Best Time to visit Langza village: Detailed Travel Guide for Langza

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Langza Village in Spiti Valley is known for its fossils exploration, spectacular view of the mighty Himalayas, and for its delectable cuisine. Are you planning to visit Langza Village for enchanting prayers, adventure at every corner, and the thrill of being at a high altitude? If yes, then find out the best time to visit Langza Village and plan your trip to Spiti Valley tour packages around this time of the year for a surreal experience. 


Langza Village In Summer 

Summer is considered to be the safest and best time to visit Langza Village in Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley in May to September is the safest season to visit since you can easily explore the villages while discovering the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the Langza Village people. Trekking to the mountains and other outdoor activities are convenient to perform during the summer months since the weather is wonderful. 

The optimal temperature in the summer months is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, which is great for exploring the Spiti Valley. However, night could be breezy and that will require the use of Woolen Clothing. Also, remember to carry summer essentials such as sunscreen and caps as the sun at high altitudes shines brighter. Comfortable shoes are also a must because you will be hiking a lot, even to the closest spots. 

All of the roads to Langza Village in Spiti Valley are open at this time. You may easily reach Kaza by using the Shimla or Manali road. Internal routes that connect the villages of Spiti Valley are also accessible, allowing you to tour all of Lahaul and Spiti Valley. 

July is considered the best time to visit Langza Village and the surrounding area due to the Guitor Festival. Gstar Festival is celebrated in almost all the monasteries of the Lahaul and Spiti in July and this festival is celebrated as a mark of victory of good over evil. The major attraction of this festival is the Cham Dance. For performing the Cham dance, monks of the monasteries dress up and wear the big masks of deities and enact the dance with the chanting of mantras and prayers. They also wear the animal’s masks.  This dance performance has great religious significance. It is believed that during the dance performance, the dancers become God and people bow in front of them to take blessings from them. July is the best time to visit Langza village in Spiti Valley to witness the culture of Spiti village in its full glory at the Guitar festival.


Langza Village in Winters

Many people contemplate visiting Langza Village during the winter, which is not the best time to visit Langza Village. Spiti Valley is a winter wonderland, and a visit to Langza Village can take you to heaven, but if you are a first-time visitor to Spiti or traveling alone, do not attempt to visit during the winter. Winters are harsh here, and the majority of the roads leading to Spiti Valley are blocked due to heavy snowfall. Spiti Valley saw unexpected snowfalls, which disrupted network access throughout the valley and nearby locations. 

Those who prefer to visit Spiti Valley in winter might schedule their trip around February and March, as Losar, a Tibetan New Year celebration, is celebrated with immense fervor and magnificence. The celebrations mark the arrival of spring after the winter. It is a joyful festive that symbolizes the end of the challenging winters, allowing people to come out from their hibernation and interact with fellow people of nearby villages. Losar is commemorated with monastic prayers, rituals, dances, feasts, and gift exchanges. You can join the Losar festivities in Langza Village to immerse yourself in Spiti culture and tradition and this is the best time to visit Langza Village in Spiti Valley.

Winters also give a good chance to spot Snow Leopard. The Spiti Valley and the surrounding area are the home of the Snow Leopard, which is an inhabitant of high altitudes. During the winter snow Leopard moves down to the lower regions of the valley in search of prey and hence it is quite easy to capture a glimpse of the big cat. Wildlife photographers and activities visit the Langza village and surrounding area in the winter to shoot the award-winning photograph of the snow leopards. 


Langza Village in Monsoon

Langza Village in Spiti Valley does not witness much rain or any rain at all during the Monsoon period of July and August due to semi-arid-like conditions here. But the roads leading to Spiti Valley via Manali and Shimla experience the wreath of rainfall leading to landslides. Roads are all erupted and it’s a battle to drive on these road conditions. Unexpected road closures due to landslides can add to the delay in reaching the destination on schedule. So it would be better to check the weather conditions before leaving for Spiti Valley in the Monsoon season.


Top Places to Visit in Langza Village

  • Hikkim Village: World’s Highest Post Office

Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is located 8 km from Langza village and is well known for its post office. The post office of Langza Village is given the title of the world’s highest post office. People visit this iconic place just to post a letter and postcard to themselves and friends and family from this post office. Hikkim is also a quaint village with only 150 people and is the most peaceful destination to spend a day at.

  • Cafes of Kaza

Kaza is the district headquarters of Lahaul and Spiti and is well visited because of its strategic location nearest to the major attractions of the Spiti Valley and the presence of accommodations, monasteries, and most visited cafes. The cafes of Kaza are well known for their energetic vibes and are an ideal place for visitors to connect with like-minded travelers. Sol Cafe, Himalayan Cafe, and Cafe Zomsa are a few of the cafes that are working towards spreading awareness among visitors about ecologically balanced travel and not disturbing the harmony of the Himalayas. These cafes serve the authentic cuisine of the Spiti Valley and are helping in building a connection between the tourists with Spiti Valley. 

