19 Best Hotels in Spiti Valley For The Best Experience

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Spiti Valley, often referred to as “The Middle Land” as it lies between India and Tibet is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti is a hidden gem of Himachal and is blessed with beauty in abundance, surrounded by snow capped peaks and surreal backdrops. Located at a towering elevation of 12000 feet above sea level, Spiti is an emerging tourist destination and has recently become very popular among youngsters and couples. Let’s know about the hotel in Spiti valley which you can prefer for yourself. 

Apart from the immense beauty, Spiti has a deep history and cultural values, and numerous ancient monasteries including Key Monastery, Dhankar Monastery and Tabo Monastery. Some of these monasteries date back to the 10th century. One can find rare species of animals such as Snow Leopard, Himalayan Ibex and Tibetan Wolf and other rare varieties of flora and fauna. Since it witnesses large crowds every year there are several Spiti Valley Hotels found here. To plan your trip check out the Spiti Valley Tour Packages

Spiti Valley Hotels

1. Spiti Village Resort

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Spiti Village Resort is located in the heart of the Spiti Valley at the Rangrik Village, which is approximately 6 km from Kaza. The local community of the area owns and operates the Resort and practices sustainable tourism. There are several resorts in Spiti Valley but Spiti Village Resort offers amenities that will compel you to choose this resort. Equipped with modern amenities, Spiti Village hotel / resort gives you several room options to choose from, for instance you can either take the traditional mud-brick cottages, luxury tents or comfortable rooms in the building with price variations and you also get to enjoy the traditional dishes such as thukpa, momos and other local food. It is a pet friendly resort and offers yoga classes, meditation and Tibetan healing treatments for you to unwind and relax.

2. Sakya Abode

Image Source : Sakya Abode

Sakya Abode is believed to be one of the most charming Resorts in Spiti Valley.  It is more like a huge dormitory with a Himalayan styled architecture consisting of 12 very comfortable rooms that keep the guests happy and warm. The kind of hospitality one receives here makes the guests come back again. It is one fine place to stay when you are in Spiti Valley.

3. Spiti Valley Resort

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Spiti Valley Resort is one of the top most resorts that will let you wake up to the mesmerizing views of the valley making it one of the Best Resorts in Spiti Valley. It is in close vicinity to Sakya Monastery and offers a serene environment to its guests. The Resort has an in-house restaurant that serves drool worthy Indian cuisine, ample parking space, WI-FI and housekeeping facilities.

4. Spiti Heritage

Image Source : Spiti Heritage

Spiti Heritage is located in Kaza and due to which it is one of the most preferred Resorts in Spiti Valley. The Resort offers spacious and comfortable suites with absolutely spellbinding views from the window. The inhouse restaurant serves mouth watering cuisines and you get to explore the Spitian culture by interacting with the locals and by having local food. Amenities include an in-house restaurant, hot water as well as travel assistance to the guests. So, if you have the chance, do check on this amazing hotel in Spiti valley. 

5. Deyzor

Image Source : Deyzor

Deyzor is one of those Spiti Valley Resorts that has been built and presented in a traditional way. You will be surprised to see the colorful bedrooms, a common area with a bookshelf, quotations and paintings on the walls, which will make you want to prolong your stay for a few more days. It also has an in-house shop that sells handicrafts products. Deyzor with all its fascinating interiors can be considered as one of the Best Resorts in Spiti Valley. 

6. Kunphen

Image Source : Kunphen

Located close to Sakya Monastery, Kunphen is a treat for book lovers for it has an in-house library. Kunphen is one of the most beautiful places to stay with eye-catching views. One wakes up from the sound of chanting prayers and sights of stupas are visible from here. It is a pet friendly resort with amenities such as in-house restaurants, doctor on call, laundry and parking facilities, etc. 

