Buckingham Palace Opens For Tourists This Summer For The First Time!

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Have you ever imagined wandering through the grandeur of London’s most honoured landmark, Buckingham Palace? If Yes! you’re certainly not alone. In a groundbreaking development, Buckingham Palace opens for tourists, making a significant stride in accessibility to this iconic symbol of power, royalty and monarchy.

This decision has sparked not just excitement among visitors but also promises an unparalleled adventure and a peek into British history. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover hidden treasures and enjoy a royal stroll this season!

What Is Buckingham Palace And Why To Visit?


Bucking Palace is the official residence of the British Monarch cuddled in London. The Royal Collection Trust recently stated: ‘Buckingham Palace Opens for tourists’. This revelation opened doors to get a sight into royal life, and opportunities to stroll grand state rooms, lush gardens and lavish ceremonies.

The traditions, elegance, cultural significance, opulent interiors, and stunning architecture are the reasons to visit Buckingham Palace without fail. Even a simple stroll in Buckingham Palace promises a memorable and enriching experience for every visitor.

Which Parts of Buckingham Palace Are Open To Tourists?


The East Wing of Buckingham Palace, famously home to the iconic balcony where royals have waved to crowds for decades, will be accessible to guided tours in July and August. Although visitors won’t stand on the balcony itself, they’ll have the opportunity to explore previously unseen rooms on the Principal Floor adorned with opulent art from the Royal Collection.

This palace section has historical significance, originally inhabited by Queen Victoria and her family. After over five years of renovations as part of Buckingham Palace’s Reservicing Program, it aims to enhance infrastructure, accessibility, and preservation for future generations.

When Is Buckingham Palace Opens For Tourists?


Buckingham Palace opens for tourists from July 15, 2024, to September 29, 2024. Though this palace remains open throughout the week, the visiting hours are only fixed from Thursday to Monday.

Ideal Time To Visit Buckingham Palace


The best time to visit Buckingham Palace is during the summertime. This opening period usually spans from late July to early October. This timeframe not only grants visitors access to the staterooms and lush gardens but also offers a chance to experience the lively touch of London’s summer.

Buckingham Palace Tickets


The ticket prices for Buckingham Palace vary based on the visitor category. Adults can avail of tickets for £24—students’ fair range from  £13.50 to £22. Family can avail of a combined ticket for £61.50 for 2 adults and up to 3 children.

Where To Buy Buckingham Palace Tickets


​As Buckingham Palace opens for tourists there sparked a curiosity to buy tickets. You can access the Royal Collection Trust website or other popular websites like Klook, Viator and Golden Tours for tickets.

Other Places Opened Along With Buckingham Palace

Parts of Balmoral Castle like Balmoral’s grounds, gardens and exhibitions are open for visitors this summer!


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