  • Key Monastery

Key Monastery in Spiti Valley is located at an altitude of 4,166 m above sea level and close to the Spiti River. Key monastery is the oldest monastery of the Lahaul and Spiti region and the largest training center for the Buddhists with nearly 300 lamas who receive their religious education here. Key Monastery is an architectural marvel and is adorned with ancient paintings and murals, most especially thangkas, religious manuscripts, and sculptors of Buddhist deities. In July, the Guitor festival is celebrated at Key Monastery with great fanfare. Cham Dance is the special attraction of the festival which draws hoards of crowds to witness dance performances from all over the world. 

  • Sakya Tangyud Monastery

Sakya Tangyud Monastery in Komic Village Spiti Valley is one of the highest Monasteries in the world situated at an altitude of 4,520 m above sea level. This is one of the two monasteries that belong to the Sakya sect of Buddhism. This monastery is considered to be around 800 years old and still stands tall as the testament of the culture and tradition and holds great religious significance to the Buddhists. Tangyud monastery is one of the architectural marvels preserving the religion of the Buddhists in the form of paintings and murals depicting the ancient traditions of the region.

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Things to do in Langza Village

  1. Take a stroll about the Lanza Village in Spiti Valley, appreciating the picturesque surroundings and the charm of the small settlement. The village includes just 10-15 homes, all built in the same style of mud and stones. Capture the moments when you interact with the locals and learn about their culture and the challenges of enduring the severe winter circumstances. The locals rely only on agriculture for their living, so have a peek at the fields and organic produce. 
  2. Fossil hunting in Spiti Valley is the favorite part of tourists in Langza Village in Himachal Pradesh. Langza Village is the archeologist’s favorite destination because of the presence of the fossils of marine animals underneath its grounds. The best time to visit Langza Village for fossil hunting is during the daytime and ask for assistance from locals as they are well aware of the location where fossils can be located. 
  3. Langza Village in Spiti Valley is far from pollution and has pollution-free air and skies. Langza village has the perfect setting to view the millions of stars that light up the whole village when the sun goes down. Astronomers especially visit the village for stargazing in Spiti Valley to spot the Milky Way galaxy, meteors, and planets which are even visible to the naked eye. Do not forget to carry professional cameras to capture the stellar. The best time to visit the Langza village is during some celestial phenomena which can be captured here.
  4. Zama Potter is native to Langza Village due to the existence of black and yellow clay, which is utilized to make Zama pottery. Because of modernism and the widespread use of steel utensils, Zama pottery is losing its credibility. The locals are working hard to preserve the drying trade passed down to them by their predecessors. To conserve this and provide a living for the majority of the villagers, they have begun to expand their product line to include decorative pots and antiques. The best time to visit the Langza village is when the residents of the village are practicing the Zama Pottery, so you can even try your hand at one and buy it to decorate your house with the memory of the place.  
  5. Langza village in Himachal Pradesh and the nearby areas are the natural habitat of the snow leopard. The elusive snow leopard is the star of the Wildlife place of Spiti Valley since several tourists visit here just to catch a glimpse of the big cat. The locals and the wildlife experts have a fair idea about the location where the snow leopard can be spotted and hence some experts perform guided tours of snow leopard spotting. It would be the best time to visit Langza village in Spiti Valley to get once in a lifetime opportunity to spot the snowy fur in the high altitudes. 

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How can tourists reach Langza Village?

To reach Langza Village, you must first go to Kaza, the nearest town. There are two ways to Kaza: Shimla and Manali. The Shimla route is longer, taking nearly two days to reach Kaza, and open year-round, but the Manali route is shorter, taking just one day and open from mid-May to October. Government-operated buses go between Shimla and Manali to Kaza. Langza Village is 16 kilometers from Kaza and may be accessed by hike, bus, or car on a motorable road.  

What are the key attractions in and around Langza Village?

The places to visit near Langza Village are the tallest Buddha Statue guarding the village, fossil sites for fossil hunting, the key Monastery, Sakya Tangyud Monastery, Komic Village, Kibber Village and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary.

Are there any cultural festivities or events tourists can witness in Langza?

Langza celebrates Losar with splendor every year in February or March. Losar is the Tibetan New Year, which signals the end of winter and the start of spring. This is a magnificent and cheerful festival because, after months of hibernating, it is time to meet and welcome everyone. Losar is commemorated with monastic prayers, dancing, music, and feats. 

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