Bhutan To Slash Expensive Airfares To Boost Tourism

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In order to boost tourism, Bhutan has decided to reduce the airfares for tourists. According to the Finance Minister of the country, this move will increase the number of visitors in the country every year since they will be able to afford the airfares, which are currently very expensive. 

As per research, it has been found that expensive airfares have played a prominent role in discouraging people from travelling to Bhutan or taking Bhutan Tour Packages.

Besides lowering the airfares, the country has also planned for other incentives like reducing the sustainable development fees from USD 200 to USD 100 per person per night. 

The government also plans to lower the price of accommodations and allow longer stays in order to encourage people to visit the country and stay here for a long time.

However, since there have been frequent changes in the SDF, not all lawmakers are in favour of implementing the policy every now and then, and they are of the idea that there can be other measures that can be taken up to boost tourism in the country. 

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