Discover Best Local Food in Shimla: A Foodies Ultimate Guide

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Wake Up Mountains Are Calling!!!

Shimla also known as “The Queen Of Hills” is known for its enchanting beauty. If you are planning a trip to Shimla, then you can’t miss out on its appetizing local cuisine. Experience the best local food in Shimla that represents Himachali culture and tradition. Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is known for its serene beauty and the simplicity of its lifestyle. The heavenly atmosphere amidst the hills accompanied by some of the best local food in Shimla feels more like visiting your grandparent’s house in the summers, away from the city chaos and closer to the welcoming and heartwarming lap of nature.

This blog is specifically curated to guide you with the best places to eat in Shimla along with the best Himachal tour packages to fit your budget. So, get ready to feast on your taste buds with these must-try local dishes in Shimla, from mouthwatering street food stalls to cozy cafes, we have you covered.

Explore The Best Local Food in Shimla – A Taste of Tradition

Himachali cuisine is all about simplicity and a fulfilling experience. If you haven’t tried their Momos, Thukpa, Siddhu, Madra, and the popular Dham in Himachal, then you are missing out on so much. Let’s not make you wait further and get straight to some of the best places to eat local food in Shimla.

1. Dham: A Traditional Feast


One cannot miss out on mentioning Himachali Dham when talking about the best local food in Shimla. This festive feast is one of the most traditional and significant parts of Himachali festivals and celebrations. Dham is usually served in a traditional way on leaf plates with a variety of dishes like rajma (kidney beans), rice, madra (curd and legume-based curry), meethe chawal (sweet rice) etc. The flavorful blend of spices in Dham is a true culinary delight representing the culture of the place.

  • Where to Try: Dham is mostly served during local festivals and weddings in Himachal, but you can explore some traditional restaurants in Shimla to try Dham like Himachali Rasoi, located near Mall Road.

2. Siddu


Siddu is one of the most popular dishes in Shimla-Himachal enjoyed especially during the winter seasons with ghee. Siddhu is a soft bread made from wheat and yeast, filled with a mixture of ingredients like walnuts, and poppy seeds. Siddu is typically steamed and coated with a layer of ghee or butter and served hot with mint chutney. 

  • Where to try: You will easily find Siddu at various local food-hopping Shimla spots. However, the Siddu served at the Ridge and Mall Road are some of the famous spots.

3. Chana Madra: Chickpea Yogurt Curry


For anyone looking to experience the best local food in Shimla, the rich and creamy Chana Madra is a must-try. Chana Madra is another gem of Himachali cuisine, made from chickpeas, plain unsweetened yogurt, and spices. Madra is one of the festive dishes with a rich authentic taste of Indian spices. You should definitely try this dish when in Shimla, for unforgettable taste.

  • Where to Try: Madra is easily available at any local food joints near Shimla Himachal, like Baljees, or Himachali Rasoi. 

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4. Babru: The Street Food Favorite


If you are a North Indian, you already know about this popular Indian snack, Babru. Babru is a local favorite for deep-fried roti/bread stuffed with black gram paste. It’s often served with savory tamarind chutney. This fulfilling dish is a favorite among tourists and locals for its flavorful filling and crispy exterior.

  • Where to Try: Babru can be enjoyed at any local street food vendor in Shimla. You can find Babru at the local markets of Lakkar Bazaar and Mall Road.

5. Thukpa: A Tibetan Delight


You will also find a Tibetan influence in the local cuisines of Shimla like Thukpa. You can enjoy Thukpa in the chilly weather of Shimla. Thukpa is a noodle soup with meat, vegetables and a flavorful blend of Tibetan spices. 

  • Where to Try: You can try Thukpa at the famous food points near the Ridge and Mall Road. Cafe Sol and Krishna Bakers also serve the best Thukpa in the town.

6. Trout Fish: The Streams Special


Trout fish is also among the must-try local dishes in Shimla. Trout fish is sourced fresh from the cold and clear streams in Himachal. The Trout fish is prepared with local herbs and spices. The fish is marinated and then fried or grilled.

  • Where to Try: To try this delicacy, you can visit the best places to eat in Shimla like The Oberoi Cecil, or Ashiana & Goofa.

Must Try Local Dishes in Shimla

7. Aloo Palda: Potato Yogurt Curry


Himachal Pradesh is famous for its culture and simplicity in its lifestyle, which this Aloo Palda dish truly justifies. Aloo Palda is made from potatoes cooked in a yoghurt-based curry.

It’s a simple yet delicious dish. Aloo Palda is the most comforting meal. Its creamy and tangy flavours go well with rice or bread.

  • Where to Try: You can visit local eateries in Shimla, or Himachali Rasoi to try Aloo Palda.

8. Mittha: Sweet Rice Delight


Mittha is one of the main desserts in the Himachali Dham. It’s a traditional Himachali dessert made of sweetened rice, saffron and dry fruits. It’s often served at the last of your meal.

  • Where to try: You can find Mittha at any local shop in Shimla, or in restaurants like Baljees and Himachali Rasoi.

9. Chaa Gosht: The Famous Lamb Curry


For all the non-vegetarian visitors, Chaa Gosht is a must-try dish. This delicious Himachali Lamb curry is cooked with creamy yoghurt and gram flour. The flavoursome gravy, rich in local spices, makes it a favourite among meat lovers.

