16 Best Hotels In Kashmir For An Enthralling Experience

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Experience the heavenly beauty of the “Paradise on Earth” like never before with our carefully curated Kashmir tour packages. Nestled amidst the surreal landscape, the best hotels in Kashmir offer not just a place to rest but a haven where luxury meets the charm of nature. 

Offering breathtaking views of snowclad mountains, serene lakes, and enchanting gardens these hotels are perfect retreats for nature lovers and seekers of peace.

With a plethora of places to visit in Kashmir, from the bustling markets of Srinagar to the tranquil valleys of Pahalgam, every day can be a new adventure. After a day of exploration imagine returning to the comfort of your chosen hotel in Kashmir where warm hospitality and comfort come together to create a memorable stay.

Whether you’re looking for luxury accommodations or rustic charm, there’s a wide selection of hotels in Kashmir that cater to every need. For an even more lavish stay, the resorts in Kashmir offer premium services that take relaxation to a new level. 

These top-notch hotels and resorts in Kashmir with their unparalleled amenities, serve as perfect abodes for an unforgettable holiday. Experience the magic of Kashmir like never before!

Best Hotels In Srinagar

Srinagar has some of the best hotels in Kashmir that offer an unparalleled; scroll through to check them out.

1. Comrade Inn

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At Comrade Inn, one of the best hotels in Kashmir, experience the pinnacle of Kashmiri hospitality. This opulent haven, which is tucked away in Srinagar’s tranquil surroundings offers the ideal fusion of contemporary comfort and age-old charm. 

At our on-site restaurant, indulge in mouthwatering Kashmiri food that will transport your taste buds to a delightful new world. Experience first-rate service that will change the way you think about luxury, making Comrade Inn one of the best hotels in Kashmir. In the centre of paradise, locate your second home.

Location: Rajbagh, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 3,900 per night

2. Nedou’s Hotel

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One of the top hotels in Kashmir is Nedou’s Hotel, which is tucked away in the centre of Srinagar. This luxurious hotel promises unrivalled hospitality, welcoming guests with the ideal fusion of contemporary conveniences and traditional Kashmiri ambiance. 

Nedou’s is a stepping stone to the area’s magical landscapes, adventure sports, and distinctive local culture, making it the ideal place for people considering the many things to do in Kashmir.

The hotel offers rooms with panoramic views, mouthwatering regional food, and a tranquil spa to revitalize your senses. It’s more than just a hotel; it’s a window through which you can view Kashmir’s enthralling beauty. 

Remember Nedou’s Hotel is ready and waiting for you whenever you’re looking for hotels in Kashmir that offer a genuine and opulent experience. 

Here, every moment you spend becomes a beautiful memory, painted with the splendid hues of the Kashmir Valley.

Location: Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 7,500 per night

3. RK Sarovar Portico

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Discover the majestic charm of the Himalayas at RK Sarovar Portico, one of the finest hotels in Kashmir. Nestled amidst serene landscapes in the heart of Srinagar, this boutique hotel offers a blend of traditional Kashmiri hospitality with modern luxury.

Unwind in elegantly furnished rooms that boast breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains. Indulge your taste buds with scrumptious local and international cuisine at our restaurant, while you revel in the tranquil ambiance. The warmth of our staff is as comforting as the Kashmiri Kahwa, ensuring an experience that will make your stay unforgettable.

At RK Sarovar Portico, you aren’t just staying in a hotel, you’re stepping into an exquisite slice of paradise. Whether you’re exploring the beautiful valley or seeking a tranquil escape, experience the best hotels in Kashmir. Make every moment memorable only at RK Sarovar Portico.

Location: Near Dal, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 8,184 per night

4. Hotel Glacier Heights

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Spend some time indulging in the luxury of Hotel Glacier Heights, a gem hidden in Sonmarg, a remarkable area in the magnificent realm of Kashmir. Every moment spent here is a feast for the senses thanks to the 36 exquisitely furnished rooms that each open onto a private balcony.

Imagine enjoying the breathtaking sight of sun-dappled mountains as you awake in the convenience of a modern room with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.

