Seek The Bliss Of Nature With The Best Monsoon Destinations In The Western Ghats

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To all the nature lovers out there. If you ever have to shoot a song amidst the beauty of nature, What song would it be? 

For me I would definitely shoot the song “ Ilahi” from the movie “ Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”, and shoot it amidst the verdant beauty of the Western Ghats. That’s how beautiful the nature of this region of India. So don’t delay anymore and hop on the quest of unveiling some of the best monsoon destinations in Western Ghat this year. And if you are on an India trip this monsoon then including this region is going to add a delight in your India travel Itinerary

There are a lot of monsoon destinations to visit in Western Ghats, as it is a continuous chain of verdant mountain ranges that runs along the western coast of peninsular India. The entire western Ghat covers the states from Gujrat in the north to Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerela and TamilNadu in the south. 

Known for its renowned verdant beauty the best places of Western Ghats during monsoons are also a biodiversity hotspot. The Western Ghats are home to some of the most extensive tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests, which are the habitats of many species from small birds, to insects to big animals. 

So you can imagine how beautiful this region turns during monsoon when the nature is in full bloom. But not all the parts of this region is accessible so let’s dive deep into understanding which are the best places to visit in Western Ghats during monsoon season that we absolutely can’t miss. 

Witness the Real Beauty of Monsoon destinations to visit in Western ghats


During monsoon the top monsoon getaways around western ghats turns into a green paradise. And if you are someone who loves nature then this could be your ideal dream destination during monsoon. 

Along with that this region receives rainfall in abundance making this region nourish the vegetation and turn the landscape ncredibly vibrant and alive with the sound of flowing rivers and waterfalls. The best places of Western Ghats during monsoons or we can say that the entire western Ghat is one of the hottest hotspots in the World.  

The top monsoon getaways around western ghats are just brimming with special spots like Periyar National Park, Silent Valley National Park, and Eravikulam National Park. In those places, you get to see such a wide range of wildlife – elephants, tigers, leopards, and all sorts of bird varieties. It’s like stepping into a whole new world full of nature’s wonders.

What is so special about the must-visit monsoon tourist destinations in Western Ghats?


One hand among where the lush greenery of the places to visit in Western Ghats during monsoon season comes alive, the water bodies of the region also sees bloom during the monsoon. There are multiple water bodies that include everything to small water streams to waterfall, to lakes and many more. 

As the rain comes pouring during the monsoon, filling the rivers till they overflow with life. A spectacular scene unfolds as nature displays its glory with stunning waterfalls. The famous water sources are Jog Falls, DudhSagar Falls and Athirappilly Falls. 

These top monsoon getaways around western ghats reach the peak of their beauty at this time of year, putting on a spectacular and breathtaking display that captivates all who see it with its thunderous roar and spectacular presence mind

Each monsoon destination to visit in Western Ghats rejuvenates with rain making monsoon the perfect time for wildlife spotting and birdwatching, with many species being more active and visible. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or a bird watcher then the top monsoon getaways around western ghats can be an absolute paradise for you. 

The magical dance of mist, greenery and gentle rain paints beautiful landscapes and offers many opportunities for great photographs. There are also hill stations in Western Ghats which includes many places in Maharashtra and other western states The top monsoon getaways around western ghats like Munnar, Coorg and Mahabaleshwar turn into serene beauty spots during the monsoons. 

With their own tea and coffee plantations, mist-covered mountains and quaint cottages, these areas offer a luxurious opportunity to relax. The rains provide good opportunities for eco-friendly activities such as exploring natural areas, walking nature trails and living in eco-friendly accommodations. 

It encourages sustainable tourism behaviour regularly helping to preserve the pristine glory of the Western Ghats. Several health resorts in the Western Ghats offer authentic Ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenating spas which are considered highly beneficial in the cool and refreshing weather during the monsoons.

Which are the Best places of Western Ghats during monsoons?

 In the North of Best places of Western Ghats during monsoons

1. Saputara, Gujarat


Let’s talk about Saputara in Gujarat! This must visit monsoon tourist destinations in Western Ghats is the only hill station in Gujarat, and it becomes a lush paradise of beauty when the monsoon season arrives. Located in Dang province, the scenic city is surrounded by dense forests, tropical mountains and beautiful lakes. 

