Best Restaurants in Istanbul: Where To Dine in Style!

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Are you looking to explore the best dining experiences in Istanbul? Well, this city offers a delightful variety of restaurants catering to every palate. Whether you are craving authentic Turkish dishes or international cuisine, the best restaurants in Istanbul have it all. 

Start your gastronomic journey with traditional Turkish eateries known for their kebabs, mezes and fresh seafood. Experience the flavours of Ottoman cuisine in the historic setting. For a taste of modern Istanbul, visit trendy restaurants serving innovative fusion dishes influenced by global culinary trends.

Don’t miss out on the best view restaurants in Istanbul which are rooftop restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus and landmarks like Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque. Many places to visit in Istanbul are located extremely close to each other and easily accessible from these restaurants. From upscale fine dining Michelin-starred restaurants to local eateries, Istanbul promises a gastronomic adventure for every taste and budget. 

Join us as we explore the top restaurants that capture the essence of this city through delicious food with our Turkey Tour Packages!

15 Best Restaurants in Istanbul

  • Turk Fatih Tutak
  • Gallada
  • Mikla
  • Ulus 29
  • Rana by Topaz
  • Banyan
  • Maiden’s tower
  • Feriye palace 
  • Aheste
  • Alaf Kurucesme restaurant
  • Inari Omakase
  • Mürver
  • Ciya Sofrası 
  • Neolokal
  • Yeni Lokanta

1. Turk Fatih Tutak


Turkey’s first two-Michelin-starred chef is on a mission to show the world that ‘Turkish food is about so much more than kebabs’, and his menus are a soulful love letter to the produce of his native country – as well as the many civilisations that have influenced its culture. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul Michelin star.

Back-lit glass cabinets filled with jars beautify the walls instead of art, leaving the diner in no doubt that the ingredients sourced from small Turkish growers using sustainable techniques are the stars of the show here.

One of Tutak’s calling cards is the use of acidic and smokey flavour profiles in unexpected places. Manti, which is pasta stuffed with lamb, is served with a dollop of smoked cream and tomato tapenade, while Tulum cheese is paired with sour cherries from Tukat. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. 

Location: Halide E Adivar, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Tasting menu $118 onwards for 2

Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday

2. Gallada


Chef Tutak opened Gallada, a Turkish Asian restaurant at the top of a brand new peninsula Istanbul hotel. Like Turk, Gallada’s menu is centred primarily around Turkish ingredients with a focus on hyper-seasonality.  

Dishes are based on historic tastes, flavours and traditions of the Silk Road’s Eurasian trade routes. The food is served in a cool, design-led setting. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul Michelin star. Listing some of the best things to do in Istanbul

Location: Kemankes, Beyoglu, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Tasting menu $120 onwards for 2

Dinner: All days

3. Mikla


Mikla is one of the best-view restaurants in Istanbul. It is one of the top photography spots in Istanbul. The brainchild of this Turkish-Scandinavian restaurant is chef Mehmet Gürs. The daily menu focuses on Anatolian produce. 

Their Hamsi fried anchovies come paired with a crisp Cappadocia white and dried beef tenderloin with sugar snap peas, Isot chilli and Ezine cheese is served alongside a native red. 

Whether you opt for the three-course fixed-price à la carte or seven-course tasting menu, be sure to finish with a nightcap upstairs in the rooftop bar of The Marmara Pera. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul with a sea view.

Location: Mesrutiyet caddesi , Beyoglu, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Tasting menu $45 onwards for 1

Dinner: Monday to Saturday

4. Ulus 29


Ulus 29 which opened in 1993 is a perfect place to view the Bosphorus and the bridges of Istanbul from the restaurant’s terrace in the summer and the best places to eat in Istanbul. Ulus 29 centres on culinary concepts with traditional cooking methods to offer regional cuisine with seasonal freshness. 

The restaurant makes its dry-aged meats as well as ice cream and pasta for an authentic experience. A wine list of roughly 4500 bottles includes labels. Enjoy cocktails at the terrace bar, or choose a lively evening at the club to dance along to international DJs on the weekends. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. 

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $60 for 1

Dinner: All days

5. Rana by Topaz


At Râna, you will find the best of Mediterranean and Ottoman cuisine. With a view of the Bosporus, Râna recalls the stone it is named after in its Geometric design that is complemented by modern decor. It is among the best restaurants in Istanbul with a view.

The restaurant offers two tasting menus that are modern and traditional. The modern menu comprises innovative dishes like goose liver terrine with cranberry marmalade and walnut while traditional dishes include Turkish ravioli with beef and strained yoghurt. 

Râna’s wine list has acquired national recognition with an award from the local magazine Gusto and the staff is happy to provide pairings on request. Some of the top hotels and resorts in Istanbul are around this restaurant. 

Location: Beyoglu, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $100 for 2

Dinner: Monday to Saturday

6. Banyan


Banyan restaurant in Istanbul is a popular Asian fusion restaurant known for its unique and flavourful dishes. The restaurant offers a diverse menu inspired by Asian cuisine including Chinese, Thai and Japanese. 

The restaurant is known for its sushi and sashimi prepared with fresh ingredients and artistic presentations. You must try their Sichuan pepper steak, ducks satay and dim sum which can be ordered along with tea, fresh juice or a cocktail.

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $100 for 2

Dinner: All days

7. Maiden’s Tower


Maiden’s Tower stands proudly at the intersection of the Bosporus where the two continents of Asia and Europe meet. The tower’s history stretches back 2500 years. Now the tower serves as a cafe and restaurant, attracting guests from near and far for a romantic meal, business engagement or even a wedding. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul with a view.