To learn more about what this luxury hotel in Kashmir has to offer, step outside your room. Each experience is designed to help you unwind, rejuvenate and indulge, whether it’s indulging in culinary treats from Indian, Continental, or regional Kashmiri cuisines at the restaurant, sipping your favourite drink at our bar, dipping into the refreshing pool or relaxing at our serene spa.

Situated a stone’s throw away from Sonmarg’s bustling market and the thrilling Sonmarg Gondola, Hotel Glacier Heights serves as the perfect gateway to all the adventures that this vibrant city holds. Its advantageous location combined with its impressive array of offerings makes it a compelling choice among hotels in Kashmir.

Location: Sonmarg Main Market, Sonmarg, Ganderbal District, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 5,645 per night

5. Wangnoo Houseboats

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Nestled in the heart of Kashmir, Wangnoo Houseboats radiate luxury and tradition. Steeped in history, they’ve been cherished by the Mohammed Wangnoo & Brothers lineage for three generations. 

This fleet of floating havens, one of the best houseboats in Kashmir creates memorable experiences, painting a vibrant picture of Kashmiri living, and is among the top hotels in Kashmir.

Each houseboat, anchored on the beautiful Dal Lake, is an example of Kashmiri craftsmanship. These houseboats in Kashmir have private terraces or balconies and are furnished with genuine Kashmiri carpets, furniture, and artwork. Visitors can enjoy the mesmerising views of the lake reflecting the majestic mountains in this location.

These houseboats strike a harmonious balance between tradition and comfort. Modern amenities like air conditioning, heating, hot water, and satellite TV ensure a cosy stay. Each houseboat also houses a kitchen, promising culinary freedom and the convenience of room service.

Location: Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 3,800 onwards per night

6. Greenwoods Inn


The Greenwoods Inn, a haven of comfort and affordability in Srinagar’s charming Gupt Ganga neighbourhood, stands out against the picturesque backdrop of Kashmir. 

It is a gem among Kashmir’s cheap hotels and is only a short distance from the glittering Dal Lake, providing travellers looking to explore the city’s wonders with a convenient and comfortable haven.

The hotel’s seven immaculate rooms, each a haven furnished with the conveniences of air conditioning, heating, a TV, and a minibar as well as shared bathrooms meticulously kept clean, add style to your stay.

In the rooftop restaurant, a fusion of Kashmiri and Indian cuisines is waiting to whet your appetite. Enjoy the stunning view of the Dal Lake as you chew each mouthful. The ground-floor bar is the ideal pit stop if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

The friendly staff is committed to going above and beyond for your enjoyable stay, and they are always ready with a welcoming smile. Greenwoods Inn is a family-friendly retreat with a playground. Here convenience and comfort combine to offer an unrivalled experience for a low-cost stay.

Location: Gupt Ganga, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 1,357 onwards per night

7. Heritage By Heevan

Image Source : Tripadvisor

The Heritage By Heevan, a gem among one of the best luxury hotels in Kashmir and tucked away in the centre of Srinagar, provides a lavish retreat for both business and vacation travellers. 

Imagine being just a short distance from Dal Lake, which sparkles, as well as historical landmarks like the Mughal Gardens, Hazratbal Shrine, and the Shankaracharya Temple. The hotel offers a peaceful haven while pulsating with the beat of the city.

This oasis, which has 120 rooms, radiates friendliness and elegance. Your stay will be nothing short of extraordinary thanks to the thoughtful blending of modern luxury and comfort in each room. In your cosy, spacious room, take advantage of the comforts of air conditioning, heating, hot water, and satellite TV.

However, The Heritage By Heevan is more than just opulent accommodations. It’s a full sensory encounter. Take a dip in the sparkling pool, work out in the well-stocked fitness centre, relax at the spa, or unwind in the game room. It is your haven for leisure.

Delight your palate at the on-site restaurant, a gourmet paradise serving an enticing blend of Kashmiri and international cuisine. It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience of a lifetime. If you’re seeking unparalleled service and comfort among hotels in Kashmir, look no further than The Heritage By Heevan.

Location: 193 BB Cantt, Shivpora, Srinagar, and Kashmir

Price: INR 9,000 onwards per night

7. Hotel Rah Villas

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Hotel Rah Villas, located in the picturesque city of Srinagar, is a mesmerising fusion of luxury and tranquility. It’s more than just one of Kashmir’s opulent hotels; it’s a well-kept secret kissed by the surrounding towering mountains. 

