15 Best local food in London in 2024: Taste of London

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London has yummy food to try from all over! Like fish and chips that is crispy fish and fries. It is a classic British meal that lots of people love. Another favourite is pie and mash, which is pie and mashed potatoes. It’s delicious and filling. We list the best places to visit in London for your next trip.

Are you feeling adventurous? Then try Indian curry. you can find it everywhere in London. It’s spicy and flavourful, with lots of different kinds to pick from. 

And let’s not forget about desserts! London has a variety of sweet treats, from sticky toffee pudding to lint and airy Eton mess, made with meringue, whipped cream and fresh berries, they are both super tasty. 

You can find all the best local food in London in markets or cosy restaurants all over London. Don’t forget to wash it down with a pint of beer or a cup of tea. 

So if you are visiting London, be sure to sample some of the local cuisine. It is a delicious journey through the city’s rich culinary heritage with Europe Tour Packages!

Top 15 best local food in London

  • Steak and kidney pie
  • Traditional English breakfast
  • Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding
  • Fish and chips
  • Banger and mash
  • Beef wellington
  • Ploughman’s lunch
  • Beef stew
  • Scotch egg
  • Jellied Eels
  • Cockney pie
  • Curry
  • Afternoon tea
  • Eton mess
  • Sticky toffee pudding

1. Steak and kidney pie

Image Source : The Spruce Eats

Steak and kidney pie is a popular dish in taverns and pubs that offers, as the name suggests, diced beef and kidney. The kidney component of the pie often comes from beef, but it may also originate from lamb or pork. It is among the Best Local Food In London.

In addition to the minimum ingredients, this pie often has brown gravy and fried onion as well, along with black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. You can find it in virtually any pub in London, with some proper sit-down restaurants offering it as well.

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2. Traditional English breakfast


The traditional English breakfast, also known as a full breakfast, is treated as a singular dish despite having multiple delicious components. You’ll find bacon along with fried, poached or scrambled eggs. Additionally, the breakfast usually features toast, sausages and black pudding.

This dish is so popular that you’ll find it in virtually every cafe in London. Most pubs tend to offer it as well, so you’ll never have to go far to try it all out for yourself. You’ll find, however, that a lot of establishments prepare it a bit differently.

3. Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding


Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding is a traditional meal that’s often, but not exclusively, served on Sundays and includes a slice of roasted meat with potatoes, stuffing and pudding. The roast itself can vary quite a bit, with meats like chicken, lamb, beef and pork all being common. Seasonal variations include duck, turkey and gammon.

The pudding side of this dish is made from eggs, flour and milk, though it comes in many different forms depending on the cook. This dish is available in virtually every cafe in London along with local restaurants. It is one of the Best Local Food In London. Suggesting some resorts and hotels in London for your next trip.

4. Fish and chips


Fish and chips is one of the best local food in London, and London lets you taste this casual and simple dish taken to the next level. This dish has been a staple of England for nearly 2 centuries now, and you’ll find it in many forms all across London.

You’ll find some casual fish and chips shacks throughout town, but you can try a more elevated version at several local restaurants. You may even find it at some fine-dining restaurants that specialise in British cuisine and it is the best street Food in London.

5. Banger and mash


Bangers and Mash is a combination dish of sausages and mashed potatoes that comes in many different forms and is typically served with onion gravy. The sausages can be made from various types of meat, including pork, lamb and beef.

For the most part, this dish is widely considered to be pub grub. This is because it’s easy to make, and can be made in large quantities at low cost. You can expect it to be available in just about every single pub in London and is the best local food in London.

6. Beef Wellington


Beef Wellington is one of the staples of British fine dining, as it offers a fillet wrapped in a puff pastry to create an unforgettable taste. This is a special dish that requires a talented chef to pull off properly, so expect to pay an extra pound when you order it in one of London’s fine-dining establishments.

While the beef version of this is the most widespread, you’ll see some variations around as well that substitute the beef for proteins like sausage and salmon. Vegetarian versions also exist using beets and mushrooms, among other options. You’ll find this item typically in more high-end restaurants and is the Best Local Food In London.

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7. Ploughman’s lunch

Image Source : The Spruce Eats

Ploughman’s lunch is a popular meal mainly around bread, cheese and onions, though you’ll usually find a few other ingredients mixed in as well. The ingredients are all based on what would be convenient for a rural English person to use centuries ago, though preparation has developed with the times.

This meal is often served with beer, making it especially common around London’s pubs and inns. It’s generally considered a lunchtime meal, though you’ll find it available for far longer than that at most pubs. It is the best street Food in London.

8. Beef stew


Beef stew is a common enough dish almost everywhere, but London offers a unique beef stew that uses London broil, a lean and tough steak. Typically, beef stew in London offers pieces of steak that are cooked medium-rare and thinly sliced after being marinated.

