Impact Of Budget 2024 On Tourism Industry

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The interim budget for 2024 was announced on 1st February and we know that you all have a lot of questions regarding it. So let’s simplify it for you and see what the government has planned for the tourism industry and how much of it the government is willing to spend to boost tourism in the country and make travelling convenient, and safer for the people.

Impact Of Budget 2024 On Railways


As per the interim budget 2024, the tourism sector is in an interesting spot, for the government is taking the initiative to revolutionise the infrastructure of Indian Railways. 

The plan is to convert 40000 regular bogies into Vande Bharat. If the plan is executed properly, it is going be a substantial leap into passenger safety. Vande Bharat is widely known for its cutting-edge technology and has been praised for superior amenities. So one can expect that the next five years are going to be a good one for people who prefer travelling on trains. This will not only ensure passenger safety but will also reduce travel time, making travel convenient.

Namo Trains And Metro Services


Namo Bharat Trains was inaugurated in October 2023 and has premium amenities, with overhead storage, wifi and prioritises the comfort of the passengers. The government has taken the initiative to introduce more number of NaMo trains.

These initiatives are being taken to address the issues related to sustainability and mobility in terms of travelling and to make hassle-free travel for passengers. Besides Vande Bharat and NaMo trains,  we can also expect more metro trains in different areas to promote regional connectivity. 

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Interests Free Loan For States


Another bold initiative taken by the government is that it will be providing interest-free loans to the states for development projects, enhancing infrastructure, and branding iconic tourist destinations to attract more visitors, while also creating employment opportunities for the people. So it’s a win-win situation for all of us. 

Due to this, the states can attract international visitors by elevating global offerings. These interest-free loans will help in large-scale projects which will be beneficial for both tourists and the local communities. 

The interim Budget 2024 has also allocated resources for the islands of the country including Lakshadweep, which has recently been in the news because of the ongoing row of Lakshadweep vs Maldives

The government aims to improve the infrastructure, and amenities to unlock the tourism potential of these islands, thereby attracting more tourists both local and international. 

Budget 2024 On Food Subsidy


So let’s tell you a little bit about what exactly is food subsidy. The Food Corporation of India(FCI) and the states get subsidies from the farmers for procuring food grains at the prices set by the government. This food subsidy is said to form the largest chunk of expenditure from the entire Department of Food and Public Distribution, which is one-ninth of the total expenditure of the budget. 

For the financial year 2024-25, the interim budget for the food subsidy has been pegged at Rs. 2.05 lakh crores, which was Rs. 2.12 lakh crores in the ongoing financial year. 


To sum up, the government has made some pretty cool plans for the next five years to improve the railways and the overall tourism sector to unleash the true potential of the industry, through overall economic growth, boosting tourism in the country, and creating employment opportunities for the people of India.

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