Local Food In Amritsar: Flavor City of Punjab

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When exploring a new area, nothing quite compares to diving into its local food scene. Amritsar is no exception, boasting a rich tapestry of flavors that reflect its unique culture and history. From bustling street markets to cozy family-run restaurants, the culinary offerings here are as diverse as they are delicious.

In this guide, we’ll take you on a gastronomic journey through Amritsar, highlighting the best local food spots you can’t miss. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking to satisfy your taste buds, get ready to discover the heart and soul of Amritsar through its unforgettable cuisine. So the next time you book your India Trips and land in Punjab, be sure to indulge yourself in the best local food in Amritsar.

Taste the Best


When you think of Amritsar, the first thing that comes to mind is The Golden Temple, also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Sri Harmandir Sahib. Following closely, the mouth-watering cuisine of Amritsar takes center stage, earning the city the title of Culinary Capital of India.

In Amritsar, the passion for food is unparalleled. While most people eat to live, Punjabis live to eat. Every facet of life, from social events to spiritual gatherings and celebrations, is centered around the joy of eating and one of the best things to do in Amritsar. Lets us now delve into some of the best local food in Amritsar.

1. Langar and Kada Prasad


The Golden Temple is one the best places to visit in Amritsar, and while you’re there, you should try the langar they serve. The Golden Temple hosts the largest kitchen in the world, operating 24/7 all year round, feeding over 100,000 people daily for free. It is widely regarded as the best place to eat in Amritsar.

The food, which includes flatbread, rice, lentils, and vegetables, may seem simple, but it is delicious and satisfying. The experience is also enjoyable as you sit in long lines with many others. Don’t forget to try the Kada Prasad, the world’s tastiest halwa made with plenty of pure ghee. Once you taste it, you won’t forest this best local food in Amritsar.

2. Amritsari Kulcha


When discussing Amritsar’s cuisine, one cannot overlook the best local food in Amritsar –  the Amritsari Kulcha, a highly favored breakfast choice. This Kulcha is stuffed with potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, and special spices, then baked in a tandoor (clay oven) with generous amounts of butter and ghee. It’s typically served with spicy Chole (chickpeas) and sliced onions. The taste is so irresistible that you might want to forgo other foods just to enjoy its lingering flavor all day long.

For the best Kulchas in Amritsar, Maqbool Kulcha Shop is highly popular, and Basant Avenue Boo Wale Kulchas is another excellent option.

3. Puri Chole


It’s practically a sin to discuss the best local food in Amritsar without mentioning Puri Chole. This beloved dish features Puri, crispy deep-fried bread made from whole wheat flour, and Chole, a curry of spicy, flavorful chickpeas. Accompanied by raita, tangy chutney, and a fresh salad, every bite immerses you in the essence of Amritsar’s culinary heritage.

When exploring the streets of Amritsar, be sure to sample the best street food in Amritsar. It’s more than just a meal; it’s an experience, particularly at the renowned Kanha Sweets on Lawrence Road.

4. Makki Di Roti Sarso Ka Saag


When you hear Punjabi Food everyone remembers “Makki Di Roti Te Sarson Da Sag” as it is a famous food of Amritsar. This dish is more than just food; it’s an emotion. A beloved winter specialty in Amritsar, it offers warmth and nutrition.

Originally a staple for rural Punjab, trying out Makki di Roti and Sarso Ka Saag is one of the best things to do in Punjab and it has now become one of India’s iconic dishes. If you visit Amritsar in the winter, this is a must-try and one of the best local food in Amritsar.

Sarson da saag, served with crispy makki roti and a generous dollop of butter, is a true local delight. One of the best places to enjoy this dish is Kesar Da Dhaba. With a history of serving delicious food for around 100 years, their Makki Di Roti Te Sarson Da Sag stands out. Despite its simple appearance, the taste here surpasses many upscale restaurants. Situated near the Golden Temple, Kesar Da Dhaba is a must-visit for the best local food in Amritsar.

5. Dal Makhani


This velvety, creamy, and buttery dal is a cornerstone of Punjabi cuisine and famous foods of Amritsar. In Punjab, it is often said that no lunch or dinner is complete without Dal Makhani. It is typically enjoyed with butter naan or lachha paratha. Dal Makhani is ubiquitous in Amritsar, available from the best street food in Amritsar to upscale restaurants.