With its exquisitely designed rooms and suites, this charming mountain lodge titillates your senses. The exquisite attention to detail creates breathtaking vistas that depict the mountain landscape as it changes over time.

But Rah Villas’ allure goes beyond just its opulent lodging. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of indulgences in this all-encompassing experience. Consider enjoying a meal on the rooftop restaurant’s patio while admiring the stars. Allow yourself to relax in our spa while receiving treatments that will revitalise your spirit. 

Take a dip in the peaceful pool or lose yourself in one of our library’s entrancing books. You can indulge your gaming urges in our game room or heed the call of nature on one of our many trekking and hiking trails. 

Location: Kulan Sonmarg, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 9,000 onwards per night

Hotels In Gulmarg

1. Khyber Himalayan Resort And Spa

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Perched in the Himalayas’ Pir Panjal range, The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa stands as one of the most exquisite luxury hotels in Kashmir. Set at an altitude of 8,825 feet, it provides a picturesque view of the Affarwat Peaks and is a sanctuary away from the daily humdrum.

This elite resort, nestled among resorts in Kashmir, has 85 boutique rooms ensuring intimate and personalized service. Each room exudes luxury and comfort, with private balconies or terraces providing an awe-inspiring mountain vista.

Multiple dining options are available, including an all-day restaurant, a barbecue joint, and a café. A spa with varied treatments, an indoor pool, and a fitness center cater to your wellness needs.

Khyber’s proximity to the Gulmarg Gondola sets it apart from luxury hotels in Kashmir. A short stroll takes you to this ride, transporting you to Kongdoori Mountain’s peak where mesmerizing views of the valley and mountains await. Adventure seekers can indulge in skiing, snowboarding, hiking, trekking, or mountain biking.

Location: Pinnacle Site, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 22,000 onwards per night

2. The Vintage Gulmarg

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Perched at an altitude of 2,739 meters in the Himalayan town of Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir, The Vintage Gulmarg stands as a beacon of luxury. This resort distinguishes itself amongst other hotels in Kashmir by offering guests an opulent stay combined with breathtaking mountain views.

The Vintage Gulmarg presents a diverse selection of room types – deluxe rooms, suites, and junior suites. Each room is an emblem of spacious luxury, fitted with all the necessary comforts for a cozy retreat. 

The gastronomic landscape of the resort ranges from a gourmet restaurant to a casual café, supplemented with a rooftop terrace that provides panoramic vistas.

What sets this resort apart from other luxury hotels in Kashmir is its wealth of amenities and activities. Guests can opt to unwind at the spa, flex their muscles at the fitness center, or make a splash in the swimming pool.

Adventure seekers can venture on skiing or snowboarding expeditions on the iconic Gulmarg slopes, or explore the surrounding mountains through hikes or treks. The resort’s championship golf course also beckons enthusiasts. From cultural events to workshops, there is something for everyone.

Whether it’s a romantic escapade, a family trip, or a corporate retreat, The Vintage Gulmarg creates the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation amidst the Himalayan serenity.

Location: Circular Road, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 11,000 onwards per night

3. Gulmarg Ski Hill Resort

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Nestled in the Kashmir Valley, Gulmarg is a charismatic hill station and one of the most prestigious skiing destinations in the world. Gulmarg Ski Hill Resort, located at the soaring altitude of 3,950 meters and featuring a vertical drop of 780 meters, tops the list of renowned resorts in Kashmir, ensuring a thrilling adventure for ski enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The resort’s impressive skiing slopes, covered in powdery snow, offer a spectacular setting for winter sports. In addition to skiing a variety of other thrilling activities are offered, including snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides.

The resort’s Gondola cable car system, which is known as Asia’s highest and longest cable car system, further adds to the distinctiveness of this winter haven.

The Gulmarg Ski Hill Resort with its founding year dating back to 1927, holds a special place in history as one of India’s oldest ski resorts. Its significance is further heightened as it remains the only Indian ski resort to host international skiing events like the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 1982.