Surrounded by a vibrant garden, Saputara Lake is very magical in the autumn rains. It is truly a must-see and makes cruising there absolutely fascinating. And don’t even get me started on nearby Gira Falls – they live with so much power and grace that it’s just breathtaking. For those who want to make the trek, the Sunset Point hike offers breathtaking rain-kissed landscape views.

 Monsoon destinations to visit in Western Ghats (Maharashtra)

2. Lonavala and Khandala


It is located in the scenic Lonavala and Khandala districts of Maharashtra, two iconic hill stations near Mumbai and Pune. These twin Monsoon destinations to visit in the Western Ghats, celebrate the rainy season with incredible enthusiasm. Lush greenery, full flowing water and misty mountains create a lovely atmosphere. 

Among the attractions, the Bhushi Dam captures light during the monsoon season and invites visitors to enjoy the natural pools and waterfalls that touch Rajmachi Point, Tigers Leap and Karla Caves the spectacular attraction of the Ghats during the rainy season, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of the West

3. Matheran


Known as Asia’s only car-free hill station, the drive to Matheran in Maharashtra turns into a paradise when it rains. The rains do their magic, transforming this picturesque city into a green sanctuary adorned with dense forests, lush landscapes and tranquil lakes Matheran has 38 selected viewpoints such as Panorama Point and Echo Point adorning the landscape like jewels. 

A playful trek through the mist-shrouded mountains adds to the magic of the monsoon retreats here. The serene climate and pure natural splendor make Matheran a luxurious paradise for those looking for a perfect autumn holiday. Among the places to visit in Western Ghats during monsoon season, this is one of the most beautiful and secluded. 

4. Igatpuri


Located in the Sahyadri region, Igatpuri is a picturesque hill station that turns into a magical rain paradise. Green mountains, misty valleys and tranquil lakes grace its landscape, creating a picturesque setting that attracts nature lovers and thrill seekers. 

One of the main attractions in Igatpur is the Bhatsa river valley which is even more beautiful during the monsoons. This valley is adorned with greenery and a powerful flowing river that offers a peaceful and blissful view. During the rainy season, the Vaitarna Dam emerges as the second highlight of Igatpur. 

Surrounded by green mountains, the dam offers a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for picnics and quiet walks. The refreshing misty weather takes the experience to another level, creating the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the splendor of nature.

5. Bhandardara


This majestic place is situated near Nashik, and transforms into a picturesque monsoon wonderland that perfectly blends nature and tranquility for its visitors. Bhandardara has many tourist attractions and Wilson Dam is one of the major attractions. Rainwater has flooded around the dam and Lake Arthur in the fall, providing a relaxing paddling opportunity. 

This ride gives you the chance to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains and the misty weather. Apart from Wilson Dam, there are two other places in Bhandardar that you must visit during the monsoon season: Randha Falls and Ombrella Falls. 

These waterfalls fall steeply over lush greenery, creating a truly spectacular landscape. The refreshing cool breeze combines with the soothing sound of bubbling water to create a relaxing atmosphere. The peaceful and beautiful natural landscape makes it an ideal setting for a refreshing nature walk.

6. Toranmal


Among the Western Ghats destinations to explore this monsoon also lies the Satpura mountain range which is home to Toranmal. It is a picturesque hill station that is a magical place during the rainy season. Rain breathes new life into the area, blanketing the mountains with lush greenery and creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. 

Another must visit monsoon tourist destinations in Western Ghats is the Toranmal, which is home to the beautiful Yashwanti Lake surrounded by dense forests. It will be a beautiful escape for nature lovers, especially when the monsoons allow its waters to swell and augment the surrounding green spaces. Visitors can enjoy boating on the tranquil lake, admiring the breathtaking views of the misty mountains, providing the perfect place to relax and explore. 

This scenic monsoon destination to visit in Western ghats, features patches of greenery, with clouds and fog creating a mysterious atmosphere. The cool, misty weather enhances the experience, making it a great spot for photos and peaceful contemplation. With its combination of tranquility, refreshing climate and breathtaking natural scenery, Toranmal is the perfect sanctuary for monsoon holidays.

