10 Road Trips Every Bullet Rider Need To Take In India

There is a common saying that goes around the riders’ community- ‘A true-old rider doesn’t pick a destination and ride, he/she picks a direction, picks a road and then rides.’ So, if you are ready to take the riding-journey but haven’t yet decided on the road for your riding-trip in India, you are at the perfect place. We have listed down ten best road trips in India along with the highlights of each ride that you can take away home after you have taken the ride. After all, there is no better way than riding along the open roads to see and take in all the breathtaking locations this beautiful country has to offer.  Without ado, pack your bags, gear up and get the engine of your beast revved up.

Best road trips in india

Here are the ten roads trips in India that you would not want to miss riding on your roarer

Manali-Spiti Valley

Manali-Spiti Valley
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A bike ride on a bullet of the college-gang to Spiti Valley is on everybody’s bucket list. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, the rush of the Adrenalin is best experienced with the gang only. Besides all the rush and fun, you may witness arresting scenery while you ride along the winding country road and white-peaked mountain passes through the valley. The road also travels through Rohtang Pass, Kaza, Chandra Taal Lake and Hikkim, where the highest Indian Post Office is located.

Riding Distance: 190 Km
Best Time To Ride:

  • In summers: May to June
  • In Winters: June and October

The Highlight of the Ride: The view of snow-capped Key Monastery, Chandratal Lake, Chicham Bridge and Many More.


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Well, this bike road trip in India is one of the most underrated trips for only-god-knows reasons. The ride on the perfect tarmac of Eastern Coast Road along the Bay of Bengal coastline gets even better with the sun glitter that is made by the reflection of sunlight from seawater.

Riding Distance: 150 Km
Best Time To Ride: Any time during the winters.
The Highlight of the Ride: The view of the Bay Of Bengal coastline with the sun glitter.


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Tawang ride is one of the trickiest rides not just in India but in the world. However, the tricky roads on the route only make the ride more adventurous and exciting. The ride heads towards Sela Pass where you will find a stretch of around 7 km of narrow road with the snow-capped mountain on one side and deep valley drop on the other side.
Riding Distance: 500 Km
Best Time To Ride: In summers, April, May and Mid June.
The Highlight of the Ride: The breathtaking view of frozen Sela lake at the Sela Pass.


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If you like to take the roads which are less travelled and off the beaten path, then this bike ride to Meghalaya is absolutely perfect for you. The ride offers a panoramic view of the Great Himalaya in north-eastern India; there is a reason it is known as ‘Scotland of the East’.

Riding Distance: 110 Km
Best Time To Ride:

  • In Summers: March To May
  • In Winters: September To December

The Highlight of the Ride: The blissful lakes and mountain peaks along the ride.

Manali-Ladakh (Leh)

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Probably, ride to Ladakh is one of the most sought-after bike rides in India. If curvy roads of this route put your brain in a bit of spin, the picturesque sceneries throughout the ride calm your heart down. Apart from the winding roads, a few things are likely to stand out such as- Rohtang Pass, Gata Loops (21 hairpin bends), Dras (The Gateway to Ladakh) and Pangong Lake. This exciting ride has to be experienced to be truly believed and therefore you should check out our Ladakh tour packages.

Riding Distance: 480 Km
Best Time To Ride: June To October
The Highlight of the Ride: The mesmerizing view of the Pangong Lake.


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This trip is filled with all the essence of Rajasthan; stark landscape, peaceful silence of the desert, mighty forts and yes, of course, sumptuous food. The ride along Jaipur- Nagaur Road and NH11 take you through the scenic views of sand dunes of the Thar deserts and ever so slowly moving camel caravans.

Riding Distance: 555 Km
Best Time To Ride: In Winters, December, January and Starting of February.
The Highlight of the Ride: The view of the setting sun against the backdrop of the mighty Thar Desert.


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Hands-down, this is one of the most peaceful rides a rider can take. Riding your bullet on the road around the blue mountains with the green landscape and white waterfalls is no less than a fairy tale. This bike road trip is perfect for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Riding Distance: 265 Km
Best Time To Ride:

  • In Summers: March To June
  • In Winters:  October To January

The Highlight of the Ride: Ride across Bandipur National Park.

Mumbai- Ahmedabad-The Great Rann of Kutch

Mumbai- Ahmedabad-The Great Rann of Kutch
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The roads from this ride offer a truly unique scenery of how a site of a busy city with tall buildings turns into a lifeless yet beautiful hinterland. The view of the Great Rann of Kutch is a beauty to behold. You might also not want to miss the soul-pleasing view of huge windmills across the salt plains. One of the many attractions in Kutch is Rann Utsav, which is organised by authorities. You can enjoy and be a part of this colourful festival of the white desert.

Riding Distance: 650 Km
Best Time To Ride: December and January
The Highlight of the Ride: Moon-like terrain of Kutch


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Though a short ride, the trip does not awe you any less. The road carves along the spectacular mountain with green tea plantations. On the way, you can pull over to take in the sight of the two shades of river Teesta and river Rangeetha merging together. The hill is steeped in peace because of the influence of Tibetan Buddhist culture in the region.

Riding Distance: 120 Km
Best Time To Ride:

  • In Winters:  October, November and December.
  • In Summers: March, April, May

The Highlight of the Ride: Mystical view of the peak of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world.


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No bike riding list is complete without Mumbai to Goa trip being in it. The ride from the dream city of Mumbai to the party city of Goa is enchanting in its own ways. With the Western Ghats following you all the way and road as smooth as butter, getting on this ride with buddies from your school is something you can not miss even if you are dreaming.

Riding Distance: 575 Km
Best Time To Ride: Any time of the year except for the monsoon.
The Highlight of the Ride: The view of the Western Ghats all along the ride.

The choices here on the list may overwhelm you. You may still end up being undecided. No worries. You can always use this secret from the riders’ gang, here is the secret ― ‘In a fix? Ride them all.’

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