Emerging Global Business Travel Trends 2024


In 2024,  business travel has made a remarkable shift, learning from the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world gradually evolves from the pandemic, Corporate Tour Packages are improving their approaches to travel. These types of Business Travel Trends not only accommodate the preferences of a workforce but also recognize the irreplaceable value of personal connections, trust, and innovation.

Corporate Business Travel Trends in 2024 are characterized by adaptability, sustainability, and technological integration, and still evolving in response to the evolving needs and priorities of modern businesses.

  1. Rising Business Tech
  2. Bleisure Travel (Business + Leisure)
  3. Remote work or Workcations
  4. Increased Sustainable Travel
  5. Better personalization and privatization
  6. ROI-Focused Trips

1. Rising Business Tech


Primarily technology plays a significant role in corporate travel experiences. From the very start of 2024, technology has been one of the growing global business travel trends, shaping the whole perspective of the way corporate travellers navigate. One prominent example of this is AI-powered travel assistants, who are designed and instructed to plan everything from itineraries to real-time assistance. This offers personalized services and recommendations specially curated to individual’s interests and preferences.  

Another one of the top Business Travel trends is the use of Virtual Reality which provides immersive experiences that perfectly replicate physical visits, enabling companies to conduct virtual site inspections and plan meetings and events with greater accuracy and insight. 

Other types of business travel trends in terms of technology include enhanced contactless payments for booking accommodations, dining, and transportation, and ensures a hassle-free journey for business travellers.

As technology advances, we can expect more of these types of future Business travel trends to become more efficient and effective.

2. Bleisure Travel (Business + Leisure)


Bleisure travel, a mix of business and leisure trips is in trend nowadays, and why not, who doesn’t want to travel the world while also working and earning? In 2024, we can expect these types of Global Business travel trends to grow even more as professionals seek a work-life balance. 

There could be various types of Bleisure travel, and varies depending on organizational goals, budget, and other factors. Maybe it can include 4 days of business and, work and 2 days of leisure activities in which guided tours, spa treatments, local sightseeing, and Creative Corporate Event Ideas To Boost Team Spirit can be added.

By the end of 2024, we expect to see leisure travel evolve with even more experiences and opportunities for professionals to blend work with leisure seamlessly.

3. Remote Work Or Workcations


One of the top Business travel trends nowadays is undoubtedly Remote work or Workcations. After the pandemic, corporate travel trends are largely influenced by the adoption of remote work. With more professionals adopting the flexibility of working from anywhere, corporate travel trends are evolving to accommodate this shift. 

One notable trend is the rise of “Workation”, which offers professionals the opportunity to blend work with a vacation in scenic locations. These packages often include amenities such as high-speed internet, coworking spaces, and recreational activities, offering productivity and relaxation.

Additionally, destinations and organizations around the world are recognizing the growing demand from digital nomads and remote workers. Many locales are now catering specifically to this need by offering services and infrastructure relevant to remote work. Even after 2024, this is one of those types of Business travel trends that is going to shape the whole corporate working landscape.

4. Increased Sustainable Travel


Sustainable travelling is one of the Global Business travel trends, especially after 2020. After the pandemic, people become more conscious of individual health and the environment, resulting in increased use of sustainable products and services. 

One such example of sustainable travel is EV, in 2023, the Electric vehicles market share increased from 0.6% to 1.3 %. The growing use of electric vehicles is a commitment to a healthy environment. From the EV’s first launch till now, there has been a significant increase in the network of charging stations, and other traffic norms related to EVs. 

Many companies around the world are employing green transport services for last-mile distribution. The EV manufacturers are also looking forward to making EVs 100% carbon-neutral by 2030, contributing to eco-friendly corporate travel practices.

5. Better Personalization and Privatization


With an increasing focus on individual preferences and safety concerns, businesses are prioritizing interests and preferences for travel needs. And preferences are not just about flight choices or accommodations, it means customizing every aspect of the journey to suit the traveler’s unique preferences.

These types of Business travel trends and preferences are in a growing stage right now, with personalized itineraries based on interests and exclusive access to various services, corporate travelers now expect a level of customization that caters to their specific needs and desires apart from the business needs.

By embracing personalization and privatization, businesses can enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being while also meeting organizational goals. By the end of 2024, we can expect corporate travel to become more personalized, private, and curated to meet every requirement of both companies and travelers.

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6. ROI-Focused Trips


Those were the days when people used to travel with casual briefcases, In 2024, Business trips are more focused on ROI–Return On Investment. Now, every trip is evaluated for ROI like closing deals, final payments, or contracts. 

With shortages of employees and supply chains, travelling in today’s world is less comfortable than it was before, apart from that the rising number of flight delays influences traveller’s focus and risks meeting experiences.

In conclusion, we can say companies are more focused on whether this travel is worth it or not, in other words, ROI and “Return on experience” will determine corporate travel and only trips that justify the time and cost will get the green light. And why not after all these types of Business travel trends can be more profitable to the companies rather than wasting funds on corporate travel which is not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current state of business travel?

Business Travel Market size was at USD 711.1 billion in 2019, but after the pandemic, it was collapsed. However, it grew significantly in the year 2023 by USD 805.1 billion and is believed to hit USD 2997.2 billion by 2031.

What are the top industries for business travel?

The top industries for business travel include industries with finance, technology, manufacturing, and consultancy backgrounds. These industries often require face-to-face meetings with clients or partners for various purposes such as sales, project management, training, and conferences.

Where is business tourism most popular?

Business tourism is more popular in major business hubs and cities with significant economic activity, such as New York City, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Dubai. These cities offer attention to detail of corporate headquarters, conference facilities, and networking opportunities. 

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