7. Dandeli


Located in the scenic Western Ghats, Dandeli is a paradise for nature lovers and thrill seekers during the rainy season. This monsoon place of South India witnesses mesmerising weather. Rain works its magic and transforms the environment into a vibrant carpet full of life, plants and animals. Dense forests and green spaces make it ideal for wildlife watching and relaxing walks. 

For adrenaline seekers, rafting down the Kali River in autumn is an experience like no other. Buoyed by rainwater, the river also offers thrilling rafting that attracts travelers from far and wide. The rapids against the backdrop of lush forests make for a perfect adventure to remember. 

Amid this idyllic landscape are the spectacular Sathodi and Magodi waterfalls that crash with raindrops. These spectacular waterfalls tempt visitors to soak their beauty in the cool misty air, offering a peaceful escape, making Dandel ideal for autumn holidays

8. Kudremukh


The mesmerizing Kudremukh, located in Karnataka, unleashes its monsoon magic as the rain graces its lush lands. Kudremukh is a gem of a hill station and national park that fascinates with its natural beauty. 

In the center of this paradise is the majestic Kudremukh peak, famous for resembling the appearance of a gallant horse. Its peak offers stunning views of the mist-covered landscape, while gentle hills and valleys surround this natural wonder.

As you delve into the charm of Kudremukhi, you will find another wonder – the Hanuman Gundi Falls. Surrounded by vibrant greenery, this waterfall dances uncontrollably during the monsoons. Its powerful descent creates a mesmerizing display that enraptures all who witness it, especially when it is followed by the cool caress of misty weather.

9. Agumbe


The Agumbe rainforest with mist-blanketing mountains and waterfalls lays out a stunning landscape that delights everyone as the monsoon season breathes new life into the local biodiversity and they want the creation to rejoice in its glory. 

Among the best places of Western Ghats during monsoons lies Agumbe is one of the most verdant beauty you will find. This place is amng the most beautiful places to visit in the Western Ghats in monsoons. 

It is known for its rich biodiversity, including the endangered giant King Cobra. Its dense forests and collection of wildlife make it a great place to take relaxing nature walks and encounter fascinating wildlife. Cool refreshing breezes and peaceful surroundings make for a pleasant experience, providing a refuge for monsoon seekers immersed in the wonders of nature at Agumbe.

10. Chikmagalur


Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of rain dancing on the leaves, while the air carries fresh coffee to Chikmagalur, a beautiful hill station in Karnataka known for its coffee plantations, which bloom in the rainy season with a wonderful smell. 

The serene climate and natural splendor of Chikmagalur make it an ideal place to visit during the rainy season. Among the best places of Western Ghats during monsoons, it is one of the bbest places you can visit. Whether you walk through coffee plantations, venture into lush forests or just enjoy the cool misty weather, Chikmagalur is an opportunity to observe a deeper connection with nature hence, pack your bags, grab a raincoat, and get ready to immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of Chikmagalur during the rainy season. 

One of the most prominent western Ghats destinations to explore this monsoon is the Mullayanagiri range which is the highest peak in Karnataka. It is a must for adventure seekers to start walking up. Though the climb can be strenuous, once you reach the peak, you get a great view of the mist-shrouded Western Ghats.

Now that you know some of the best monsoon places in Western ghats that will blow your mind with its beauty you can visit, don’t miss out on adding them in your monsoon travel itinerary. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the top monsoon destinations to visit in the Western Ghats?

Some of the top destinations are Satpura, Lonavalam Matheran, Igatpuri, etc

Which Western Ghats destinations offer the best waterfall experiences during the monsoon?

Matheran and Kudremukh are the destinations that offer best waterfall experiences during the monsoon season.

Are there any trekking routes in the Western Ghats that are particularly beautiful during the monsoon season?

Yes there are multiple trekking routes in the Western Ghats that are particularly beautiful. 

What safety tips should travelers keep in mind while visiting the Western Ghats during the monsoon?

Get your trekking gears, first aid boxes and many more ready while you are visiting western ghats during monsoon season. 

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