Boduberu Show In Maldives: Celebrating Rhythms In Elegance!

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Maldives an Island haven comes with a lot more enticing features apart from its splendid nature. One highlighted element in the Maldives package lies in its cultural expo featuring Indigenous performances in the Boduberu show. 

This act is not only traced back to centuries-old events but also the welcoming event performed at various important venues like the best Maldives Islands, luxury resorts, and the capital city Male. Boduberu show is famous for its revered energetic performance aligned with the music and visiting this act is one of the best things to do in Maldives. So, let’s check more insights on the Boduberu Show, the places that perform this act, the entry fee and the history of Boduberu dance. 

History Of Boduberu In The Maldives

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The history of Boduberu in the Maldives traces way back to the 11th century. Bodushow is a traditional Indigenous form of music and dance in the Maldives. However, a few researchers also state that the Boduberu dance was introduced to the Maldives by the East African sailors. So it is noted that the Boduberu show is an amalgamation of African, Arab, and Maldivian influences.

The name ‘Boduberu’ translates to ‘Big Drum’ which highlights the main portion of the Boduberu Show that has the rhythm of the bid drum throughout the act. Another notable feature of the Boduberu in the Maldives is the ‘Boduberu Music’, here it comprises the drumming, singing and rhythmic dancing performed in the communicable gatherings and and also in the Maldives festivals.

The drums that are used in the Boduberu in Maldives are made from coconut wood and to maintain the rhythm performers also align themselves with clapping and the vocals in the Dhivehi Language.

Speciality Of Boduberu Show

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The speciality of Boduberu in the Maldives lies in the energy of the performance without missing the rhythm. This Highly captivating Indigenous culture is one of the best things to explore in the Maldives. So, here are the things that make Boduberu show more special:

  1. Expressive Movements: Dancers who perform in the Boduberu show express themselves with vigorous body movements aligned with the music. They start calm and composed and while reaching the climax they build up pace and intensity to show the spirited climax.
  2. Rhythmic Drumming: The traditional Boduberu dance is accompanied by rhythmic drumming on a large scale and hand-beaten drums made from coconut wood.
  3. Communal Participation: The Boduberu show involves the performers in groups with a mix of women and also men displaying unity.
  4. Vocal Elements: The Boduberu show also has vocal elements in the local Divehi language. They express narrative, folklore, and daily chores. 
  5. Cultural Significance: The Bodu Beru show in Maldives is a representation of cultural significance embodying the blend of the various influences and playing a critical role in cultural preservation.

Bodu Beru Music For Boduberu Dance

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Bodu Beru Music is an integral part of the Bodu Beru dance which can captivate the audience with its unique dance and musical aura. Here are a few elements that make Boduberu music more unique:

  1. Cultural Drumming: The primary feature of the Bodu Beru music is its hand-beaten cultural drumming. This act produces a deep sound that resonates with the complex Dhivehi tones. 
  1. Percussion Ensemble: In addition to the main Bodu Beru drums, there are other companions to this act like small drums made from goat skin, cymbals(Thaara) and also bamboo sticks.
  1. Response and Call Singing: As vocals play a significant role in the Boduberu show, the leading singer will initiate the verses, followed by the chorus singers. These lyrics include love, folklore and also heroism. 
  1. Dynamic Tempo: As the tempo picks up with the progress of the Boduberu show, the dancers pick up the energy from the crowd and show the dynamic tempo which makes the Maldivian culture more enchanting and visually appealing.

In essence, Bodu Beru music is the lifeline for the Boduberu dance, providing a strong foundation to maintain the rhythm and drive an energetic aura throughout the performance,

Where We Can Find Boduberu In Maldives

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Boduberu performances can be found throughout the Maldives, especially in the places that uphold Maldivian cultural insights: Here are the key locations where you can find Boduberu show performances:

  1. Local Islands: Many local islands like Kurumbha, Dhivehi, Cocobodo Hithi and Bandos Island Maldives offer this visual and cultural representation for its visitors.
  2. Maldives Resorts: Maldives features Boduberu in most of the local resorts. These entertainment activities are often the luring factors for most of tourists.
  3. Cultural Events & Festivals: Boduberu show is often conducted on the important days of Maldives like Independence day that is held on July 26 and also the Republic Day of Maldives on November 11. 
  4. Male City: This Maldives capital city hosts various cultural events and performances mainly at the National Museum and also the public places where these acts can be enjoyed by everyone for free.
  5. Special Cultural Centers & Events: There are a few cultural centres and events like the Maldives Music and Cultural Festival where there is a special feature of the Boduberu show performances providing a clear glimpse into the indigenous culture. 

Entry Fees For Bodu Beru Show


The entry fees for the Bodu Beru show vary along with the venue and the type of event you attend:

  1. Local Maldives Island: Boduberu performances on the local islands are often free and come as a complimentary for the people who stay in the hotels in Maldives. But sometimes there are events with a special organization that comes with a nominal range of MVR 50 to MVR 100.
  2. Maldivian Resorts: Here the visitors staying in the resorts of Maldives offer free Bodu beru entry passes and if you are out from the stay you will be charged around MVR 500 to MVR 1500.
  3. Cultural Events & Festivals: During the national festivals of Maldives like Independence Day and Republic Day the performances are completely free and are conducted at special venues. 
  4. Male Cultural Centres: Venues like the National Museum will charge around MVR 100 for adults and MVR 50 for children. Sometimes special cultural events will also charge in the range of MVR 100 to MVR 300 depending up on the event scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Bodu Beru come from?

Bodu Beru originated from East Africa and was introduced to the Maldives by sailors around the 11th century.

Which area of Maldives is famous for boduberu?

Local islands like Maafushi, Dhigurah, and Thulusdhoo are famous for Boduberu performances in the Maldives.

What instruments are used in boduberu?

Boduberu uses instruments such as large drums (bodu beru), small drums (dhandi beru), cymbals (thaara), and bamboo sticks (veli sticks).

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