If you’re looking for a comfortable and inviting homestay in Chandigarh, you’ll love Cosy Comfort Homestay. This homestay offers luxurious rooms and a relaxing atmosphere that will help you feel relaxed after a long day of sightseeing. Whether you’re exploring the city’s markets or adoring its stunning architecture, the support advice out here is incredible and helps you in one call, attentive staff and central location will make your stay unforgettable. With an aim to provide a feel-like home environment Cosy Comfort Homestay might be the best to stay in. 

12. Green Cottage Oriental

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Green Cottage Oriental, a fine and peaceful Homestays in Chandigarh located in Panchkula, offers a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. There are a ton of amenities which travelers can enjoy, such as parking, hand sanitizers, and air purifiers for safety and cleanliness. With taking care of the environment and health of guests this place invested in making non-smoking rooms and family rooms, along with a shared bathroom equipped with body soap, toiletries, shampoo, and a shower. Media and technology amenities include a TV and flat-screen TV, while common areas feature a garden for relaxation. Guests can also make use of the refrigerator and dining area for their convenience. Outdoor spaces include a balcony and terrace, allowing guests to enjoy the surroundings. Situated just 1.1 km from the city center, Green Cottage Oriental offers easy access to nearby attractions such as Cactus Garden, Nada Sahib, and Ramgarh Fort, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking both comfort and convenience.

13. Bhanu Mahal – A Heritage Homestay

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Bhanu Mahal – Located at National Highway 73 Village Bhanu, Near Sector 28, as the name gives you the vibe of a royal and amazing Homestays in Chandigarh, this heritage Homestay is a safe and comfortable option for travelers seeking heritage charm. The homestay provides facilities such as parking, a bar, WiFi, pool access, food options, and non-smoking, rooms. Their safety measures are so up to the mark that they won’t leave a chance to blame for any kind of hassle, the safety measures include staff following local authorities’ protocols, providing, hand sanitizer, and face masks, treats you just like the guests of kings himself, The Homestay follows strict cleanliness and disinfecting rules. Bhanu Mahal is conveniently located 5.7 km from the city center, providing easy access to nearby attractions such as Ramgarh Fort, Nada Sahib, and Cactus Garden.

14. Green Haven Homestay


Just like the name, this homestays in Chandigarh provides heavenly services. Green Haven Homestay is an amazing homestay located in the heart of Chandigarh, where natural vibes will make you feel refreshed every morning. The homestay is enclosed by beautiful gardens and peaceful pathways. Guests can relish the peaceful surroundings, witness birdwatching, and feel lost in the midst of a natural aroma of odourful wind. The homestay is devoted to eco-friendly practices and sustainable initiatives, making it a remarkable destination for responsible tourism. At Green Haven Homestay, guests can revel in a serene haven to reconnect with nature while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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15. Rosewood Residency Homestay


If you’re planning to explore Chandigarh’s attractions, Rosewood Residency Homestay in Sector 42B is the perfect choice for both leisure and business travelers. You’ll enjoy a peaceful and comfortable retreat in a peaceful neighborhood, with cozy accommodations and modern amenities like complimentary WiFi and air conditioning. Get yourself settle in these beautiful Himestays in Chandigarh and relax, Be assured that this homestay has everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

16. Pineview Homestay


The city is beautiful, and the architectural marvel boasts its beauty with uniqueness and charm, In the midst of all of this, What if you find a place filled with Lush green surroundings a place where you can live in a tranquil environment and relax in peace? These best homestays in Chandigarh named Pinview Homestay is located in Sector 21 of Chandigarh, and to answer your question this place is an ideal destination to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy life in Chandigarh. The well-appointed rooms are furnished with elegant wooden furniture and offer a calming ambiance that is perfect for a break from a long day. The outdoor seating area at the Pineview Homestay is the best thing you can notice here, offering fresh air and a peaceful environment.

17. Sunshine Villa Homestay


The place that shines your morning with a good mood so that you can travel and explore Chandigarh with excitement and good mood, yes this place is that good, If you’re looking for spacious accommodations suitable for families and groups, Sunshine Villa Homestay in Phase 3B2, Mohali, Chandigarh is a fantastic homestays in Chandigarh. The rooms are well-appointed and furnished with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Moreover, the greenery provides a peaceful outdoor space where guests can engage in various activities. Sunshine Villa Homestay offers a peaceful atmosphere, making it the perfect destination for travelers seeking comfort and relaxation.

18. Golden Glow Homestay


With a great ambiance of the city, comes great places to live and in those great places you will find this  Homestays in Chandigarh named Golden Glow Homestay a perfect surrounding to stay which will allow you to experience the warmth and hospitality of the place, located in the heart of Sector 15 in Chandigarh. This homestay offers a cozy and comfortable home away from home for its guests, with well decorated rooms and amazing staff services this place provides home cooked meals, which means say “ hello ’’ to your healthy life style, guests can relax and unwind in a homely ambiance. Its central location and attentive hosts make Golden Glow Homestay an ideal choice for those who are searching for a peaceful and memorable time.

19. Blissful Retreat Homestay


Travelers, if you are finding the most budget friendly and best homestays in Chandigarh and If you’re searching for a homestay that has natural vibes, then Blissful Retreat Homestay is an ideal place for you. Situated in Zirakpur, Chandigarh, this homestay is surrounded by greenery, making it a peaceful haven away from the chaos of city life. You can experience and amazing perfect picture moments ( in Chandigarh )  out there and comfortable accommodations that offer modern amenities. Besides, you can explore the outdoors and indulge in activities like birdwatching. If you’re a nature lover or want a relaxing time, Blissful Retreat Homestay’s got you covered.

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20. Vohra’s Mansion


Vohra’s Mansion is one of the most Charming Homestays in Chandigarh with accommodation option offering travelers a comfortable and memorable stay. Situated in a residential area, this homestay is offers cleanliness, responsive hosts, and peaceful ambiance . Guests have appreciated the well-maintained amenities and the host’s hospitable nature . Located just 5.7 km from the city center, it provides easy access to nearby attractions like Ramgarh Fort and Nada Sahib.

Are there any budget-friendly homestays in Chandigarh?

Yes, there are several budget-friendly homestays in Chandigarh, offering comfortable accommodations at affordable prices.
Staywell360: Offering comfortable accommodations at affordable prices

Hotel Royal Palace, Attawa: Known for its budget-friendly rates and convenient location.

Hotel Ess Pee 91: Providing a relaxing retreat without breaking the bank.

HARISH GUEST HOUSE: Ideal for travelers on a tight budget, offering comfortable accommodations at affordable prices.

Best Homestay, Centrally Located: A budget-friendly option in a prime location, providing easy access to attractions. 

Are there family-friendly homestays in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh boasts numerous family-friendly homestays providing amenities suitable for families such as spacious rooms, convenient locations, and friendly environments. Homestays like Cosy Comfort Homestay and Sunshine Villa Homestay are ideal choices for families.

Are there any eco-friendly homestays in Chandigarh?

Absolutely, there are eco-friendly homestays in Chandigarh that prioritize sustainability and environmental conservation. Green Haven Homestay and Blissful Retreat Homestay are excellent options for travelers seeking eco-conscious accommodations.

How close to the main attractions of Chandigarh can I find homestays?

You can find homestays in Chandigarh conveniently located near main attractions like Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, and Mohali Cricket Stadium. Homestays such as Staywell360, Hotel White Tree, and Hotel Shelton offer proximity to these attractions, ensuring easy exploration for guests.

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