5 Best Travel Credit Cards To Take Your Travel To The Next Level

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Travelling is becoming one of the basic needs these days. It’s like everyone around you is travelling which makes you want to finally take that vacation that you have been planning for such a long time. The only problem that pops up is that travelling can be a little expensive, especially for people who are in their 20’s. 

It’s time that you put your worries behind and check out the No Fee Travel Credit Cards.

These no fee credit cards are an absolute lifesaver as well as your money saver because you can use these credit cards without worrying about having to pay an annual fee or joining fees for these cards. 

No Fee Credit Cards are becoming increasingly popular these days among people who love to travel and want to save a huge chunk of money.

Let’s say you are planning to go to Spiti Valley but after checking out Spiti Valley Tour Packages, your wallet began to weep or if you are planning to go for an international trip to Dubai but the problem is that Dubai Tour Packages are way out of your budget, so that is when these no fee travel credit cards come to your rescue. 

As the name speaks for itself, these credit cards do not require you to pay an annual fee like regular credit cards do. The best part is that you can make credit history with these cards without breaking your bank account. 

What Are No Fee Travel Credit Cards?


In today’s world, credit cards have become an integral part of our lives and are used to take care of our daily expenses. Credit Cards are quite useful as you can collect points and use these points for free travel, free hotels, free lounge access, upgrades and what not. It sounds quite wonderful how you can have access to so much free stuff. Well, it comes with a price, and a pretty huge one. These Credit Cards have a good amount of annual fees which breaks your bank account so all these free travels, free flights and everything else doesn’t seem so cool now. Isn’t it? If you are a frequent traveller, then Travel Credit Cards will be worth it, however if you travel rarely then you should go for No Fee Credit Cards.

A No Fee Travel Credit Card does not charge an annual fee, Foreign transaction fee and Balance Transfer Fee, which is a relief. It is a perfect choice for those who want the advantage of credit but without any additional costs. It is usually for people with lower income and it is comparatively easier to get approved than the traditional travel credit cards. 

Now you might get confused about which travel credit card to choose from, well, there are a few no fee travel credit cards that will be very beneficial for you.

AU Bank Credit Cards

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The AU Bank No Fee Credit Card is a very convenient way to save money and is quite a cost-effective method. There is a cashback on every transaction, which is directly transferred to the credit card holder’s bank account. It makes bill payment a convenient and a hassle free process. The eligible customers can also request an increase in the credit limits. The credit limit is reviewed periodically so there is a scope for increasing it as well. The customers earn points for every purchase they make and also get the advantage in getting waivers on fuel surcharge when using their credit cards for fuels.

IDFC First Millennia No Fee Credit Card 

Image Source : IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Millennia is another cost effective way to save money on every purchase. There is no annual fee and it makes the process easier. You can earn reward points on every transaction and then later on redeem these points for other products or services. Fuel surcharge waivers are applicable and online bill payments become hassle free. One can apply for the IDFC First Millennia No Fee Credit Card by visiting the nearest IDFC bank and filling the form. Once you fill the form you need to provide some documents that are mandatory to issue the credit card.

IDFC First Select No Fee Credit Card

Image Source : IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Select Credit Card is a luxury and a premium credit card which does not require a joining fee or an annual fee. It has all the features of a luxury credit card and offers updates from time to time, making it an affordable choice for the credit card holder.

With no joining fees, the cardholder earns points on each transaction which can later be redeemed on other products and services. Customers can make online bill payments without any hassle. The contactless payments and concierge services make it a good choice for no fee credit card. 

It has reward points with no upper limits, free road assistance, lounge visits,and covers personal as well as air accidents. One can apply for this card online or by visiting the nearest IDFC bank and filling the form.

Dhanlaxmi Bank No Fee Credit Card

Image Source : Dhanlaxmi Bank

Dhanlaxmi Bank is a prominent banking institution that renders several services. It provides the simplest and the most convenient no fee credit cards that concentrates only on supermarkets and departmental stores. This card does not charge any annual fee and gives reward points on all transactions that can later be redeemed on other goods and services. It provides contactless and hassle free payments and also covers insurance of purchase protection and lost baggage. 

Amazon Pay ICICI No Fee Credit Card

Image Source : paisabazaar

The Amazon Pay ICICI no fee credit card is the first card in India that allows you to shop from Amazon and then earn benefits from it. It is a unique collaboration between Amazon Pay and ICICI Bank. There is no annual or joining fee and one can avail other benefits such as Fuel surcharge waivers. It gives access to unlimited reward points. There is neither an upper limit nor a lower limit to the Amazon Pay Balance. 

There is a 5% cashback in Amazon Pay balance on purchases from Amazon’s website.

There is a 3% cashback for customers who have not yet taken the Amazon Prime Membership in their Amazon Pay Balance. There is no expiry date on the Amazon Pay Balance that you earn or spend. Partner restaurants give 15% off upon dining. 

How To Apply For Non Fee Credit Cards?


You can apply for these no fee credit cards by going to the company’s website and applying online. However if you are not very tech savvy then you can also visit the branch of the concerned bank and fill out the required forms. Besides, there are toll free numbers on which you can call and soon you will be connected with an agent who takes care of these non fee credit cards. They will contact you and get the work done. 

With this being said, you should not wait anymore to check your dream destinations off your bucket list, so without further ado buckle up, pack your bags and start your quest. 

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