8 Hostels In Leh Which Are Budget Friendly And Offer Amazing Stays

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Secrets of India’s ancient origins and culture are hidden in the vast terrains of Leh and its surroundings. It’s the ideal place to escape the busy city life because of the endless skies and stunning valleys tucked away in the mighty mountain  range. The fact that Leh is a top destination for tourists is understandable, given its unparalleled beauty.

The fact that you can easily get Leh Ladakh tour packages on a budget despite all of its splendour, make it such a great pick. Even though guesthouses have long been among the most incredible places to stay in this city, hostels in Leh have grown significantly in recognition and acceptance over the past few years. They are an excellent option for your upcoming vacation to Leh, thanks to their affordable rates and the chance to mingle with other like-minded tourists. The best hostels in Leh are listed below.

Best Hostels in Leh: Best Rooms, Amenities, Food & More

1. HosteLaVie

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It is conveniently situated for all the activities you had planned while visiting Ladakh and is known as the Himalayan Bunker. You can walk to breathtaking vistas or spend time at the Leh hostels participating in their daily in-house programs. Both are only 4 km and 3.6 km from Shanti Stupa and Soma Gompa, respectively. One of the best hostels in Leh, this establishment’s highly regarded qualities and a favourite among visitors is the assistance and advice offered by the employees themselves. 

Address: House no. 91, Norgyasling, Near Govt. Degree College, Leh-Manali highway, Leh Ladakh, 194101 Leh, India

Price: The starting price for a 6-bed mixed dorm is Rs 349/- per person per night, while the starting price for a 10-bed mixed dorm is Rs 289/- per person per night. Private room rates for two people per night, without taxes, start at Rs 1049/- for a Standard Double Room and Rs 1509 for a Deluxe Room.

Ideal For: Backpackers, trekkers, photographers, and families seeking a budget vacation. 

Accommodation: These hostels in Leh offer stay options between a six and 10-bed mixed dormitory and private stay options in a Standard and Deluxe Room with twin sharing.

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2. Zostel

Image Source : Zostel

Probably the most famous hostel in Leh, Zostel is renowned for its clean hostels in upscale areas throughout the nation. Most major attractions are within walking distance of this Ladakh hostel, ideally situated adjacent to the Main Bazaar. The most stunning locations in the area are just a short stroll away, or you may unwind on the rooftop café while admiring the spectacular scenery. One of Ladakh’s most attractive and well-regarded hostels in Leh Ladakh is excellent to book if you’re planning a Ladakh Tour.

Address: Shaheen Guest House, Karzu Road, Near Circuit House, Karzu, 194101 Leh, India

Price: Tariff starts from Rs 1500/- per room per night in a basic twin private room, excluding taxes.

Ideal For: Backpackers and travellers seeking budget accommodation near the city centre.

Accommodation: The Leh Hostels offer a four- and six-bed mixed dorm and a 4-bed female dorm with private options such as Standard, Deluxe, and Superior Deluxe Room.

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3. Raybo Hostel

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It is comparable to Ree Hostel in location and belongs to the same chain as Leh Hostels as it is close to the primary market. While close to the central market, this hostel is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and has a beautiful view of the Stok Kangri range. They also coordinate other events, including treks, bicycling trips, and meditation retreats.

Address: Main Tukcha Road, 194101 Leh, India

Price: The 8-bed mixed dormitory starts at Rs 399/- per person per night, including taxes. The 4-bed mixed and female dorm costs Rs 499/- per person per night, including taxes.

Ideal For: Travellers looking at a meagre budget and value-for-money options.

Accommodation: This Leh Hostel offer a 4-bed mixed and female dormitory and an 8-bed mixed dorm.

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4. Ree Hostel by Raybo

Image Source : Raybo Hostel

The temporary tents, known locally as Raybo, are the source of inspiration for these hostels in Leh. Shepherds dwell in tents made of yak hair when they embark on long excursions into remote regions. The glimpse into the lifestyle of a Ladakhi local shepherd depicts through the identical tent designs in almost all these hostels. Be aware of the rooms’ almost nomadic appearance, though; they have modern conveniences like free Wi-Fi, cosy comforters, and wooden bunk beds.

Address: Middle Tukcha Road. Behind Hotel Snowland Street No. 455, 194101 Leh, India

Price: The 6-bed mixed dormitory starts at Rs 499/- per person per night, including taxes and breakfast. Private stay options on twin sharing per night start at Rs 1999/- for a Double Room and Rs 2299/- for a Deluxe Room, excluding taxes and including breakfast.

Ideal For: Travellers wanting to experience the local culture on a budget.

Accommodation: The hostel offers a 6-bed mixed and female dormitory and private stay options in a Double room with a mountain view and a King Room with a mountain view on twin sharing.