For those seeking accommodation, the resort and its surrounding area are replete with various hotels in Kashmir, offering comfortable stays and appetizing culinary experiences. If you’re in pursuit of an unforgettable winter experience, Gulmarg Ski Hill Resort, with its vast array of activities and breathtaking scenery, stands as the perfect destination.

Location: Opposite Golf Club Gulmarg, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 11,000 onwards per night

4. Hotel Heevan Retreat

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Hotel Heevan Retreat, a lavish resort nestled amidst the valley, epitomizes the luxurious offerings of hotels in Kashmir. Encased by snowy peaks and verdant meadows, this captivating oasis proffers awe-inspiring views of the enchanting landscape.

Boasting 35 warm and expansive deluxe rooms and suites, the hotel amalgamates opulence and comfort. Each room, elegantly furnished, comes with contemporary amenities like air conditioning, cable TV, and minibars, providing a superior stay synonymous with premier hotels in Kashmir.

Dining at Hotel Heevan Retreat is an epicurean delight. The diverse culinary options encompass a multi-cuisine restaurant, a cozy coffee shop, and a chic bar, showcasing delectable Kashmiri, Indian, and Continental cuisine.

Amplifying its appeal, the hotel features a swimming pool, a rejuvenating spa, a modern fitness center, and a business center. A large conference and banquet hall can cater to 500 guests, making it an ideal venue for grand events.

Located just a brisk walk from the Gondola Cable Car Corporation, it provides easy access to Gulmarg’s gems like the Golf Course, Ski Resort, and Rose Garden.

If a sumptuous and tranquil retreat in Gulmarg is on your mind, Hotel Heevan Retreat with its prime location, superb facilities, and scrumptious food is an ideal choice. Discover the splendor of Kashmir while relishing an unforgettable stay.

Location: Near Gulmarg Gondola, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 7,000 onwards per night 

5. Rosewood Hotel

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, a premier luxury hotel brand, is known for its “A Sense of Place” philosophy, which integrates the unique essence of each locale into its individual property’s identity. 

A standout exemplar of this philosophy is The Rosewood Hotel in Gulmarg, Kashmir, one of the most luxurious hotels in Kashmir.

Situated in the Himalayan foothills, the hotel grants breathtaking mountain vistas, featuring a fusion of modern facilities and traditional Kashmiri architecture. 

Boasting 120 elegant and capacious rooms and suites, it offers the pinnacle of comfort with high-end amenities. In addition to fine dining and casual eateries, it houses bars, lounges, a spa, and a fitness center, adding to the indulgence.

The Rosewood Hotel goes beyond just accommodation by offering various guest experiences. Winter activities range from skiing to snowboarding, while summer offers scenic hikes and bike rides. Additionally, a myriad of cultural pursuits such as cooking classes, pottery workshops, and music performances enrich your stay.

The hotel, situated 62 kilometers from Srinagar Airport, has daily direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai, making it conveniently accessible. It’s renowned for hosting weddings, honeymoons, and family vacations, promising a memorable experience.

Location: Reservoir Path, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 17,000 onwards per night 

Luxury Hotels In Kashmir

1. WelcomHotel Pine-N-Peak

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Cradled in Pahalgam’s scenic valley, WelcomHotel Pine-n-Peak is an opulent sanctuary providing mesmerizing vistas of snowy mountains and the Lidder River. Its design, influenced by local traditional art, showcases intricate tapestries and exquisite wood carvings.

This hotel’s variety of facilities ensures a comfortable, pleasurable stay. Guests can unwind in expansive, well-furnished rooms with outdoor spaces. Diverse dining includes an all-day eatery, tea lounge, and al fresco grill. 

The hotel also boasts a pool, gym, and spa, and offers leisure activities like hiking, biking, and fishing.

Ideal for romantic escapades, family holidays, or business trips, WelcomHotel Pine-n-Peak presents a restful haven amidst nature. Within close proximity to the Lidder River and the mountains, guests can easily explore Pahalgam’s breathtaking surroundings.

Pahalgam’s finest Kashmiri cuisine is a must-try, including dum pukht, a slow-cooked lamb speciality, and tabakh maaz, a grilled lamb delight. Excursions along numerous local trails by foot or bike provide adventurous options, or one can opt for a swim or boat ride on the Lidder River.