7. Snow Lion

Image Source : Snow Lion

Located in Kaza, the Snow Lion Resort is one of those Spiti Valley Resorts which has everything you can ask for. Located in the heart of Spiti Valley, The Snow Lion is situated at an elevation of 12000 ft above sea level which offers jaw dropping views of the Himalayas. The resort is ideal for families and couples as it is equipped with modern amenities such as wifi, well designed rooms and suites, laundry facilities, private balcony, a separate living area and every possible thing one can imagine.

8. Spiti Sojourn

Image Source : Spiti Sojourn

Spiti Sojourn is a mountain retreat nestled in the heart of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. The resort is at a pristine location with breathtaking views for an unforgettable holiday experience. The hotel has an in-house restaurant serving Local and International Cuisines. The very comfortable rooms have separate balconies and world class facilities makes Spiti Sojourn one of those Resorts in Spiti Valley where travelers prolong their stay. Recreational activities such as trekking, mountaineering, cultural tours and so on.

9. Mustache Kaza

Image Source : Mustache Kaza

Out of all the Spiti Valley Resorts, Mustache Kaza is a 3 star luxurious accommodation located in the Mustache Kaza region of Spiti. The resort is well equipped with amenities to provide the ultimate comfort and luxury. The most attractive part of the resort is that it has a rooftop terrace with panoramic views. The rooms are decorated with Himachali artwork, to give a touch of local culture. The Resort also has a bar providing refreshing beverages to the guests. 

10. Spiti Sarai

Image Source : Spiti Sarai

While traveling to Spiti, you worry about what to choose among the many Spiti Valley Hotels, which is a very genuine concern. Well you can drop your concerns and go straight for Spiti Sarai. Nestled in the heart of the Spiti Valley, away from the chaos of cities, Spiti Sarai is one the most eco-friendly Spiti Valley Resorts. 16 very spacious rooms, all equipped with modern amenities and Spitian styled architecture is what will make your stay worthwhile. This very eco-friendly hotel uses solar panels for electricity and also uses the wastewater for irrigation and the meals prepared here are from original organic ingredients which explains why the food provided here tastes exceptionally good. Out of all the Spiti Valley Hotels, Spiti Sarai is the most eco-friendly hotel which offers a perfect blend of nature while also preserving it.

11. Norling Camp

Image Source : Norling Camp

Resorts in Spiti Valley are surely all very nice and comfortable but if you want to have a completely different yet adventurous experience then you should definitely check out Norling Camp Spiti which is a camping resort nestled amidst the Himalayas with stunning views of the valley and picturesque landscapes. You get to stay in tents here but you can choose among the deluxe, swiss or luxury tents. Although you stay in tents, that doesn’t mean that you are going to miss out on any type of comfort because these tents are equipped with modern amenities such as attached washrooms, hot water facilities and very comfortable beds. Spiti Valley Resorts provide comfort but Norling Camp offers you comfort as well adventure without harming the environment. 

12. Deshek Homestay

Image Source : Deshek Homestay

The Deshek Homestay is located in heart of the Kibber Village, which is situated at an elevation of 13795 ft above sea level. It gives you an opportunity to experience the traditional way of life in this remote area. There are 4 rooms decorated and built in Spitian Style. The rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable. The Tsering family, which runs the Homestay offers also prepares delicious food with organic ingredients which includes fresh vegetables from their gardens.

13. The Nomad’s Cottage

Image Source : The Nomad’s Cottage

The Nomad’s Cottage, located in the Komic Village, which is home to a 1000-year-old Komic Monastery. The cozy rooms, comfortable beds and other amenities give a very homely vibe to this place. The Cottage is run by the Tashi Family, which is originally from Demul Village but they migrated to Komic Village. You can enjoy the traditional Spitian meals cooked with locally sourced ingredients. The cottage is committed to sustainable tourism and ensures minimum impact on the environment and culture.