With a delicious breakfast and international lunch and dinner menu, Maiden Tower can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Live music and a friendly mood will accompany your meals with the Bosphorus River on all sides. It is among the best restaurants in Istanbul’s Asian side.

Location: Üsküdar coast, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $60 for 2

Dinner: All days

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8. Feriye Palace 


Feriye Palace was once an Ottoman Police Station from the 19th century. The restaurant practises Ottoman cooking techniques from the 12th to 19th centuries and includes delicacies such as spicy cured beef and Manti. It mostly offers Mediterranean cuisine. 

Dinner in the gardens of the fully renovated Feriye Palace is different every time you come. Dine here and enjoy a view of the Bosphorus, Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus bridge. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul with a view. The restaurant strikes a fine balance between chic and relaxed. 

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $120 for 2

Dinner: All days

9. Aheste


A good value, meze-led menu, Informal atmosphere and laid-back service cause a very good car crowd to the restaurant. The restaurant offers Turkish, Automan and Middle Eastern cuisine, where the talented Sara Tabrizi runs the kitchen. 

Floors are tiled, walls are honey-coloured exposed bricks and tables are dressed with white tablecloths. A generous tasting menu offers a good range of hot and cold sharing plates like Cretan mash with charred peppers and blueberries, and Pan fried veal liver with sumac. 

Location: Beyoglu, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $ 20 serves 1

Dinner: All days

10. Alaf Kurucesme restaurant


With a modern bleached wood terrace overlooking the water, Alaf Kuruçeşme Restaurant offers a pretty setting on the banks of Istanbul’s Bosphorus River. The restaurant’s stripped-back, elegant interior is a fusion of old and new Istanbul, with roughly plastered walls complete with traditional mouldings alongside a vibrant turquoise tiled kitchen counter, where guests can watch chef Deniz Temel and his team at work. 

Temel has battled in stages in some of the world’s best kitchens, including Noma in Copenhagen and D.O.M. in São Paulo, before returning to Istanbul and honing what was to become his signature modern Turkish style of cooking. Expect colourful dishes full of flavour and personality.

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $ 35 serves 1

Dinner: All days

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11. Inari Omakase


Inari Omakase is a popular sushi joint. It has some wild retro styling details like 1950s diner-style seating, parasol and rose-shaped pendant lighting which looks quite pretty. 

The best sellers include the Tangy ponzu marinated salmon sashimi and the duck tatami with tofu pureé, crispy garlic and onion, along with tempura dishes and innovative sushi options. 

Location: Besiktas, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $ 20 serves 1

Dinner: All days

12. Mürver


Mürver is situated on top of the Novotel Hotel and is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul with a view. The restaurant’s open kitchen is lit up by the vast, domed wood oven made with turquoise tiles. There is also a terrace to enjoy the views of the Bosphorus River, Maiden’s Tower and Topkapi Palace where day trips in Istanbul are also taken. 

The must-try dishes are oven-baked peaches and Obruk cheese with rockets, quinces molasses and green beans or 12-hour braised beef rib with roasted artichokes, black eyed peas, charred pepper sauce and buffalo yoghurt. 

Location: Karakoy, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $ 40 serves 1

Lunch and Dinner: All days

13. Ciya Sofrası


Ciya Sofrası is a no-frills restaurant that opened in 1998 and is located in Kadikoy market. It is one of the best restaurants in Istanbul’s Asian side. The menu changes daily according to season and supply but recurring dishes include pairing of meats with fruit. Lamb with Quince is the signature dish of this restaurant.

Location: Kadikoy, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $ 10 serves 1

Lunch and Dinner: Monday to Saturday

14. Neolokal


Taking Mother Earth as his inspiration, chef Maksut Aşkar and his young Neolokal kitchen brigade put a glorious spin on Turkish heritage produce in local and global classics. 

Part of the city’s SALT Galata cultural complex, the restaurant also serves up jaw-dropping views of the Golden Horn through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Neolokal’s supplies come from a farm in nearby Gümüşdere, which practises sustainable farming.

Location: Beyoglu, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $ 30 serves 1

Lunch and Dinner: Tuesdays to Saturday

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15. Yeni Lokanta


Known for its relaxed ambience, great service and veteran wood-fired oven, Yeni Lokanta is a Beyoğlu number one. Chef Civan Er gives traditional dishes a contemporary spin substituting the lamb in manti, for instance, with dried aubergine and is committed to seasonality. 

Some say Er’s Muhallebi (milk pudding) coated in strands of pastry, deep fried and served with buffalo milk ice cream and honey, is worth a visit in itself. Cocktails, small-producers of native wines and yummy tasting menus all add to the restaurant’s charm.

Location: Beyoglu, Istanbul

Pocket pinch: Average of $20 serves 1

Lunch and Dinner: Monday to Saturday

What are the top-rated restaurants in Istanbul?

Some of the best restaurants in Istanbul are Neolokal, Mikla, Ciya Sofrasi, and Turk Fatih Tutak.

Are there any fine dining options in Istanbul?

Yes, Istanbul has several fine dining options like Mikla, Ulus 29 and Turk Fatih Tutak offering a mix of Turkish and international cuisine. 

Can I find Indian cuisine in Istanbul?

Yes, you can find Indian restaurants in Istanbul. Some of the popular ones are Tikka Restaurant, Namaste Istanbul and India Gate Restaurant. 

What are the best family-friendly restaurants in Istanbul?

Istanbul has several family-friendly restaurants like Hamdi Restaurant, Karakoy Lokantasi, and Hayat Cafe. 

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