Caravan Tourism Policy Introduced In Andaman

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The concept of Caravan has been quite common in the West, but how familiar are you with caravans? Caravans are the new modes of transport that allow you to travel and give you a decent place to stay when you are out travelling and cannot find a hotel. Your caravan comes to your rescue, and you can spend the night there. 

Earlier, it was popular in foreign countries, but now it’s also making its way to India. Recently, the idea of a Caravan Tourism Development policy has also been introduced in Andaman, which may compel people to go take Andaman Tour Packages. If all goes as planned, the concept of Caravan Tourism will soon be common in India as well. 

The policy drafted by the Directorate of Information, Publicity and Tourism, A&N, has been initiated to promote tourism while maintaining an ecological balance and preserving the island’s integrity, while allowing you to explore some of the best places to visit in Andaman.

Since the entire project is based on the commitment to sustainable and inclusive tourism, the government department and public tourism will be invited to share their valuable inputs and suggestions to help form the final draft of the policy.

This special caravan tourism will help explore natural islands, pristine beaches, and vibrant islands. As the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are trying to be a sustainable tourism hub, more and more people are welcome to give their valuable inputs and suggestions and actively participate. 

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