Two renowned best-food outlets in Amritsar are Bharawan Da Dhaba and Kesar Da Dhaba. If you prefer dining where the locals do, the 100-year-old Bharawan Da Dhaba and Kesar Da Dhaba should be on your list.

6. Aloo Paratha


Among the best local food in Amritsar, aloo parathas hold a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. This beloved flatbread, stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes and topped with a melting chunk of butter, served alongside tangy pickles and creamy yogurt, instantly brings to mind the vibrant and best street food in Amritsar. Here, aloo paratha isn’t merely a dish; it’s a celebration on a plate.

These thick, golden-brown breads, epitomizing Amritsar’s street food, offer more than just a meal; they’re an experience. Crafted with skill and passion, the aloo paratha at Kesar Da Dhaba stands out as a culinary landmark, making it one of the best places to eat in Amritsar. Savoring an aloo paratha in Amritsar is not just about satisfying hunger; it’s about embracing the warmth and joy of this special place.

7. Butter Chicken


When we talk about Dal Makhani, we can’t forget its non-vegetarian counterpart, butter chicken. If you’re a chicken lover, Amritsar is a must-visit city, especially for its iconic dish known as butter chicken or murgh makhani. This renowned dish is popular both in Amritsar and internationally.

The combination of creamy sauce, butter, and spices offers a unique taste, making it a must-try food in Amritsar. From street vendors to upscale restaurants, each place has its secret recipes. One of the best food outlets in Amritsar to enjoy butter chicken in Amritsar is Beera Chicken House.

8. Mutton Chaap


When it comes to the best street food in Amritsar, chaaps are a popular favorite, distinguished by a unique local preparation style. These minced meat patties are infused with Amritsari flavors, creating a distinct taste that is widely loved. Amritsar’s non-vegetarian cuisine, rich in flavor, is influenced by the culinary traditions of Peshawar and Lahore, a legacy of the 1947 partition.

Migrants brought their culinary traditions to Amritsar, giving rise to the city’s iconic Mutton Chaap (deep-fried minced meat patties). This dish has since become a must-try for anyone visiting Amritsar. One of the best food outlets in Amritsar to try this dish is Mohan Singh Meat Shop.

9. Amritsari Fish


If you love fish, you can’t miss trying the famous Amritsari fish, a standout and best street food in Amritsar. Known for its rich culinary heritage, the city offers delicious fish dishes, thanks to its proximity to five rivers that provide a steady supply of fresh fish year-round.

The preparation involves marinating the fish in a tangy masala with garlic, ginger, and turmeric. It’s then coated in a mixture of rice and gram (besan) flour, giving it a crispy texture when deep-fried to golden brown perfection. For the best Amritsari fish, the best food outlets in Amritsar is Makhan Fish & Chicken Corner, an iconic eatery famous for its seafood delicacies that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

10. Kulfa


You might be familiar with Kulfi, but have you heard of Kulfa? It’s an Amritsari take on Kulfi, popular for its rich and creamy texture. This street food delicacy combines ingredients like phirni, Kulfi, Falooda, and Rabri, creating a treat for your taste buds.

Kulfa is a big hit and one of the best street food in Amritsar. This shop serves incredibly delicious Kulfa, and the portions are so generous you might struggle to finish it! So, when exploring the best street food in Amritsar and searching for the best dessert, be sure to try Kulfa at A One Kulfa.

11. Lassi


How can you visit Amritsar and not try Lassi? In Amritsar, no meal is complete without this drink! A chilled glass of Lassi is more than a beverage; it’s an experience that captivates you instantly. Made with curd, khoya, and nuts, this refreshing drink will make you forget everything else. It’s so rich and buttery that you might wonder whether to scoop it or drink it.

The best place to enjoy Lassi is Lassi Ahuja Milk Bhandar, renowned for its simple Kesar Lassi. If you’re in the mood for something unique, try the Peda Lassi, a specialty not widely known outside Amritsar. The finest Peda Lassi, served with makhan, can be found near the Golden Temple at Gian Peda Lassi’s shop.

12. Phirni


Phirni is a dessert you simply can’t miss when in Amritsar! This creamy, nutty treat has been delighting taste buds in Punjab for generations. Crafted from rice, milk, and a generous helping of dry fruits, topped with silver wrap, each spoonful feels like a taste of paradise. Tempted yet?

Served in charming clay pots, it’s the perfect indulgence whenever you’re craving something sweet. While there are many places to sample this dessert in Amritsar, the top spots include Ahuja Milk Bhandar, renowned for its saffron-infused Phirni, and Kesar Da Dhaba, another hotspot for this delicacy. If you’re on the hunt for the finest Amritsari phirni, be sure to experience Phirni at these renowned establishments.

