Travel guide for Demul Village in Spiti Valley

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A village set in at an altitude of 4357 m in Spiti Valley, is also known for its sustainable community tourism system where each household in the village benefits from tourism. 

This village sets an example which even the most developed countries have not been able to achieve. 

It forms a part of the highly remote villages belt of Spiti Valley which includes Hikkim, Komik, Langza, Kibber, Tashigang, Gette, and Lhalung. Demul Village has only 50-odd families living here and each household converts into a homestay whenever a tourist visits this village. A village representative will allot you a homestay for your stay in this village and in case you want to spend an extra night here, you will have to pack your bags and move to another homestay allotted to you for the next night. Such a unique yet wonderful management system so as to maintain economic parity among all its villagers.

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Best time to visit Demul Village in Spiti Valley

Life in Spiti Valley in general is quite tough since it is cut off from the rest of India for more than 6 months during the winter months and roads to the valley are only accessible during the summer months of June-September. 

And yet, the simple and humble Spitians open up their doors to their homes and land to cater to each and every tourist visiting the Valley. It is noteworthy that people here are more than happy to offer whatever little they have and are grateful for it. Such simplicity in modern times is indeed unseen anywhere in today’s world. Demul Village is no exception, even though this village remains cut off from the rest of the valley during the winter months each and every household and their hosts welcome anyone who visits their village with warm hospitality and homes. 

During June-September also, when it is summer, the nighttime temperatures still go down to 1-2 ℃ and you will need light woolens and layers to keep you warm throughout your Spiti Valley trip. 

Therefore the ideal time to visit Demul Village in Himachal Pradesh is typically from mid-May to mid-October. However, the best time to visit Demul Village can vary based on individual preferences and interests.

  • June to August: The months between June and August are the peak tourist season in Spiti Valley. The weather is pleasant with clear skies and warm temperatures. The roads are also accessible, making it easier to explore the region. However, this is also the busiest time, and popular tourist spots can get crowded and homestays and hotels can be booked hence you might have to compromise on a couple of things due to nonavailability.
  • September to October: These months are the best time to visit  Demul Village. The weather is starting to cool and the landscapes take on beautiful autumn hues. The number of tourists decreases compared to the peak season, offering a more peaceful experience. However, some guesthouses and facilities may start to close towards the end of October and hence it is always advised to check out availability beforehand so as to avoid last-minute changes in plans.
  • May: May is the beginning of the tourist season in Spiti Valley. While the weather can still be quite cold, especially at higher altitudes, the landscapes are stunning with snow-capped peaks and blooming wildflowers everywhere. The roads may not be fully open in early May, so it’s essential to check the road conditions before planning your trip.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Demul Village depends on what you are looking for in your trip. If you prefer milder weather and don’t mind crowds, June to August might be ideal. If you prefer quieter surroundings and don’t mind cooler temperatures, September to October could be a better choice.


Top places to visit nearby Demul Village

Some of the places that you can visit near Demul Village are listed below

  • Balari Top

Balari Top is at a height of 4,953 m. It is a 3-hour trek from Demul Village and although the trek is not that arduous and challenging, the distance can tire you out. But the end goal of the trek is definitely rewarding. 

The gain in altitude from Demul to the top is about 600 m and from the top you will get to see the surrounding peaks of Kanamo, Chou Chou Kang Nilda Peak, Mount Kuwa, and Shilla Pass. You will also be able to view all the 18 villages of Spiti Valley, the confluence of the Spiti, Pin, and Lingti rivers, and the Dhankar Monastery. A sight you will never forget and something that will be etched in your memories.

The best thing to do around Demul Village is definitely the trek to Balari Top. It is the highest vantage point from where you can get an incredible panoramic view of the entire Spiti Valley. 

  • Hikkim Village

Hikkim Village is another small remote village with only 12 houses. At an altitude of 4401 m, Hikkim Village has the world’s highest post office which has been manned by the same postmaster who was appointed here in 1983.

The trek of the remote villages in Spiti Valley can be done at a leisurely pace spread over 2-3 days with night stops at traditional Spitian homestays at the four villages. This is a wonderful way for travelers to get acquainted with the true Spitian life. It offers solitude, glimpses of wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, the thrill of snow-clad peaks, and a heart full of memories and adventure.

  • Langza Village

The trek to Spiti Valley’s remote villages originates in Langza Village. This trek is a wonderful way to explore life in the high-altitude villages of Spiti Valley. A bus leaves Kaza for Langza at 2 pm, and it takes around one hour. Langza is a pretty village with a huge medicine Buddha statue, Chau Chau Kang Nilda snow-peaks in the distance, lush green pea and barley fields, and children running around with fossils. 

It is believed that Spiti Valley was under the Tethys Sea millions of years ago and these fossils are a testament to that belief. You can go Fossil Hunting in Spiti Valley in both Langza and Hikkim Village.

After Langza the trail divides; one goes down into a valley and the other goes up. The trail going up is a short hike of 2-3 hours at around 4300 m from Langza.

How to reach Demul Village

In order to get to Demul, you will first have to reach Spiti Valley. There are two ways to do this. You can either enter Spiti Valley via Shimla. This route remains open for all 12 months and is considered to be the easier one. You will travel through Shimla, Narkanda, Rampur, Pooh, Nako, and Tabo and arrive at Kaza in 2 to 3 days.

The second way is to reach Spiti Valley via Manali. This road passes through two high-altitude passes, Rohtang La and Kunzum Pass, due to which it remains open only from mid-May to Mid-October. You will start from Manali, cross Rohtang Pass, Gramphu, Batal, Kunzum Pass, Losar Village and arrive at Kaza. This road remains closed in the winter season and you will also need to procure a permit for Rohtang Pass. 

From both Shimla and Manali, there is a regular bus service to Kaza.

What makes Demul Village a unique travel destination?

Demul is a quaint little remote village known for its unique system of sustainable tourism. Here, each traveller is allotted a homestay by a village representative to spend only 1 night. In case he or she wants to extend their stay here in this village, then they will have to move to another homestay again allotted by the village representative.

What are the best activities to do in Demul Village?

The best thing to do in Demul Village is to just explore the village at one’s own pace and learn the way of the locals. You can also visit the nearby temple, trek to the Belari top or go stargazing here.

When is the best time to visit Demul Village?

The best time to visit Demul village is during the summer months of June- September. However, if you want to avoid the peak season of tourists, then you could also travel during the shoulder months of October and May.

Are there any accommodations available near Demul Village?

Yes, As mentioned above, Demul Village is the hub of homestays and each household in Demul Village is a homestay and it is run on an organised sustainable tourism system.

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