Bhutan To Become Budget Friendly From June To Boost Tourism

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Bhutan will now be cheaper for tourists planning to stay there for a while. 

The pandemic has hit the economy a little more complicated and impacted tourism activities in the country. To boost tourism, Bhutan’s Tourism Department has developed an initiative for tourists where if they plan to stay there for four days, they can also stay for an additional four days free of cost. 

Similarly, travellers paying for seven days will be given an additional seven days free; for 12 days, they will get an additional 18 days free. 

This way, the tourists can stay longer while saving a lot of money, and parallelly it will also help Bhutan get back on its feet as the tourism activities boost. 

The scheme is effective from 1st June, and for those who have already booked their visa, the tourism department has advised them to cancel it and book it again to avail the benefits.

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