Location: Aru Road, Pahalgam Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 12,000 onwards per night

2. Lake Victoria Houseboats

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Nestled in the heart of Srinagar’s Dal Lake, Lake Victoria Houseboats offer a splendid and tranquil retreat, a harmonious blend of Kashmir’s natural beauty, comprised of verdant greenery and awe-inspiring snowy peaks. 

With a unique twist to accommodation, these houseboats are equipped with all requisite amenities, ensuring guests a luxurious stay, replete with comfort.

The houseboats showcase an elegant touch of Mughal architecture, flaunting commodious rooms adorned with king-size beds and attached bathrooms. 

The highlight of these floating wonders is their enchanting lakeside veranda and rooftop, presenting a tranquil spot to unwind, savoring a warm cup of tea whilst gazing at the breathtaking vistas.

In the lap of nature’s serenity, Lake Victoria Houseboats not only offer a captivating environment but also house an array of amenities. These include Wifi connectivity, unlimited shikara rides, sumptuous meals, hot water, cooling fans, and even valuable travel advice and assistance.

With a dedicated, friendly staff, committed to delivering personalized services, your stay at Lake Victoria Houseboats promises to be unforgettable. 

Their assistance extends to organizing tours to Srinagar’s exquisite gardens, vibrant floating market, and other intriguing local attractions. 

Lake Victoria Houseboats, indeed, offer a remarkable blend of luxury and tranquility amidst Kashmir’s enchanting splendor.

Location: Aru Road, Pahalgam Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 12,000 onwards per night

3. SilverBell Houseboats

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Perched on Nigeen Lake in the captivating heart of Srinagar, Kashmir, Silverbell Houseboats encapsulate luxury and tranquillity, offering an idyllic platform to immerse oneself in the resplendent beauty of Kashmir and the peaceful rhythm of lake life.

Silverbell Houseboats boasts a diverse range of accommodations, each instilling a profound sense of place. The array includes everything from basic yet comfortable rooms to opulent suites, all of which offer stunning lake vistas from private balconies or terraces. 

Suites escalate the sense of indulgence further with private dining areas and inviting hot tubs.

The houseboat experience extends beyond accommodation. A host of on-site amenities contribute to a vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere. 

A pool offers respite from the heat, a spa provides pampering treatments, a restaurant delivers delectable Kashmiri and international fare, and a bar caters to those seeking a wide choice of refreshing beverages.

The stay also encourages exploration and adventure. Guests can enjoy strolls or cycling around the lake, swimming, or boating. Nearby attractions like gardens, temples, and historical landmarks beckon for cultural exploration.

Location: Nigeen Lake West End, Jammu and Kashmir

Price: INR 12,000 onwards per night

In conclusion, Kashmir is an inviting haven brimming with myriad hospitality experiences that cater to every traveler’s needs. 

From opulent houseboats floating serenely on pristine lakes to comfortable mountain lodges with panoramic views, there’s something for everyone. Each stay in this mesmerizing landscape promises a unique narrative steeped in culture, tranquility, and natural beauty. 

So, next time you’re planning a vacation, consider the enchanting offerings of Kashmir’s hotel scene and immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotels In Kashmir

1. What should I pack for the Kashmir trip?

Pack warm clothing layers for chilly evenings and lighter clothes for the daytime. Rainproof gear is a must. Include hiking shoes for mountain treks, sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, and personal medication. Don’t forget a camera to capture Kashmir’s stunning landscapes and memorable moments.

2. Which are some of the best hotels for a honeymoon in Kashmir?

For a honeymoon in Kashmir consider The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar for luxury, Vivanta Dal View for panoramic views, The Khyber Himalayan Resort for mountain vistas, and Silverbell Houseboats for a unique experience on the tranquil waters of Nigeen Lake.

3. Can I live on a houseboat?

Yes, you can live on a houseboat, provided it’s equipped for long-term living. Many people do so worldwide. You’ll need amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters, and consider access to services like waste disposal, electricity, and water supply.

4. When are hotels cheap in Kashmir?

Hotels in Kashmir are typically cheaper during the off-peak season, which is from November to March. These months are colder and see less tourist influx, resulting in lower accommodation rates. However, the region’s winter beauty can make for a unique experience.

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