  • Where to Try: Chaa Gosht is available at the full-meal restaurants in Shimla such as Ashiana & Goofa.

Best Street Food in Shimla

10. Chaat and Ice cream at The Ridge


Ahh!! How can you forget the ravishing chaat in Shimla? You can enjoy the best chaat and ice cream at The Ridge along with enjoying the scenic beauty of Shimla.

11. Momos: A Tibetan Influence


Every 9 out of 10 people are a fan of this local delicacy, momos. You can try the best momos at any street vendors at The Ridge or near Mall Road. For those who are looking for a quick and tasty snacking option, these steamed dumplings with vegetables or meat filling are a perfect pick.

Some More Must-Try Local Dishes In Shimla

12. Patande: Himachali Pancakes


Try this wholesome breakfast, Patande, which is a Himachali version of pancakes. Patande is prepared from wheat flour and milk and served hot with sauce or honey syrup.

  • Where to Try: Patande is easily available at local cafes and breakfast joints in Shimla.

13. Tudkiya Bhath: Himachali Pulao


Enjoy a fulfilling traditional Himachali pulao dish called Tudkiya Bhath. It is prepared from rice, often cooked with mixed lentils, potatoes, bay leaf and a mix of freshly ground spices. It’s well-cooked with yogurt for a tangy and comforting taste.

  • Where to Try: Tudkiya Bhath can be found at some local eateries in Shimla or at Himachali Rasoi restaurant.

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Best Places to Eat in Shimla: A Culinary Guide

Every place has some famous points well known for its ambience, taste or age-old practices. In order for you not to miss out on the best places to eat in Shimla, here’s a list of popular places to enjoy food in Shimla.

1. Himachali Rasoi: Best in Town


By now you must have heard of this place a lot of times. Well, Himachali Rasoi is one of the most popular restaurants in Shimla, located near Mall Road. For all those wanting to explore the best local food in Shimla, Himachali Rasoi should be on your checklist. This place has a traditional ambience with budget-friendly menu options. You’ll get everything from authentic local Himachali food to fancy culinary.

2. Wake and Bake Cafe: The Perfect Local Global Blend


While staying at comfy resorts and hotels in Shimla, and enjoying the beautiful views, do visit this cosy Wake & Bake Cafe located in the middle bazaar, Mall Road.  There are a lot of menu options to try here ranging from authentic Himachali flavors to global cuisines. You must try their Siddu and Thukpa. 

3. Ashiama and Goofa: Himachal Tousrism’s Restaurant


Ashiana and Goofa is a government-run local restaurant, situated on the Ridge. This place is well known for serving traditional dishes and consistent quality. The menu features a variety of local Himachali and North Indian dishes to try. It’s also a great photography spot in Shimla.

Local Food Hopping in Shimla

4. Mall Road: The Culinary Hub


Mall Road is a place where you will find everything on your plate from street special Siddhu to Thukpa soup. This place is the heart of Shimla’s culinary delight. It’s an all-in-all restaurant with mixed varieties of street food and cafes served.

5. Lakkar Bazaar: The Local Food Hotspot


Lakkar Bazaar is literally the hotspot for local food in Shimla. At this place, you’ll find everything from Chana Madra, Babru, and other snacking options. So, do pay a visit to Lakkar Bazaar when roaming in Shimla.

Local Food Near Shimla Himachal Pradesh

6. Kufri: The Snowy Delicacy Spot


Being in the mountains and not enjoying Maggie?? 

Kufri is a cosy resort hill station in Shimla where you can find some of the excellent local food including Maggie. It’s also known for its snow-clad hill view which makes it a perfect spot for tourists. You can enjoy hot and flavorful local Himachali dishes at Kufri after your day-long adventure in Shimla with one of the best treks in Shimla.

7. Mashobra: A Hidden Gem


Mashobra is a small town near Shimla with a serene environment and authentic Himachali food. You will find some of the best local dhabas, and restaurants here in Mashobra for delightful local food options.

Conclusion: Savoring the Best Local Food in Shimla

From ravishing Chana Madra to traditional feasts like Dham and Mittha, exploring the best local food in Shimla tells a story about the rich culture of Himachal. Be it the mouthwatering street food favourites like Siddu, and Babru or dining at a high-end restaurant chain with a beautiful view, the local food in Shimla brings a feeling of satisfied palate and unforgettable memories. So, next time you visit Shimla, don’t forget to munch on these amazing delicacies and welcoming atmosphere at the native places.

Happy feasting!

What is the most famous local dish in Shimla?

Dham is the most famous local dish in Shimla. It’s a traditional Himachali feast served during festive seasons or special occasions. 

Where can I find the best traditional meals in Shimla?

There are so many places to try the best traditional meals in Shimla like Himachali Rasoi near Mall Road. Here you will get served some of the best Himachali cuisines including Siddu, Dham and Madra.

What are some must-try street foods in Shimla?

Some must-try street foods in Shimnla are Siddu, Madra, Babru and chicken anardaana. These dishes can be found at any local street food stalls near Lakkar Bazaar, or Mall Road.

What is unique about Shimla local cuisine?

The cuisine of Shimla is unique for its traditional cooking methods locally sourced ingredients, and homegrown spices. Also, the influence of Tibetan cuisine adds to the Shinmla’s local cuisine. 

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