14. Tashi Delek

Image Source : Tashi Delek

Tashi Delek is not like other resorts in Spiti Valley. Located in a small town of Kaza, Tashi Delek gives an experience that the guest may not be able to forget. It is popular for its amazingly warm hospitality and the very friendly staff here who makes sure that all your needs are met. The food served here is made with pure and organic ingredients that makes sure you can’t get enough of it. With all modern amenities, one can enjoy the picturesque views of the valley just like they enjoy it in all other Spiti Valley Hotels. 

15. Sissu Wilderness Camp

Image Source : Sissu Wilderness Camp

Sissu is no doubt a heavenly place which makes you feel like you are in a romantic movie. Sissu Wilderness Camp is one of the Resorts in Spiti Valley but it is a camping resort amidst nature. It offers various adventure activities and being equipped with all the basic amenities, it gives you a relaxing stay after a long adventure-filled day. Warm hospitality, unique blend of adventure, tradition and nature and an amazing experience is enough to make it one of those Spiti Valley Hotels that makes you want to come back again.

16. The Grand Shamba La

Image Source : The Grand Shamba La

Out of the many options from Spiti Valley Hotels, The Grand Shamba La is a luxurious hotel that offers various rooming options, from suites to villas, all equipped with modern amenities. The hotel provides top-notch facilities, and the warmth in the hospitality can be felt as soon as you step inside the hotel as the staff here is very friendly and very well trained, giving you exceptional services. You get to experience the unique blend of luxury and tradition in one place. Make sure you are visiting one of the best Spiti hotels on your vacation. 

17. Youngkhil Guest House

Image Source : Youngkhil Guest House

The Youngkhil Guest House is run by the Thakur Family which is very warm and welcoming. The Guest House is located in Kaza with rooms decorated in Spitian style with all required basic amenities. There is hot water and warm blankets to combat the chilly Spiti nights. 

The Guest House is designed in a traditional style with tasteful decorations. Organic ingredients are used for preparing the meals here, making it one unique culinary experience for the guests.

18. The Grand Dewachen

Image Source : The Grand Dewachen

The Grand Dewachen, found at an elevation of approximately 12000 ft above sea level is nestled amidst the rugged terrains of Spiti Valley. Being a serene retreat, The Grand Dewachen offers breathtaking views of the valley. The hotel has a traditional style architecture with spacious rooms and modern amenities. One thing that attracts tourists the most is the rooftop restaurant that gives breathtaking views of the landscape. Get your eyes on one of the best Spiti hotels like never before. 

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19. Tenzing Lodge

Image Source : tripadvisor

Tenzing Lodge, located in Spiti Valley, provides you with an option to stay in a deluxe room, suites or tents. Equipped with modern amenities, with spacious rooms, hot water facilities and freshly cooked meals prepared with organic ingredients pampers your taste buds. You get a chance to experience a unique culture of Spiti Valley which is not only comfortable but also quite affordable. Thus, making it one of the best choices of Spiti Valley Hotels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are some of the good Spiti valley resorts for families?

All Spiti Valley Resorts are located at pristine locations making it an excellent choice for families to stay. Spiti Village Resort, Spiti Heritage, and The Grand Dragon are some of the resorts that are suitable for families.

What are the best Spiti Valley resorts for couples?

It totally depends on the couple’s preferences. If they are looking for a luxurious stay then they can go for Spiti Valley Resort, Spiti Village Resort, The Grand Shamba La and The Grand Dragon. If they are looking for a little taste of adventure then they should definitely check out the Sissu Wilderness Camp and the Norling Camp, that offers several adventure activities 

What food & drink options are available in Resorts?

Most of the resorts in Spiti Valley have in-house restaurants that prepare delicious meals with pure organic ingredients. Most resorts serve Indian as well as International cuisines. As far as drinks are concerned, a few of these resorts also have a bar that serves cocktails and mocktails to its guests, making the experience better. Mustache Kaza is one of the resorts that has a bar that serves beverages. 

Is parking available in Resorts?

Yes, most of the resorts give parking facilities to its guests who drive all the way from their location to Spiti. Kunphen and Spiti Valley Resort offer parking space to the guests staying there.

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