When you combine the London broil with other ingredients in a stew, like potatoes and vegetables, you can enjoy a rich flavour that will make you feel as if you’re enjoying fine dining without the posh atmosphere. This stew is available all over town in restaurants, both budget-friendly and high-end and is the best local food in London. Some of the best photography spots in London for your reference.

9. Scotch egg


The scotch egg combines hard-boiled egg with seasoned sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried or baked until golden and crispy. While its origins are uncertain, the scotch egg is believed to have been created by the London departmental store Fortnum & Mason in the 18th century as a portable snack for travellers. Since then, it has become a popular picnic food, pub snack, and party appetiser enjoyed by people of all ages across the UK. It is the best English food to try in London.

10. Jellied Eels

Image Source : Wikipedia

Jellied eels or an ancient dish of London’s East end with a history dating back centuries. This traditional delicacy originated as a cheap and plentiful resource of sustenance for the working-class residents of London’s docklands areas, where eels were abundant in the muddy waters of the River Thames. 

Prepared by boiling fresh yields in a spiced broth until tender, then setting them in a gelatinous jelly made from the cooking liquid. Jellied eels are traditionally served cold, either as a snack or as a part of a larger meal. They are typically eaten with a sprinkle of salt and a splash of malt vinegar to enhance the flavours. Some people also enjoy them with a dollop of eerie mustard or chilly sauce for an extra kick. 

Jellied eels may not be as popular as they were once, but they remain a symbol of London’s culinary heritage and I still enjoyed by many locals and visitors They are the best English food to try in London.

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11. Cockney pie

Image Source : Hark1karan

Cockney pie is also a traditional dish that comes from East London and Best London street food. It is a type of savoury pie filled with either minced eel, meat or vegetables. This file is usually served with mashed potatoes and a special sauce called ‘Liquor’ which is made from parsley. 

This dish is popular among working-class families, but you can still find it in some pie-and-mash shops around London. The pie itself is simple but delicious, with a crispy pastry crust and tasty filling. So if you ever find yourself in London make sure to give Cockney pie a try. It is among the Best Local Food In London.

12. Curry


Curry dishes in London are super popular and delicious! They come from countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they’re loved by people all over the city. There are lots of different kinds of curries to try, from mild and creamy ones like chicken tikka masala to super spicy ones like Vindaloo. You can have them with rice, naan bread or even chips if you fancy. 

In London, you can find Indian restaurants all over the place, especially in areas like Brick Lane which is famous for its curry houses. These restaurants are often colourful and lively with amazing smells coming out of the kitchen. 

One cool thing about curry in London is that it’s not just about traditional recipes, chefs here like to get creative so you might find fusion curries that mix Indian flavours with British ingredients like chicken tikka pizza or lamb curry pie. So be prepared for lots of flavours and maybe a little bit of heat. It is a Famous local food in London.

13. Afternoon tea


Afternoon tea is a British tradition dating back to 19 century that involves a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, delegate pastries and a pot of tea. Introduced by Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, as a way to beat hunger between lunch and dinner. Afternoon tea has evolved into a leisurely fare enjoyed by people of all ages across the UK.

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14. Eton mess

Image Source : Delicious

Eton Mess is a yummy dessert that’s easy to make and super tasty. It’s made with just a few simple ingredients like crust meringue, Cream and fresh strawberries. You mix everything. You gently fold the crushed Meringue Open chopped strawberries into with cream until it’s all combined. The result is a delicious mezze mixture of creamy, crunchy and fruity flavours.

Eton mess got its name from Eton College, which is a fancy school in England. Legend has it that it was invented when someone accidentally squished are meringue dessert and instead of throwing it away they decided to mix it all and the Eton mess was born.

It is a popular dessert in the summertime because it is light, refreshing and full of fruity goodness. It is among the Best Local Food In London.

15. Sticky toffee pudding

Image Source : Food & Wine

Sticky toffee pudding is a popular dessert from North West England and a Must-try local dish in London that has chopped dates in a moist sponge cake topped with toffee sauce. It’s often served with custard or ice cream, with vanilla being the most common flavour.

This is the classic British dessert, so it’s common in virtually every restaurant in London that serves desserts. It’s popular with kids as well, so it’s something you won’t want to miss out on if you’re travelling with the whole family. It is one of the Best Local Food In London.

Can I find good non-vegetarian food in London?

London is a paradise for non-vegetarian food lovers. You can enjoy classic British dishes like fish and chips, pies and Sunday roast at traditional pubs and restaurants throughout the city.

What local dessert should I try in London?

When it comes to local deserts in London, one classic you shouldn’t miss is sticky toffee pudding. This indulgent dessert has a moist sponge cake made with dates and covered in sticky toffee sauce and is often served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or a drizzle of custard for extra decadence.

Are there any vegetarian specialities in London?

Yes, London has plenty of vegetarian specialities to try. You can try dishes like Halloumi fries, vegetable curries, falafel wraps and vegan burgers at restaurants and street food stalls across the city.

Where can I find the best street food in London?

The best local food in London can be found at markets like Borough Market, Camden Market and Greenwich Market.

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