13. Amritsari Pinni


Amritsari Pinni is a renowned sweet delight and a perfect choice for those with a penchant for sweets. This traditional treat is crafted from clarified butter (desi ghee), wheat flour, sugar, and an abundance of dry fruits such as almonds, pistachios, and cashews. What sets Amritsari Pinni apart is its sumptuously thick texture and the delightful aroma of cardamom, occasionally enhanced with saffron.

Pinnis are more than just a delectable treat; they’re also a source of energy. Often consumed during winter for warmth and a quick energy boost, they also have a long shelf life, making them ideal gifts to bring back home. For the finest Amritsari Pinnis, head to Bansal Sweets, established in 1981 and renowned for crafting delicious Pinnis.

14. Gulab Jamun and Jalebis

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Gulab Jamun and Jalebis are two beloved Indian sweets enjoyed by millions worldwide and one of the best local food in Amritsar. What sets these treats apart in Amritsar is the city’s longstanding sweet shops, steeped in tradition with recipes handed down through generations.

Among these, Ramesh Sharma Sweets stands out as one of the best places to eat local food in Amritsar and the most renowned and celebrated for its exquisite sweets, particularly Gulab Jamun and Jalebis. The irresistible taste of these sweets owes much to the use of pure ghee, a well-guarded secret behind their mouthwatering flavor.

Moreover, some shops and vendors in Amritsar have introduced innovative ways of serving these sweets, such as pairing Jalebis with Rabri or serving warm Gulab Jamun adorned with nuts. Ultimately, it’s the combination of time-honored recipes, premium ingredients, and creative presentation that elevates Gulab Jamun and Jalebis to iconic status in Amritsar’s culinary scene.

15. Aam Papad


Have you ever experienced Aam Papad? It’s a distinctive street food specialty of Amritsar, crafted from ripe mangoes, sugar, and a touch of sunshine, making it one of India’s most intriguing culinary treasures. The ideal spot to savor it is in Amritsar, home to Ram Lubhaya Aampapper Wala, a century-old establishment renowned for its Aam Papad. Ripe mangoes are transformed into a smooth pulp and blended with sugar to create this delicacy.

The mixture is then sun-dried until it achieves a chewy, sweet, tangy texture. What’s particularly delightful about Aam Papad is its array of flavors and textures – some are purely sweet, some offer a tangy twist, while others boast a spicy kick. So, if you ever find yourself in Amritsar, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this unique street food delight!

The Lingering Taste of Amritsar

Amritsar’s cuisine isn’t just about flavor; it’s a conduit to connecting with its people and their culture. Rooted in history, love, and warmth, the food here embodies the essence of Punjab. Each mouthful of Amritsar’s culinary delights narrates a tale, offering a journey through the city’s rich heritage and traditions.

To truly understand Amritsar and its residents, sampling the best local food in Amritsar is essential. It’s a beautiful avenue to immerse oneself in their culture and experience the affection and hospitality of this remarkable place. Remember, the best local food in Amritsar isn’t solely a delight for the taste buds; it’s a means to forge connections with its people and foster a deeper connection with Punjab.

Are there any farmer's markets or food festivals in Amritsar?

There are numerous farmers’ markets in Amritsar that showcase organic vendors, providing an opportunity to engage directly with farmers and gain insight into their farming methods. Baisakhi is celebrated in the middle of April and is a festival is when you can be sure to enjoy delicious Punjabi food.

Can you recommend any must-eat restaurants for visitors to Amritsar?

Kesar Da Dhaba is a prominent vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar. Bharawan Da Dhaba, Kanha Sweets, Swagtam Dhaba, and Kale Da Dhaba are other must-eat restaurants for visitors in Amritsar.

Are there any local ingredients or specialties that are unique to Amritsar?

Lassi, Langar ka Prasad, Amritsari Kulcha, and Amritsari Fish are local specialties unique to Amritsar.

What are some popular beverages or drinks that are enjoyed in Amritsar?

Punjabis and Lassi go hand in hand. While in Amritsar, indulge in as many glasses of Lassi as possible because the unique taste you’ll experience here is unparalleled. Ahuja Milk Bhandar stands out as one of the finest spots to enjoy Lassi, offering a perfect balance of thickness and sweetness.

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