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5. Youth Cultural Centre

Image Source : Pexels

Experience a step back by staying at one of the popular Hostels in Leh, housed in a 150-year-old structure. It has now been updated using cutting-edge technology and conventional wisdom to regulate the building’s temperature. This hostel in Leh offer many opportunities that ensure your entertainment, including a library and an art gallery that showcases the vibrant culture of Ladakh. By regularly renting out the kitchen, this hostel also allows you to prepare your meals.

Address: Raku House, Main Tukcha, Leh Ladakh, India

Price: The 4-bed mixed dorm starts at Rs 410/- per person per night, while a Standard Twin Private room costs Rs 1500/- per room per night.

Ideal For: Travellers seeking to stay in a culturally rich environment on a budget. 

Accommodation: The hostel offers a 4-bed mixed dormitory and a Twin Private Room.

6. Happy Drifters

Image Source : Booking.com

This Leh Hostel, which boasts a youthful and dynamic vibe, was founded by two friends who love travelling. It is a good,cost-effective alternative situated in the city’s heart and has in-house amenities like a kitchen, lockers, and reading lights. It is an excellent alternative for budget travellers to have simple, clean rooms with an open kitchen.

Address: Near SNM Hospital, 194101 Leh, India

Price: The 4-bed mixed and female dormitory starts at Rs 370/- per person per night. While a Standard Room with Double occupancy begins at Rs 1599/- per room per night, and a Main Bedroom costs Rs 3499/- per room per night, excluding taxes.

Ideal For: Backpackers, trekkers, and all travellers seeking a home away from home!

Accommodation: This hostel offers stay options between a 4-bed male and female dormitory. Other options include a private stay in a Standard Room with Double Occupancy and a Main Bedroom with 4-bed Occupancy.

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7. Rover’s Den

Image Source : Rover's Den Hostel

This Hostel in Leh is in the countryside, five minutes from the bus stop and central market. You can leave all your tension behind with accommodations that provide views of the mountains in the area. You can spend time in this Leh Hostel’s mingling with travellers from all over the world at night time events like bonfires, games, and music that are held in the outside area.

Address: Rover’s Den, Near Women Alliance Office, Chubi, Leh-Ladakh, 194101 Leh, India

Price: The 4-bed mixed dormitory starts at Rs 530/- per person per night, while a 6-bed mixed dorm begins at Rs 500/- per night. Double and Triple beds with shared bathrooms cost Rs 350/- per night, while a private stay in a Double Bed Deluxe room costs Rs 1400/- per night on Twin Sharing, excluding taxes.

Ideal For: Backpackers and travellers seeking to stay in a conveniently located hostel equipped with all the facilities.

Accommodation: This hostel offers stay options between a four and 6-bed mixed and female dormitory. Other options include a Double and Triple Bed with shared bathrooms and a Double Bed Deluxe room.

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8. Ecology Hostel

Image Source : Tripadvisor

It is one of the most popular Leh Hostels lodging choice among travellers since it combines affordable lodging with environmental friendly technologies. The hostel offers breathtaking views from every room and is closer to Shanti Stupa than most other Hostels in Leh area. Nevertheless, despite its quiet setting, it is still easily accessible because it is close to the Main Market and several well-known restaurants.

Address: Yourtung Ladakh Ecological Development Group, Shanti Campus, Below Shanti Stupa, Yourtung, Leh, 194101 Leh, India

Price: Tariff starts from Rs 300/- per person per night, excluding taxes.

Ideal For: Travellers who are eager to reduce their carbon footprint.

Accommodation: The hostel offers stay options between a 4-bed mixed dormitory and Private stay options in a Double Standard room. All rooms are powered by solar energy and are modestly designed with basic amenities.

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Hostels in Leh provide much more than just a cheap place to stay; they also offer an excellent opportunity to travel and connect with like-minded individuals. You can interact with travellers worldwide in public spaces like standard kitchens and game rooms and exchange advice, tricks, and travel tales. We hope the above list of best hostels in Leh will be helpful for you when you plan your next trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Best Hostels In Leh

How long can you live in a hostel?

You can stay in a hostel in Leh for as long as you like, but don’t lose sight of why you went there in the first place—to discover a new region on this fantastic globe! Don’t let yourself become too accustomed to Netflix in bed and hanging out in the same spots by becoming too used to them.

What are the disadvantages of a hostel?

In hostels, it is sometimes difficult to locate any private area. Thankfully, most hostels provide spaces large enough for a chill-out area, garden, or living area where you can hang out alone. However, being alone is uncommon.

Is a hostel cheaper than a hotel?

As they are designed for younger travellers, hostels are typically less expensive than hotels because you usually share a room with them. An average hostel bed costs 40 and 50 per cent less than an equivalent hotel room.

Which is the best place to stay in Leh?

Beautiful places include Nubra and Pangong Tso. The Leh Hostels at Nubra are good. You pass via Chang La, the third-highest pass, and Khardung La, the world’s highest pass, on your way to Nubra and Pangong, respectively.

Do couples stay in hostels?

You don’t have to travel alone to stay at a hostel. Next time, travel with a companion and discover why couples can stay in hostels for unlimited fun and comfort.

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